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Noisy neighbour - home insurance? - legal costs...

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  • Noisy neighbour - home insurance? - legal costs...

    Noisy neighbour - home insurance - legal costs...

    Would my home insurance be likely to cover legal costs if I wanted to apply for an injunction against the loud music & shouting from next door. They are (he is) HA tanant. I'd rather not play a cat & mouse game involving estate manager/police or EHO. I'd like to give him a final warning before suuing. This has been going on for over a year since I bought my house.

    The noise occurs on any day of the week example logs 11pm- 4am, 12.30am-1.30am, 11pm-4.30am, 5pm-11pm, 10-11.30pm, 8.30-10.30pm, 10.30pm-12.30am. I have over logged nearly 30 :angry: incidents since Feb this year. What other evidence can I gather to strengthen my case. I have had friendly words with said neighbour. Written a nice letter, made nearly another dozen individual requests to turn the music down, wrote another note. Was finally told to shut, go away and call the police if I had a problem with it. This neighbour, who is a cronic alchoholic, has violent tendencies and is know to the police which makes me worry about my own & my families safety.

    The problem is causing us to be awoken from our sleep, makes difficult to put our baby down to sleep. Feel tired & exhausted, lapses of concentration whilst driving & working, make errors & mistakes. Also feel, helpless, dispair, anxiety. Dread coming home in case the music has kicked off again so we wont get proper sleep.

    I understand that this neighbour and his partner & his daughters have a right to enjoy music, shout, argue and swear every second word they use. Rather than tolerate loud music between certain hours day or night by entering into a mutual agreement I would rather assert my full rights(?) and not have to tolerate it at all.

    Thanks for listening.. any comments/tips welcomed.


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    Hi John and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

    :angry: at noisy neighbours.

    I can completely identify with all the emotions you're going through at the moment, I've been there. Thankfully (touch wood) our NFH has calmed somewhat - I think it was the final warning letter from the EH department that did it. So, please don't rule out involving the EH department.

    In terms of taking your own action, yes you can do this via the Magistrates Court. Part IV of the NFHiB Self Help Article on Noise Nuisance covers how to take your own action, but please read all parts of the article for lots of very detailed information and help with dealing with noise nuisance.

    In terms of your legal expenses cover/ Insurance I don't know, I'd just give them a ring to see what they say. However, other members will be along soon (who've experienced using their Insurers) so hopefully they'll be able to give you an answer on that.



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      Hi John

      Welcome to the Forum. I am sorry you had to come looking , but now you are here you will get great support .

      Ugh, alcoholics are notoriously difficult to deal with. The authorities just don't seem to want to know, do they?

      I am not great with noise stuff, Holly's already pointed you in the right direction and I hope that helps .

      I would just give your insurer a call to see how the land lies. From what I can tell, the policies are generally very comprehensive, so you could be in luck :thumbs:

      Your insurer will be happy to tell you what to do. I called mine up last week and they were very helpful - hopefully yours will be the same .

      Let us know how you are getting on !




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        Thanks for the feedback Holly and Mazza. I have taken on board what you've said, read some more sections, and wont rule out any courses of action. Its been quiet the last few days but by now I know its the calm before the storm. My neighbour cannot control his drinking, he's 45ish - so there's little hope he can control his sound system once he's drunk. They live on the end terrace and my house is the next one in (nice and cosy :angry: grrr.) The partner is normally drunk too, she's the one who screams at him, shouts, swears, slams doors and generally reaks havoc. Then drink drives off to get more booze & fags.

        Its been good to find you here and when things get tough again we will let the forum know. Holly I hope you dont have too much more trouble with your NFH.

        I do not have any real evidence about the noise problems except for my incident logs so will be talking to neighbours and asking friends to help out. Unfortunately my other neigbhours have already taken this NFH to court because he ran out of his house semi naked brandishing a carving knife and started threatening to kill another neighbours son (ongoing feud). Although this was caught on cctv the picture quality was poor and not enough to convict him of an offence.

        Try but try I will and hopefully russle up an action plan for the new year. :thumbs:



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          Originally posted by JohnBattle@Nov 19 2003, 7:45 PM

          Unfortunately my other neigbhours have already taken this NFH to court because he ran out of his house semi naked brandishing a carving knife and started threatening to kill another neighbours son (ongoing feud).

          Good grief :huh: .

          Well, above all make sure that you keep yourselves safe.

