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Street Car Repairs

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  • Street Car Repairs

    We are looking for help and advise.

    About a year ago new neighbours moved into the street. It would take me hours to write about all the ant-social problems they cause, from noise, airguns being shot at the windows, dogs, kids driving cars, motor bikes, etc. etc.

    At the moment we have their six cars in the street. Our once residential street is now filled with cars reving, welding noise, bit of cars and tools everywhere all day, everyday! What do we do to end this nightmare? They are not running a repair business, it's simply the way they live!

    Thank you.

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    Hi Pugdoghell and welcome to the forum

    Sounds like you really do live in hell Did you report the airguns being fired at your windows? It is illegal to have an airgun in the street unless it is in a case, which it obviously isn't because it's being fired.

    Do you own your property? What about the NFH? If it is Housing Association or council property you could speak to the housing officers. Keep a log of EVERYTHING that happens and if possible take photographs or video.

    Your NFH might be causing a staturory nuisance with all their noise etc. Get in touch with your local Environmental Health Office and ask if they can help. When you say kids driving cars and motorbikes, are they old enough to hold a licence? Are the motor bikes full size or are they those scrambler bikes? There is a new law now that gives the police the power to seize scrambler bikes and quad bikes if they are being ridden in a dangerous manner or in an inappropriate place.

    I'm sure other members will have a lot more good advice to give you Come back often and let us know how things are, if you feel like a rant go to the rants folder, you'll get a lot of sympathy and support there

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi pugdog and welcome to the Forum

      Sorry to hear about all the trouble you're having to live by. Many of us here know just what it's like having to live with such a disturbance day in, day out.

      Like Misty says, it does help to know a bit more about where you are living (in terms of whether you own or rent - and if you rent, what landlord you have: private, Housing Association (HA) or Council/ local authority (LA)) as this may mean you have more options open to you.

      Have you spoken to these neighbours from hell (nfh) about the nuisance they are causing you? If so, what was their response?

      Do you know whether any of your other neighbours are affected by the nuisance and if so, if there any possibility that you could write a collective letter to the nfh?

      Have you ever contacted the Police, particularly about the air gun incidents? It may be worthwhile contacting your local Community Police Officer to discuss your concerns and see what assistance they can provide.

      It also helps us to know what you actually want. Often in nfh situations there are just three options open to you:

      - stay and do nothing

      - stay and pursue complaints/ legal avenues

      - move

      Come back often, as I'm sure other members will have more advice and support for you.