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  • Allocated parking

    I moved into my flat last year, its a small private block with about 25 flats.

    We all have allocated parking spaces and nobody really had any arguments as its so simple to just park in your own space, or so I thought.

    About 6 months ago a loser moved in with some old knackered car, and just started parking in any old space he liked. Then his mates come over (I presume so they could all be losers together in the same flat) and they too park where they want.

    We have a notice board and when people complain on it, our loser and his loser friends just make fun by putting on their own messages (I might add show clearly their lack of intelligence as they are uninteresting and unfunny).

    Now, this has not happened to me (yet) and I am not so fussed and am hardly there. However here is an older woman in our block and a few females who live alone who I think are a bit apprehensive to say something.

    What should I do ? I don’t want to be seen as an interfering nosey neighbour, but I feel that I should do something.

    Any tips ?



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    If you have allocated parking, then would anything be mentioned about it on your deeds when you bought the flat?

    Does your block of flats have a residents association? If not, perhaps you can form one and then use that as a formal body to complain to the person in question (it would mask any individual complainants)

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      Hi FF,

      I think it does mention it in the deeds although I will have a look. We do have a residents association. Who would we complain to ? his landlord ? I would imagine he is renting.

      What would happen then ? would he have a warning ?

      Thankyou for replying.


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        hi there, how annoying, but i have heard this problem from other members!!! you are not alone!!!

        just following on from freakyfun, who 'looks after' the notice board?

        people cant just put up rude or intimidatory messages , can you remove them?

        also is there are sign up in your parking lot that says you will be clamped if you park without authorisation?

        if the chap was parking in my space and didnt stop it when i asked him nicely, i would probably get one of those steel post things you can raise and lower put in, to stop him/anyone else trying their luck.

        if you have a residents assoc and you pay service charges for the upkeep of the flats it could be put forward as a suggestion that everyone gets one of these.

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          Hi Lazanda,

          Indeed, if you know/can find out who his landlord is, you can raise it with them. But it does depend on whether the parking is cited anywhere as a space per flat or anything, or whether it is just purely communal. Can you check deeds/lease/service agreements to see what the rules are, if any before contacting the landlord. This may affect whether you would be allowed to put in a post or cordon off any parking aresa for individual residents may not be an option.

          When you find out the specifics, it would be useful for a few off you to group together to handle this, and that also prevents any one of you from being singled out as the only one complaining. And it may be worth getting a few photos when your neighbour isn't looking, in case you need proof

          Good luck with your investigations




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            Dear Lazanda,

            I strongly agree with the advice already given.

            You must look at your lease, or whatever.

            Very often there are mutually binding, and enforceable, covenants in the deeds, so that all residents are in the same position.

            If you or your friends have the benefit of such a covenant which regulates parking, you should have little difficulty in getting an injunction from your local County Court to prevent the unlawful use of bays, subject to proof of such behaviour. A few photos will put the matter beyond doubt.

            If the situation is clear cut, a letter to the offender will probably do the trick. If it doesn't, then bring an action.

            Good luck,



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              Hi Everyone,

              I think I will firstly check my deeds etc to make sure of how its actually written, then have a chat with one of the neighbours and see if we can find out who his landlord is.

              I will let you know what happens just in case anyone else has the same problem.

              *I have read some of the reports on here and mine seems so tiny in comparisson. My thoughts go out to all you guys out there who are having problems with people who clearly belong on another planet.

              Try not to let them get under your skin, being a pain in the a**e is all they have to get noticed.

              I thankyou all for your valuable advice.



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                Hi Lazanda

                Do let us know what your enquiries reveal. As you say the situation is likely to be of interest to others in the same sort of predicament.

                And, we don't consider any nfh problem to be tiny.....even if something seems a lesser problem than others, it always has the potential to become a nightmare problem. Besides, you are kindly acting out of concern for other residents hopefully answers to this problem will benefit a number of people. Shame all neighbours are not as community-minded as yourself

                Nice to hear from you,



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                  Hi Lazanda and welcome to NFHiB

                  I've nothing to add to the advice already given by members, but can add my support to you.

                  I hope that this manages to resolve itself through your research. It's problems like this (caused by the completely rude and inconsiderate behaviour of this neighbour) that can get completely out of hand. I hope you can get it nipped in the bud.

                  Good luck and please do keep us posted.

                  Holly :ban:


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                    Hello Lazanda and welcome

                    Sorry I've come in a little late to this. Good luck with your enquiries, please let us know what you find out. Your neighbour may well think twice once he knows your resident's accociation is on his heels.

                    Keep us posted

                    Blue Cow


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                      if you dont want to be seen as a nosey neighbour approaching other people, why dont you mention it at one of your resident meetings?

                      you could anyone else having problems with there parking spaces?

                      be dead casual about it, its guareented to get other people talking and you may find its a huge problem to your other neighbours

                      good luck!


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                        Hi Lazanda,

                        Sorry I've just noticed your thread :blush: .

                        Just wanted to say hi!

                        I think you have already ben given great advice (as ever :thumbs: ) and I hope you have found it useful.

                        Please let us know how you get on.