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Help battling noisy beauty salon

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  • Help battling noisy beauty salon

    Hello everyone. I'm at my wits' end and would be very grateful for ANY help in how to battle a beauty salon's noise.

    I run a shop and live above in a mid-terraced Victorian building. Next door is a beauty salon (primarily sun-tanning). Initially the salon operated only on the ground floor, but last year the owners extended upward to use all 4 floors. The owners have also extended their opening hours 3 times during the past year so that they are now open from 9am to 9pm and will extend again this month to 10pm. Staff arrive approximately 8:15am and leave 9:30pm, and the music is on from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave.

    The music is LOUD, banging techno, garage, rap, trance, you name it. Constant repetitive beats screech through every wall of my shop and flat, as the music is piped into every room of their salon. Instead of carpeting, they installed laminate flooring which echoes every single stomp, which is a LOT considering tanning sessions only last 3-5 minutes, and the sunbed doors SLAM shut. The owners also decided to offer daily Happy Hour promotions from 9-10am and 8-9pm, the times I most want peace and quiet.

    Numerous telephone complaints and the threat of involving Environmental Health have met with apathy and lies from the owner, and my husband and I are physically and mentally unable to take any more. I've recently been placed on medication for anxiety/depression due to the noise. We are considering civil action, as we're not really sure if EH handles noise nuisance from commercial premises. If anyone has any advice whatsoever for dealing with a commercial entity causing a nuisance, again, I would be eternally grateful!

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Bells

    Like the others, I am pretty sure that the Environmental Services have a duty in your situation. You are suffering noise nuisance, full stop, and they will have a responsibility to look into it for you.

    You do need to keep a record sheet of all incidents, for you, I can imagine that this is going to be quite long. Record everything you possibly can and what effect it is having on you.

    Let us know how you get on.


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      Spot on change of use of the premises and the use of further rooms does require planing permission.

      This should have been notified to Bells by letter asking for any objections. The only precedent to this would be if the whole building was of a complete commercial use before the beauty salon purchased/rented/leased it. Then there is a chance that this would not needed to be notified.

      Real bummer of a problem here, however, you could involve your local Borough and County Councillors, they make decisions for the council about planning issues and so on and I think they may be a good bargaining tool to use on your behalf. They will have the contacts in these departments with the town halls and County councils to go to and they do not deal with the paper pushers either. They have senior managers whom they discuss issues with. If you could get them to come and see you (remember they are elected so they work for the good of the community) and listen to the noise first hand you may stand a good chance.

      Have you thought about the local press - naming and shaming a business can do harm to their financial standing and no business like to be brought into disrepute when printed in black and white.


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        Hi Bells,

        I can assure you that the EH absolutely DO deal with commercial premises and probaly a lot more faster and efficiently than if against a residential address. My workplace has to operate night curfews due to noise ie no lorries after 10pm we also cant use certain machines etc.

        I would also agree with the others that you should have been notified about the changes of use in the premises.

        First stop tommorrow your local council!!

        keep us posted


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