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vindictive parking

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  • vindictive parking

    I live in a small cul de sac with a narrow road . My neighbour parks directly opposite the entrance to my drive although there is 50 yards of clear roadway that he could use without annoying anyone. It doesn't make it impossible for me to get in but particularly in the dark and rain there is a real danger of hitting the wall whilst shunting back and forth.

    Does anyone know if the police are able to intervene or what is the position concerning an "H" marked on the road.

    I'd welcome any suggstions or information.

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    hi Hopeful,

    I know this is a silly question, but have you mentioned to your neighbour he problems he is causing you?

    I think you need to go via the council for advice about road markings, I know the type you mean.

    I can not say for sure as councils vary across the country.

    This is a good time of year to get local councillors and candidates to help you with this as the elections are coming up.

    everyone will be keen to be able to put something in their campaign leaflets about parking problems.

    BTW welcome to the site


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      Hi there,

      You said an "H" on the road?

      First stop would be your local council to ask the rationale behind this- ive personally never come across this.

      Second, as E.Beth mentioned have you actually mentioned to the persons in question what a problem this is causing you??- you never know?

      let us know how you get on


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        Hi Hopeful,

        Well, there is a law that you are not allowed to block a persons access from their drive onto the public highway.

        However, this is blocking a driveway not actually vaguely obstructing it which is what you have which is tricky.

        I would vote in with Beth and Horsefans have a gentle chat with this person and put it to them that it is making things a bit tricky for you. In point of fact they may not have realised that they were causing this and with a bit of luck you might get a result.

        Come back and let us know how you got on - fingers crossed for you.


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          Hello Hopeful. Welcome to the board.

          Not a hydrant is it? These mustn't be obstructed.

          I'd try the asking bit, as the others suggest.

          Worst case is, could be the parker is trying to be objectionable and fancies a squabble. I hope not. Being really nice generally works with all but the very worst, I'd definitely try the asking.

          Good luck. Keep us posted


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            Hi Hopeful and welcome to the board.

            I was thinking along the same lines as gladwemoved, does the H mean there's a hydrant there? Also it is possible that your neighbour has no idea the problem he is causing you? I agree with the other members and advise you to have a friendly word with him. I'm assuming he is parking his car outside his own house and maybe hasn't given it much thought. (I'm in a conciliatory mood tonight )

            Let us know how it goes

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              in some areas the council paint a big sort of H outside of drive ways, different areas might have diiferent lines.

              I have seen big white H and also an X in a box...sort of [ X ]

              just to show no parking.

              whether any one takes notice I am not sure though.

              some times there are the old double yellas!


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                Hi Hopeful Welcome to the board.

                I'd say exactly what Beth has already suggested and have a word with your Local Authority, 'Highways Dept' - maybe you can apply for a '"Keep Clear" marking on the road if your council can do this. It may cost you a fee (around £125) and as far as I can gather your situation will need to be assessed.

                Is the road private or is under council juristiction?

                Also I found this on a Local Authority website, ironically my Local Authority!

                My neighbours are constantly parking across my drive and blocking my access. Can anything be done to help?

                If you cannot gain access to your property, either business or private, because of inconsiderate parking then obstruction has been caused and can be dealt with by the police. Alternatively, markings can be placed on the highway to highlight the access. Whilst these marking are not legally enforceable they can be very effective. A charge of £125 is made for this type of marking. Assessment is required by an Highways officer before these markings can be used[/b]

                Come back often


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                  One of the attempts at fight-picking an nfh tried with us was to park annoyingly on our drive. All you would get from him were threats, abuse and boasts of "I've got friends in the police" - which turned out to have something in it, but that's a by the by.

                  Polite note did nothing.

                  One day he stopped parking there. I wondered if had experienced some form of enlightenment or grown up a bit, but his continued antisocial conduct suggested otherwise.

                  The other neighbours had a pretty good measure of him and his household. I bumped into the chap opposite - a really nice, civilised, quiet, friendly bloke. He gave me a wicked grin and told me he'd cleared my drive of 'unpleasant obstructions' for me. When I asked him how he'd done it, I was shocked when he told me he'd emptied his bladder over the car one night, aiming for the door gap. I couldn't believe it that this chap would act like this, I was really shocked, but amused too.

                  This may sound pretty awful, something not usual to condone, but our nfh parker's lot were so horrid. He used to stink out the nearby houses playing with his sewage - too mean to fix his septic tank; film his neighbours little kids regardless of objection; his rarely - sober wife would swear and be abusive towards infants - all the time with recording equipment ready to record any response. Their cohabiting henchman (a sacked bailiff) used to chase sheep & try pick fights with us and other neighbours. Need I go on?

                  Only the truly awful desrved that treatment to stop parking transgressions. Fortunately there aren't that many on this planet.- I'm sorry but they were so grim & vile it'd be funny (if only they hadn't lived next door).

                  I certainly hope your neighbour is more human and civilised, and your situation can be resolved in a civilised, even friendly, manner.


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                    Many thanks for your comments but unfortuneately talking and even threatening have been tried and are useless - the guy is some sort of lunatic -- I am the second person to receive this treatment the first one tried everything from the police down - In the end the only thing that worked was to buy another car and leave it permanently on the road but even this is only partially effective as this clown sometimes double parks opposite it on the pavement -- I know thats illegal but the police of course don't respond quickly and don't catch him --

                    The "H" would only work if it was legally enforceable otherwise he' just ignore it --

                    The other factor in this is that his car is an old wreck and ours aren't --

                    Nevertheless it's helps to discuss this with sensible people --


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                      Just so I can form a picture here, you say that you are the second person to experience this with relation to the parking.

                      What happened to the first person who tangled with this person are they still around or has horrible parker moved down the road towards your property now waiting for another confrontation ?


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                        Oh dear, this character sounds an utter, tedious, bore.

                        Trying to pick squabbles... I bet he gets really disgruntled if no one obliges him, but livid if anyone does. We have the misfotune of having met the type.

                        Let me know if you manage to deal with him successfully. Generally pi**ocks like that just create plain no -win situations.


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                          Yikes hopeful!

                          This guy definitely seems to be trying to make a career out of causing people trouble

                          Let us know how you get on tackling it and if your Council Highways dept can help


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                            Just a thought?

                            what if this guys car were to "accidentaly" get scratched or have a mirror knocked off due to the position it was parked??

                            dr jekyll

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                              Just to keep you up to date things are a little better at the moment - the strange thing is I don't know why - hopefully the improvement continues --