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Victoria's Parking Problems

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  • Victoria's Parking Problems

    I too live on a narrow cul de sac and visitors to the person who lives opposite me consistantly park opposite my drive making it very difficult to park. We have asked them not to park there but to no avail the most infuriating thing is that as we are struggling to get in/out of the drive they watch us to make sure we dont hit the obstructing vehicle.

    has anybody managed to stop their nfh from doing this and how did they suceed before my husband is up on an assault charge!

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    "his car is an old wreck "

    Worth checking that it's taxed - old wrecks belonging to inconsiderate b**tards often aren't. If it's not taxed, call the police.


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      hi Victoria

      welcome to the board.

      if you can tell us your story we should be able to help even if its just a bit.

      please put your story in "whats your story" or "ask for help here" as we dont want to lose you posts amoung the other posts. then we will be able to offer advice for your particular problem.

      and welcome again! :nfh1:


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        Hi Victoria and welcome

        Sorry to hear that you're having a parking problem.

        I'm sure that many more members will be along shortly to offer advice and support very soon.

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          Hi Victoria and welcome,

          Well what can I say?? I'm having the exact same problem myself (except fortunately my neighbours don't look out of the window at my pathetic attempts to shimmy past their car). What I find most infuriating is that there's loads of places to park down our road, and my neighbours still insist on blocking me in :badmood:

          I did have a word one day, when I had just very nearly hit them, and they have moved the position of their parking slightly, which does help. The point with my situation is that I recently moved from a house where I had quite bad neighbour problems. It was such a relief to have moved away from the situation that I was in, that the parking problem that I currently have wasn't such a major concern to me. So I haven't really tackled it at all. My current strategy is to keep on as friendly terms with my neighbours as I can, so that they don't deliberately make it harder for me to get out of my drive.

          Sorry I'm not much help but I'm sure that other members will have some good ideas for you.

          Please don't let your husband get too irate with this. It's the type of thing that can annoy you so much that it can end up blowing up out of all proportion. It's really not worth getting himself into trouble over, and he could end up saying or doing something that he can't take back and could regret for years to come :sad:

          Good luck

          Blue Cow


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            found this from the highway code site, dont know if it helps or not

            DO NOT park your vehicle or trailer on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users. For example, do not stop

            *near a school entrance

            *anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services

            *at or near a bus stop or taxi rank

            *on the approach to a level crossing

            *opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space

            *near the brow of a hill or hump bridge

            *opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle

            *where you would force other traffic to enter a tram lane

            *where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users

            *in front of an entrance to a property

            *on a bend.

            the interesting bits are:

            DO NOT park your vehicle or trailer on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users.

            *in front of an entrance to a property

            highway code


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              How annoying for you. Why dont you everytime you cant get on your drive go over and knock on the door and ask very politely "Can you move your car please so I can get on my drive" smile and say thank you. Hopefully they will soon get fed up with that and behave a bit more considerately. You really, really dont want things to get out of control over this.


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                Welcome to the forum victoria2008

                Hope you make it back OK and look forward to reading some more details on whats happening with the parking, it must be exceptionally annoying for you!



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                  Hi Victoria, and welcome to NFHiB

                  This is extremely inconsiderate behaviour on your neighbours' behalf.

                  I wonder if this is an offence, looking at the part of the Highway Code Beth quoted?

                  Are your neighbour's home owners or tenants?

                  I wonder about checking out if an offence is being committed here, and in which case let the law handle it. If not, I would be tempted to write a polite note, stating the problem this is causing you, and asking them to rectify it. Of course, they might not take a blind bit of notice, but it's worth a try!

                  Please don't lose any tempers here, as who knows how they'll then react, and it will really up the ante.

                  I'm sure other members will have thoughts on how to handle the situation!



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                    Hi Victoria

                    We are also having problems with a NFH and his cars. We moved into a very picturesque part of Solihull very recently but did not know about the NFH who lives opposite us. They are two brothers who own 6 or 7 cars which they work on on their driveway. At any one time, there are at least 2 cars out on the road and its worse when their friends are over.

                    They have no regard for the area or its residents and I'm worried that this sort of behaviour will bring the area down.

                    On top of that, we have trouble turning into our drive because of their cars parked oppostie. I have tried to have a civil word with them on 3 separate occassions and each time, have had my head bitten off !

                    We're stuck !

                    I'm sorry I can't offer any advice but I just wanted to get this off my chest. I can understand exactly how your husband feels and, like he, am very close to doing something that I know I will regret.


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                      hi gbhogal

                      sorry to hear you are having parking problems too.

                      when you feel ready please post your story in whats your story or ask for help here, then we can try and offer some support and advice without your posts getting muddled up.

                      hope to hear from you soon :nfh1:


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                        Hi Victoria

                        Just a thought - I was always under the impression that if you can't manoeuvre your car due to another vehicle being in the way, it was an obstruction and that's a police matter.

                        I think it would be worth popping down to the local nick to have a little chat with a police officer - perhaps they can also suggest something else (like getting the Council to paint double yellows down that side of the road ) .

                        In the meantime, is there any way you can reverse onto your drive? It makes it easier to get out if you are facing out.