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Are we being unreasonable about noise?

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  • Are we being unreasonable about noise?


    Does anyone have any views on whats considered acceptable noise from neighbours ? Maybe I'm being a bit unreasonable to expect complete peace and quiet and no noise at all from our neighbours....

    The next door neighbours are not the most considerate of people and are the type of people who you always hear (i.e. car stereos, coming home from the pub etc.). However, they've now bought their teenage son a drum kit which they've installed in the garage.

    Trouble is hes taking to playing it, especially when his parents are out (EVERY Saturday night!). In terms of frequency its probably about 2-3 times a week, lasting from around 20 mins to 2 hours. Its been as early as 10am on a Saturday to 9-30pm at night. In terms of loudness, we need to turn the TV up above the 'normal' level to be able to watch it and close the windows....

    We've spoken to the neighbours who were a bit unresponsive (see my other post) and have spoken to the council for advice (although council seemed a bit unconcerned because of the times, frequency etc.).

    I know that some of you have things much worse (2am music, abusive neighbours) so I'm just wondering if I'm being unreasonable about this. Should I just expect some reasonable noise and try to ignore it ?

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    Hi Paulfoel and welcome!

    I will try to answer your query in your main post.