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  • Just Despair

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new here to this site, first post, still trying to find my feet. Firstly I'll start by saying that I really sympathise with posts I have read on this site, It just makes me wonder.

    I am probably not wording this very well, it's difficult. Have to be honest and say I'm completely depressed by antics of next door neigbours. I really don't know what to do.

    Basically the house next door to us is rented out through an estate agent. The tenants are quite inconsiderate and that's putting it mildly;- music and general noise at around 3-4 am sometimes, loud tv sets the usual.

    We have tryed talking to our neighbours, generally offering help, we have shown kindness towards them. I really don't know what else we can do. Over the past 7 months or so things have just been awful to the point where I simply want to move out.

    Our NFH do not go to work, so therefore they can stay up till all hours. My partner works and has to leave the house before 7am, he has a long day and needs some rest. I am currently unemployed.

    I just find the whole NFH situation so stressful.

    I am incredibly depressed by it all and I'm even in the process of seeking alternative accommodation because I simply can't handle their behaviour any longer. I have tried contacting the Letting Agency but their attitude is one of indifference, they have a different opinion of the tenant stating that they are pleasant, and do not come across as being difficult etc. as we have described.

    It's a no win situation. I have been keeping notes etc.

    I apologise for such a disjointed post, it's difficult to put things into words sometimes.

    I just feel as though I've had enough. Any help would gratefully be received.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Earplugs

    Welcome to the Forum

    I am glad you found us - we can support you and hopefully make you feel a bit better about all this cos there's quite a bit you can do to help get control of your situation.

    Have you put anything in writing to the letting agency? It would be handy because you'll need to be making a log of all of the problems you've been having. There are some log sheets on this site for you to use - one of the clever ones here will be along soon to show you how to get them !

    If you are likely to stay for a bit, you should do the logging sheets and report it all to environmental health. They can deal with noise issues - other members have direct experience of the procedures and will be along soon to help .

    Noise is a horribly intrusive and unpredictable thing, so I am not surprised you are feeling down about it all. However, once you start to take control, you may feel a bit better.

    If it's possible for you to move, I'd be inclined to do that because you just never know who will be moved in next door. Even if they get rid of the bad tenant now, who knows what else will be moved in next time...

    Let us know how you get on and what you decide to do!

    Best wishes




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      Hi Earplugs, and welcome to the forum

      I am gnashing my teeth at the response of the letting agent! They have responsiblity for administering the terms of the tenancy agreement, and get paid for doing so. One of the tenancy obligations will refer to noise nuisance.

      Do read the self-help article on noise nuisance

      If you aren't already logging the noise nuisance there is a link for a logging template next, along with a template letter to nfh (copy to the letting agent!)

      Do contact your council's Environmental Health department, perhaps after sending the template letter, as you should not have to put up with this disturbance!

      I feel you have shown great patience so far, but enough is enough

      Do visit us whenever you can and let us know how you go(and feel free to vent whenever you want!),

      Regards and good luck,



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        Hi and welcome,

        yes, you must start logging everything, every thud or noise that is not classed as normal living noises.

        write to the letting agents and tell them whats happening, when you have a good full log sheet send a copy with your letter

        most tennency agreements will have a nuisence claus in them, and if this agency is a good one (mmmmm? maybe not!!) they should have the same agreements in place

        keep copies of everthing you send and get names of whom you talk with

        yes and contact the EHO!! what have you got to lose?? if they are letting the property do the letting firm want the EHO on their backs?? I dont think so, the best result for you is they move, the best result for everyone (new neighbours) is they shut up

        good luck and please come back often to keep us updated! :flowers: :clover:


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          Hi Earplugs and welcome

          I'm sorry to hear about what a dreadful time you've been having with your neighbours, there are many members on this site who know all too well how intrusive noise pollution can be.

          It's no wonder that you are feeling so low about this, especially if you are facing it 24/7 with being in the house during the day

          I would say that the response that you have gotten from the letting agent is completely unsatisfactory to put it mildly :angry: How on earth could they possibly know whether the noise levels from your neighbours aren't problem unless they have witnessed it first hand? My first inclination was that perhaps the letting agent knows the tenants personally (it happens quite a lot) and so would want to brush your complaint off.

          Good luck with looking for alternative places to live, but in the meantime, I would definitely get in contact with your local EH and start recording all noise incidents. A formal written complaint to the letting agent explaining that you will be taking further action if nothing is done about the noise is also a good idea, as they will be obliged to speak with your neighbours about this.

          Good luck, and please keep us updated with how things go, and if you find anywhere else that is suitable for you

          Take care

          Blue Cow


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            Hi EarPlugs and welcome

            There's nothing I can add to the advice already given but you do have my sympathy I had a very short stint of a noisy NFH earlier this year. Thank God, they left after a couple of months but those two months were agony!! I was lucky, there was an entry between my house and theirs and our bathrooms were back to back, but even so I couldn't sleep for the noise. The poor chap on the other side of them went through hell!

            Sorry, I'm rambling Anyway, come back as often as you need, sometimes it helps to rant. You'll always receive advice, support, sympathy and a very warm reception

            Good luck

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Hello Everyone!

              Thank you so much for all of your replies, so helpful!

              I am taking note of what you have all suggested;- I had to mail the letting agent the other evening, and had some response. I have written a letter and will be posting tomorrow morning.

              The letting agent was supposed to have asked the tenant to keep the noise down, however, it's now nearly 1am and I'm up again, thanks to NFH. It's so ironic, I have to be up early to flat hunt, however I get no sleep!

              The house is owned and not rented unfortunately However I simply cannot live here anymore, simply too much to deal with.

              I'm afraid that my patience has run out with this letting agent, and I've quit been so apologetic on the telephone, they must take people for fools.

              I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen here, must confess that I worry about the house, just wonder what they'll do next. Time will tell I suppose.

              Once again just to say thanks for all your support, it was so helpful reading your replies. I will let you know how things are going and also start finding my way around this brilliant web site, so grateful for this!

              Kind Regards!


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                Hi Earlplugs and thanks for the update.

                Good luck with the letter, although it's no surprise that your patience has run out! Good luck with the flat hunting too :clover: I hope that you find something really special.

                Blue Cow


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                  Thank you both Blue Cow and Sweetpea, really kind of you to reply!

                  I will keep the forum updated as to how things are going!

                  Best wishes!


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                    Hi Earplus

                    Please do keep us updated, and don't be hurried into taking a flat that is not 100% for you

                    Blue Cow


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                      Hi Earplugs and a belated welcome from me

                      You've had great advice (as always) from everyone, but I just wanted to check with you: do you own your home? If so, then you need to be aware of disclosing the noise/nuisance when you come to sell.

                      If you're renting, then obviously looking for somewhere else and moving on is easier - no disclosure rules there!

                      Take care and keep us posted.