          Keep logging from a distance, do get support from other neighbours if they are also suffering from nuisance from your NFH.

          I wish you all the very best whichever course of action you decide to take.

          You may also wish to read a thread in Success Stories by a member called caldas. It just goes to show that you can go it alone and triumph. I think that thread gives us all hope.

          Take care

          Holly :nfh1:


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            I am as shocked as Holly!!

            Surely this guy is known to Social Services, therefore he ought to have a Social Worker.

            It'd be worth giving them a call to report the nuisance and so if he does have a Social Worker, they can get onto him. Actually, reporting it to the police could also trigger Social Work involvement, so get logging and reporting!

            Best wishes and let us know how you get on. Don't forget, there's usually someone hanging about here if you need to vent or sound off about it all.



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              Hi John

              Your neighbours sound horrific to live next to. Did you have any luck with your insurance company BTW?

              What happened to your neighbour's son is terrible. I'm not surprised that you are worried about your own families safety :unsure: Or that you worry about what you'll have to face when you get home. Lack of sleep can grate your nerves terribly and can make things very hard to cope with. Sorry that your baby is suffering too :cry:

              I hope that things remain calm (although from what you have said, I'm not that hopeful). If your neighbour wants you to call the police, then I would oblige them if the noise starts again.

              Keep logging everything, and best of luck with the action plan

              Keep us posted

              Blue Cow


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                Thanks for the feedback everyone. :thumbs:

                There have been another 4 incidents since my last post. :banghead:

                On Friday I put a letter through his letter box. The letter was highlighting my concerns and took me hours to prepare, and probably would have taken days if I hadnt found a template on this site (Self help articles part II - thanks). I took the precaution of copying in his landlord (estate manager) and 3 of our local councillors or else the letter would carry no weight. Lets face it I have been told by him to shut up go away and call the police if I have a problem with the noise.

                Since having delivered the letter on Friday I am sensing that it is his live in partner/guest, who can be very loud aggressive & hostile towards people :nuke: , would rather my he fight his corner and for their right(?) to do as they please whenever they please. So far there has been relative calm, so time will tell.

                I hope this calm will continue and that in the future I can start to rebuild a friendly relationship with them. :wacko:

                Til next time



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                  Good one John, :thumbs:

                  I hope it has helped...only time will tell, eh? :unsure:



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                    Hi John,

                    Well done in sending him a letter Got my fingers crossed for you that the peace and calm continue.

                    Good luck

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      Hi John,

                      Really glad you found the site article helpful and templates.

                      Good luck, stand your corner and let us know how you get on.



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                        Hi John

                        Glad to hear that you found the template useful - hope it does the trick for you.

                        Good luck and please keep us posted.


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                          Hi John,

                          Well done for such a sensible and well thought out plan of action!!! I really hope that you are rewarded by continued peace and quiet.

                          Blue Cow


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                            Unfortunately I have now had to change my approach from amicable request to official complaint.

                            Since having posted my amicable request letter on 28th Nov (just over 2 weeks ago) things have been relatively good apart from a couple of incidents.

                            However last night we were kept up until 3.00am :angry: with their shouting & screaming and occasional door slamming. The noise started at 10.45pm and ended promptly at 2.52am. In the morning my son was awake by 6.00am so we've had the best part of 3 hours sleep.

                            I feel physically sick & exhausted but had to come into work.

                            Following the posting of my amicable letter I was contacted by 2 of my local councillors

                            one of whom has offered to help where he can and he only lives about 5 min down the road.

                            This morning I phoned the estate manager to make my complaint but she wasnt there again, but also phoned my local councillor who said that the noise was unacceptable and we shouldnt have to put up with it and he was off to kick some a** ie. get the estate manager to call me.

                            I dont think there is anything else I can do (apart from try and keep my eyes open!)

                            So Im waiting for my mobile to ring......

                            John :banghead:


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                              Hi again John

                              What stage are oyu at with the Environmental Health department? Have they also written to your neighbour?

                              Make sure you're logging everything down

                              Hopefully the Estate Management Officer will be a little more pro-active once they have contact from a Councillor, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

                              I know from personal experience that trying to function properly on very little sleep (caused by inconsiderate noisy neighbours) is very, very difficult. Earplugs and listening to the radio help me. If it's a weekend and I'm not at work the next day then a drop of the hard stuff can usually help you to sleep too. Although why I/anyone should have to do it makes me really :angry: .

                              Take care and good luck with the avenues you're going down.