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  • Bass Question

    Hi all,

    For a few weeks now our neighbour has started to play music loud with a heavy bass and it was always turned off at about 10.

    Now he plays it sometimes till 2am.

    The thing is, I wouldn't call it loud but the bass is very very annoyting. It's a muffled thump thump thump.

    So what do I say to the EH officer? I can't say it's loud music because it's not but nonetheless I am losing sleep over it.



    By the way: my sympathy goes out to all the people who have NFH. My problem seems paltry compared to some on this forum.

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    Hi Nozzo and welcome,

    Sorry to hear of the noise problems that you've been having. Bass blaring through the walls at 2am sounds horrendous

    Have you tried talking to your neighbours about the problem as yet, as this would be so much more preferable than involving the authorities. Your neighbour may not realise what a problem he is causing (many of us aren't aware of our own noise levels) and may respond positively to your request (which will be quicker and easier in the long run).

    If your neighbour is continuing despite requests to turn it down / off after a certain time / use headphones, then do contact EH and start logging details of all noise incidents.

    In the meantime, if you are finding that the noise is disturbing your sleep then many members on this site find that earplugs can really work whilst the problem is being resolved.

    Take care

    Blue Cow


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      Hi nozzo and welcome

      Ooh, bass!!! I think it is worse than loud (non-bass) music!! It is a form of torture. :angry: It is a fact that the human heart beat in time to the beat of any music you might be listening to. Try it. You'll find it's true. So that bass is affecting you physically as well as mentally and it therefore not a trivial problem.

      I hope the EH will take your complaint very seriously in the meantime keep a log of every incident. Good luck

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi Nozzo!

        my word....I hate bass

        we had years of it, its like a great big headache, even after it stops you can still feel it!

        your problem is not small compared to others, we always say if you think its a problem then it is, this is effectng your day to day living, sleep deprevation is a shocking thing I know what I would like to do to all the bass boxes in the world!!! :double:

        you have already been given a choice of action

        depending on how you get on with your neighbour now is going to effect how you handle it

        a quiet word is always a good starter, does he know you can feel the bass through the walls? maybe he doesnt!

        if so and hes! problem solved

        if he doesnt....then you have a few options,

        do you and he own or rent?

        this is an important question as then we can sign post you a bit better

        on the main site you will find some log sheets, record when you hear the noise, how long for and how it made you feel etc

        heres the link so you can print some off

        log sheets

        you will also find some letter templates here to help you write to your neighbour if you feel you need to, also the EHO might ask you do this

        the EHO may well look into the matter for you, reasonable noise in all homes is allowed

        but this to me doesnt seem reasonable

        especailly if its between 11pm and 7am

        good luck and please let us know how you get on :clover:


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          Hi nozzo and welcome to NFHiB

          It would help if you could answer the questions Beth has asked, because it can give us a clearer picture of what your options might be.

          Your specific questions was about what you should tell the EH department.

          Firstly though, I'll just back track a bit:

          The EH department will want you to have taken some action before they get involved. This generally includes communicating with your neighbour over the noise nuisance: try speaking to them and writing to them (there's a template letter in the Resources section on the main page) - always keep a copy of anyhting you send to your neighbour.

          They will also want you to have completed quite a few entries on a Diary/Log sheet so that they can see how often the nuisance is occuring, what the affects are on you and how long the noise lasts for.

          Coming on to your question !!! What you tell the EH is:

          For a few weeks now our neighbour has started to play music loud with a heavy bass, he plays it sometimes till 2am.

          The bass is very very annoyting. It's a muffled thump thump thump.

          I am losing sleep over it.

          Please let us know how you're getting on. Good luck, there's nothing worse than invasive bass - especially when you're trying to sleep .