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Advice Needed On A Parking Problem

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  • Advice Needed On A Parking Problem

    I know that my problem may seem trivial when compared to a lot of the situations that I've read about on this site, but I want to stop it now before it gets out of hand.

    Basically our new neighbours ( they've been there 2 months) have taken to telling their visitors to park in our parking spaces. I live in a terraced house , and we all have 2 allocated parking spaces in a parking lot around the back of our properties. I have checked the deeds to the property , and they are definitely marked as ours.

    I have been over to the neighbours and asked them to tell their visitors not to park there. I have also put notes on the visitor's windscreens informing them of the situation.

    I got a bit snotty last night when I got home and I threatened to tow their car if I saw it again. Basically what I want to know is - am I allowed to tow a car if it's in my parking space? If I do decide to sell my house in the future , does that kind of thing need to be declared ? Does anybody have any ideas on what I could do ?

    I know that it's petty , but my husband and I both have cars and we need those spaces !

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    hi peanut

    welcome, firstly any NFH problem is a problem, it does not matter of the scale of it

    you say you have spoken to your neighbour about the problem, have you thought about putting your concerns in writting? always keep a copy for your self, explain that you realise as they have just moved in they might not realise of the deeds.

    I do not know of towing laws, I think you have to have a sign saying this might happen though.

    I hope other members will be able to offer you some advice

    good luck


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      I am no legal expert, but, if the places are yours then they might be trespassing???? take photos when it happens as evidence, with dates and times.

      you will have to be careful what you do 'officially' as you would have to mention this when selling.

      you probably could get the cars towed, but what about the cost of doing this plus aggravation????

      have you got a residents association where you live? it could be raised at a meeting. maybe other people have liberties taken with their parking spaces like you. maybe an official sign could be put up saying illegally parked cars will be clamped or the like.

      its soo annoying isnt it??? and it isnt trivial either as this kind of thing can really get to you, and escalate into a horrible, unnecessary dispute. I would be well narked if I got home from work to find my space pinched!!!

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        Is it an allocated parking space that comes with the property?

        As mentioned above, if so then it is your land and as such they have no right to be there.

        Take a look at the property deeds and see if you own the land. If so, you can then point this out to them and see if they respect it (although maybe not..)

        As a practical solution however, assuming that you do own the land, could you get one of those bollards that you screw into the ground and then lock in the "up" position that stops people parking there?


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          Hi Peanut and welcome

          :angry: It makes me so cross when people take advantage of you and just keep on doing it, even when they've been asked to stop.

          I've been in exactly your situation. We have two allocated spaces, nfh has one. He told his visitors it was OK to park in our space. :angry:

          Anyway, they don't park there any more. I asked him not to park, then I told him not to park and then I wrote telling him and/or his visitors to stop parking and/ or blocking our spaces. I suggested that he may wish to check his deeds to clarify for himself that he had one space.

          This seems to have done the trick with our nfh. Try it and see if it works. If it doesn't, then the suggestions of getting some "parking poles/ sticks" (that have already been mentioned) may be worth a try. You could also consider putting up some "Private Parking for House Number X" signs.

          At one point, our nfh had a visitor who had parked in our space (I was so incensed that I parked directly behind it - effectively blocking it in), NFH was flabbergasted with my "petty" behaviour. I told him that I'd asked him to tell his visitors not to park in our space (just as I tell my visitors not to park in his ).

          Whether it was the letter or my direct action that did the trick I don't know.

          Let us know how you get on.