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Who do I tell?

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  • Who do I tell?

    If you are ever in a situation like we were, where you know that the NFH are mistreating their pets please report it.

    It was very hard for us to do as we knew that there might be retaliations from them, but at the end of the day the little dog in question had done nothing to be treated so badly.

    The NFH did question us about it and we informed them that two seperate neighbours from front and back had seen "him" throw bricks at the poor little thing.

    If you are concerned you can either ring your local council dog warden or the R.S.P.C.A

    The cruelty line: 0870 55 55 99

    you can ask to remain unidentified and they will respect that.

    please remember that the NFH have a choice about the way they act but the pets don't!

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    The RSPCA will try and look in to any information they are given.

    As with child crueltly is a slap worse than a punch? or a beating worse than being starved?

    Cruelty is cruelty, it's only the big stories that make it in to the papers and thats coz of the shock factor, it sells papers.

    If you feel that any animals are being mistreated it is ok to tell someone.

    honestly!......I reported a goat at a pub once which was all skin and bones.... the RSPCA went and checked it out (and the good thing is they will tell you the out come)....and then phoned me to tell me the goat had been really ill for a long time but was getting treated by the vet. Poor thing did'nt have long to live.

    I felt like a right wally but they actually thanked me for reporting it as it could of been the other way round.


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      Hi folks

      Our NFH has a dog which is left outside 24/7 in all weathers and is never excercised.

      My concern is that if i approach the SSPCA the NFH will find out it was us that "ratted"

      Does anyone have any experience of this before we take it any further??

      The Horsefans

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        It was Christmas 2000 and one of NFH was given a dobie pup as a present grom a g/friend. No.1 mistake!!

        Anyway, by the time the pup was 4 months old a large kennel had been erected in the garden and the dog had to live out 'because they had crean carpets and she made a mess' Both of them worked shifts and the poor dog howled and whined continuosly. By summer we were keeping a careful watch on her & she was often without water as it had been knocked over. Also, she was always up at our fence...which unfortunately my 2 dogs weren't so keen on!!

        Anyway, I thought that being left alone for 10 hrs + a day, and often without water was enough so reported it to the RSPCA. Not long after she was collected by a rehoming centre. She was a beautiful dog and didnt deserve to be treated like this. I hope she has a loving home now where she can be part of a family, be taken for walks and enjoying the rest of her life.

        Even if there is a rip in your teddy bear, his love will never fall out.


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          Hi Horsefans,

          Welcome to the fold!!

          I have reported lots of suspected cruelty cases and have never been identified.

          If you think the animal is suffering then it is ok to report it.

          I assume the sspca is run on the same grounds as the rspca and if it is your confidentaility is assured.

          We were also told once that if we "found" a dog loose, even it we knew where it lived, it would be ok to take it the police station as a stray!

          Our local dog warden gave us that gem.

          Our old NFH would let the dog out of the door for hours with no lead or collar and we live near a busy road. They didn't have an ounce of sense between them.

          Please let us know how you get on with the dog as we care about everything that suffers in the hands of NFH!!

          from one animal lover to another,


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            Hi folks

            Its 11;50pm and the NFH dog is still outside !

            Thanks for your advice. Up here we have the SSPCA not the RSPCA but I assume they are identical organisations.

            Will probably give them a call tommorrow.

            keep you posted!!

            1 Horsefan

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            apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

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