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    hello can anyone give me some advice heres the problem we have a shared drive to give access to our garage and the neighbours garage they are side by side the driveway is wide enough for one car at the entrance then forks off to the garages at the very end so if a car is on the drive out side the garage theres not enough space to get another car in or out now the neighbours dont have a car but they have friends that do and often leave it on the driveway blocking our garage when asked to move it because we need our car out they refuse when asked why wont they put it in the garage they say its full of junk and thats the way its staying when ive been blocked in i have contacted the police who have said its a private matter and cant do anything

    my understanding of a shared drive is that no one leaves the car on it and its for the use of the shared owners only

    my neighbours understanding is that they can park any car on the drive not in there garage and block my access

    talking is not an option any more its past that stage

    does anyone think a legal letter would work

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    Originally posted by worndown@Mar 2 2003, 9:57 AM

    does anyone think a legal letter would work
    Probably not: just inflame the situation (more).

    Is there anywhere else convenient they could park? e.g. street. Or is it reasonable to have to park on the drive? I do think expecting them to clear their garage is a bit like asking you to clear your attic: junk is what these places are for...

    What about asking the neighbours' friends to move the car only when you 'need' to get yours out. You're obviously not going to risk getting blocked in when you need it to get to work etc, but you could reasonably have a shopping trip and a social outing each day at the weekend. If it seems contrived to the neighbours they'll get annoyed with you for harassing them. But after a while they might get the point that not blocking the drive would make life easier for them.

    If you can't face the neighbour, do you have a friend who could be driving you, and could do the asking?

    If all else fails, could YOU occasionally park on the driveway (when you think the friends might be expected)? Or get your friends to park there when they visit (at a time when the neighbours' friend is parked & visiting)? - so they have to ask YOU to unblock the drive...

    Is your house private or Local Authority? I believe LAs have powers to enforce mediation, and most/all have voluntary conciliation schemes, which a) might work things out, and b)will look good if you have offered and NFH has refused, if things get worse later.

    Good luck,
    "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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      welcome to you worndown...and boy do we all know that feeling!!

      the first thing I think you need to do is check the property deeds, and find out where you legally stand.

      I for one am all in favour of a carefully worded letter to your NFH asking them to be more considerate and the fact you understand it is difficult to gain access for both parties due to the layout of the drive. though I really think you should check the deeds first before putting any thing in writing.

      it will not hurt though to write a polite letter without quoting any leagal jargon.

      especailly if you do the understanding neighbour bit, ie yes it is a problem for both of us, yes it is a daft design etc etc.

      even if you are not talking to them a letter written in the right way and tone may help.

      many people are tempted to go in guns blazing, this can be understandable after the things we have to go through but can make a situation a lot more volitile,

      maybe at a later date get the shotgun out but not yet!!

      keep in touch


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        The access, or easement rights should be set out in the Conveyance for your & your neighbours properties, accessible at your local Land Registry offices.

        It is not acceptable to block an access right, as your neighbours do.

        You're in the right, by sounds of it. You could probably 'win' if you went through the courts, but do you want the pallava? Might a polite notice do the trick?

        Good luck, anyway.



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          I am all for one at the moment of being anti police - but they are right when they say it is a private matter, because the garages and the driveway in are on private land shared by the two properties.

          But I have a canny idea. It is going to take a little bit of manual work to do but the end result will be no cars on your part of the drive outside your garage. Want to know more ? Then read on.....

          You may have seen those special metal poles that fix into the ground. They are basically secuity devices to prevent the criminal fraternity from knicking your car. They are fixed into the ground by concrete so you will need to excavate a small amount out of your driveway. You can get ready mixed concrete that you just add water to, to fix them in. Then you may need a lock (some come with locks already in the kit) to prevent them being tampered with.

          When you are in or out you just leave them in an upright position. No-one can park there because they are barring the access. When you drive in or out, you just take the lock off drop them flush with the floor on the drive and drive over them.

          End of problem. No legal letters, nothing.