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    Just found the forum..and am I glad!! Can someone please give me some advice? I have jsut moved into a brand new house about 4 months ago. The house is mews style and has an open frontage and allocated parking. I am lucky that I have two allocated parking spaces which are directly on front of the house( and contained within the site plans and deeds for the property). I must admit, this was one of the reasons I bought the house in the first place. The problem is that my nextdoor neighbour also has allocated parking but this is not on front of her house...she therefore began to take liberties and park in my spaces...and so did here family and visitors. As we were all new to the deveopment there was no excuse as to where individual parking rights existed. As I did not want to be difficult I said nothing for a few weeks. However, the problem got worse so I went to my neighbour and was ver nice when I said that I would prefer if she did not park in my allocated spaces. She stopped for a bit and so did her visitors..then started again. I called the police as i felt they were not being respoectful...the police refused to get involved and said I could be prosecuted if I blocked their right of way. This frightened me !!!! it jsut seems to be that they show no consideration for my boundaries whatsoever. Also, owing to the open frontage of the property, there is a pathway directly across my kitchen window which is also my property( as per property deeds and site map). tomake matters worse..the nextdoor neghbour and her enterage of friends would walk passed the window in order to access her property and stare directly in the window. To remedy this I put some plant pots outside to stop the path being used as a communal pathway...tonite, I find that her visitors kicked the plant pots out of the way to gain access!! Help...what can I do??? I wouldnt mind but I have been very nice with them and non-confrontational to say the least. Worse still, my neighbours mother is a nightmare......she seems to be the one that causes the trouble with parking etc after I told her not to park on my property.

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    Hi Chriskeily,

    Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your problems, sounds like your neighbour and friends don't give a t*ss about where they park. Unfortunately I can't give you any advice but I'm sure some of the other members will be much more helpful. All I can offer right now is a shoulder to cry on It's a pity you didn't actually see who smashed your pots, you may have been able to have them for criminal damage

    Hope you find some solution soon.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Plant pots not broken but jsut pushed away to the side as the visitors were not happy that they were inconvenienced !!! The pots have been there for weeks and weeks without any problems as it is my property. The problem seems to be with those who come to neighbour is far too sheepish to do anything herself (except for parking issue) but she clearly does not tell her visitors to STOP.Its jsut a nightmare...if she wanted parking on the front of her house she should havve bought this house!!


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        Thanks for the input!!!!!!!!!!!! It is appreciated


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          Hi Chris,

          Welcome to the NFH message board, good to have you here Glad you found us!

          What in-considerate, rude and un-thoughtful neighbours you have, and you have taken the trouble to be well-mannered, polite and respectful - it's a shame they can't reciprocate back to you.

          Other posts have already given you some great advice, so I won't double what been said, but it's right, the police won't be interested, unless of course you have cause to fear for your own safety and/or a criminal act is being undertaken by your neighbours and/or their family. In which case, don't hesitate to report them immediately.

          Now, I don't want to put words into your mouth here...........

          But, I've heard of similar cases where people who have owned or had total rights to their own parking space, employ the use of a private car-clamping company. After all, if you have the rights to your own parking spaces, like these examples I give obviously do, what's to stop the owner from doing what they wish with their own property? (e.g. the parking area).

          I'm sure a sign with "Do not park here illegally - private area, illegally-parked cars will be clamped and a removal fee of £50 will be charged" would soon gets someone's attention! If they ignore it, then I'm pretty sure it would stop someone from doing it again after paying £50 to get a clamp removed!

          But, as said, get your situation checked out by a solicitor that deals with these sorts of cases and maybe you could check that possibility out first with a solicitor just to totally be sure you are allowed to do this under the law

          Good luck - come back often and let us know how you are!