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  • Noisy Neighbours

    Hello all, I wonder if I could ask for a little advice if I may?

    I currently live in a 3 bed semi detached property. I live here with my fiancé and have done for around 18months.

    Our next-door neighbors are a family with 2 kids, one around 13 and one around 2 years old.

    The family is very inconsiderate and at times it feels as though they are making noise just for the sake of it.

    Their teenage daughter plays the piano, which can start as early as 6:30am in the morning. The father also has a liking for reggae music, which can go on until 1-2am. This then wakes up their children that then start screaming the house down. This is made worse by the fact that they do not have any carpets or soft flooring down in the house.

    This is becoming a nightmare and I’m constantly on edge waiting for the next bang on the floorboards or next piano session.

    I cannot move house as I’ve only just moved in and don’t think I would be able to sell because of the noise.

    I have tried approaching the neighbor in the past but when I knocked on the door he looked through the window and ignored me!! I rang the doorbell and eventually his wife can to the door. I explained I didn’t want to sound like an old man (I’m 24 years old) but the noise from the radio was shaking the pictures on my wall!!! She then said ok, shut the door on me and turned it up for 5 minutes before turning it down slightly. :banghead:

    I have had a look at a few soundproofing websites which look good but I am worried that it wont block enough sound out and may cost too much.

    Does anyone have any experience of soundproofing a domestic property and can they recommend an agent / prices, etc.

    Any other information would be helpful. I don’t want to start complaining as I’ll never be able to sell my property then and I’ll be stuck here forever!!!

    Thanks again



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    have you tried ringing your local council? i was completely ignorant of the fact that there are neighbourhood wardens that deal with this kind of thing all the time. environmental health officer is another one to contact too

    our neighbourhood warden is brilliant, and has given us an anti-social diary to fill out and has basically told us how to behave in dealing with our NFH. if it wasn't for him i'd have gone nuts by now!!

    believe me, there are ways of stopping at least the loud music at anti-social times

    good luck!


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      welcome Matt

      sorry to hear you hear too much!

      heres the post Janee mentioned


      you need to try and talk to your neighbour again, if they are not interested I am afraid if you want something done about the noise you will have to go to the EHO, they will proberbly suggest you write to your neighbour to express your concerns

      you need to start, if you havent already, recording it all, down you will find some record sheets

      noise between 11pm and 7am is normally seen as anti socail, by the EHO.....if it is seen as being disturbing. other times of the day you get into the "reasonable" noise area........what is reasonable? we all have different ideas.

      I for one have experianced noise makers next door and it grinds you down, and it happens so quickly you lose the fight in you.

      you will get loads of support and advice here, so please come back often and let us know how you are getting on with things :clover:

      we are all very good listeners! :flowers:


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        Hi Matt,

        I have a similar issue with a neighbour on one side. Try first writing a letter explaining how the noise from the their property is affecting you. (see self help articles/noisy neighbours/part IV - there is a letter template which is carefully worded) - I sent my over a week ago. I took the precaution of copying in some of my local councillors and also the nfh landlord. Councillors can be experienced in dealing with these types of issues and may be willing to get involved or act as an independent witness - they should understand the processes and could advise you how best to act. The letter may not solve the problem completely but will show that you have taken reasonable amicable action in trying to resolve the problem - and make you feel a little less helpless.

        Similarly I have a dilema about taking formal action, which I think I will have to do anyway. If you take formal action then you will have to let any prospective buyers know on a form (called a Spiff) your conveyancer/solicitor will get you to fill in. My guess is as long as the problem is resolved then this should not be an issue. However, if the problem is not resolved then it may be a case that the buyer will drop out or knock the price down. My view is that I have a duty to sort out our noisy nfh problem if not for my familys sanity but for the next owners.

        I have bought a dictaphone from argos £25 and started recording our problem and adding voice time stamps.

        I think the soundproofing could be a winner which might help you better tolerate their noise.

        See topic title called NOISE INSULATION by JohnS. in this thread, page 2.

        Sorry to ramble but I think the piano at 6.30am and reggae at 1.00am should be addressed. If you went out to cut your grass/service your car/set fireworks off/hammer in picture hooks at those hours you might expect people to address that with you.

        good luck.



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          Hi Matt

          Piano music (if played right) can be wonderful, but I know from bitter experience how painful it can sound through a wall :banghead:

          John was very complimentary about these blocks, so they could well be worth a go

          Another idea is to counteract any noise with some sound of your own, like the TV or some music (not loud, but just loud enough to take the edge off their noise). This can really work, as it helps to refocus your attention. If the noise is keeping you awake at night, then some members here have found that earplugs are really helpful (if you can get on with them). They are cheap, so could be worth a go.

          I understand that you don't want to start with any official complaints, but don't rule it out for the future. Keep records of all noise incidents, as they may be useful for the future.

          Let us know how you get on,

          Blue Cow


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            Thanks very much for all the support, it's nice to here people with the same issues. I was wondering if I was the only one!

            I have talked it over with my girlfriend and I don't think we can move at this time.

            I think I may go with the sound proofing to make sure I have done everything in my power to rectify the problem in the first instance.

            I am going to start keeping a log of events and see where that takes me.

            Thanks again for everyone's help.


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              I think I may go with the sound proofing to make sure I have done everything in my power to rectify the problem in the first instance.

              Another DIY project :lol:

              Please let us know if it helps


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                  Hi and a belated welcome from me

                  I hope that the soundproofing does the trick for you, please let us know how you get on with it.

                  Just a cautionary note on the SPIF issue; you don't have to have made a formal or indeed informal complaint regarding neighbours, my understanding is that it should be disclosed where you know there is something which could cause a dispute between the owner/neighbour. :unsure:


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                    Thanks again for the advice.

                    I have just had a quote for the pro soundproofing which has been quoted at £5644.94 + vat!!! This is for 2 rooms downstairs and 2 upstairs. I think this may be out of the question now

                    I think I may look in to the blocks from Wicks now.....

                    I'll keep you all posted....



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                      £5644 - that's ridiculous!!

                      The blocks from Wickes certainly look a more attractive option.

                      Good luck!!

                      Blue Cow