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  • Help please.....

    Hi There

    I have just joined the forum as I am having major problems with my neighbour downstairs.

    I moved in only in June, and from day one, there has been constant noise from the bloke downstairs. Usually its very loud techno/dance music and his latest is hammering from 7am in the morning and then later again in the evening, sometimes as late as midnight.

    I'm quite young, 23, and I reckon this bloke is around the same age, maybe a year or two older. I have approached him more than once. I have also banged on the floor, and even put a letter though his door explaining my grievances. A few weeks ago, I even had the police out to ask him to stop hammering (and drilling) it had been going on since 8pm and was still going after 12.00.

    Tonight has been no exception, granted its early yet. The music has been so loud I can hear AND feel it in every room.

    Can anyone offer advice or the number for the new 24 hour noise helpline set up in Glasgow recently? I can't find it anywhere.

    Any help is appreciated.......I think I'll be headed for a nervous breakdown if this continues!




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    Hi Lyndsey/Frogmilla and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

    Sorry to hear about your noisy downstairs neighbour - sounds like you have been doing really well so far in trying to tackle the problems, so well done.

    Can I just check though, do you own your flat or rent (if the latter, is the landlord a local authority, Housing Association or private landlord)? It just helps us to make sure that we're pointing you in all the right directions.

    The first thing that you must do, if you haven't started already, is to write everything down (start gathering as much evidence as possible). There are some useful documents on the NFHiB Resources page.

    Please also check out the NFHiB Self Help Articles here, as they contain lots of useful information.

    The first port of call with a complaint of noise nuisance should be your local authority - they should have an Environmental Health department (or a sub-dept in there called Noise & Pollution Control). You've obvisouly tried to reason with your noisy neighbour from hell (NFH) and he's not listening (like many of the NFH we come across here). :rant:

    It will help though to know what kind of tenure you have as it does affect what you can do/may want to do - e.g. if you own your own home, then you need to know that you would have to disclose a complaint if you came to sell, if you rent, you can complain to your landlord.

    Anyway, I'm sure many more members will be along shortly to offer you advice and support.

    Holly :ban: Noisy neighbours out! :rant:


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      Glasgow Council A-Z of Services - look under Noise Pollution.

      Noise Pollution - Environmental Protection

      Advice on the issue of Noise Pollution can be obtained by calling 0141 287 6529.

      Couldn't find a 24 hour number, but generally complainants are only provided with this once initial investigations have taken place by Environmental Health Officers.

      I'd give the Noise Pollution a ring on Monday and have an initial chat with them.

      Let us all know how it goes .


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        Hi Lyndsey and welcome

        Good luck with EH Noise Pollution tomorrow, I'm sure that they will give you some sound advise (pardon the pun).

        I'm really sorry that you are feeling under so much strain right now, but you really have come to the right place for advice and support. Many members have had terrible problems with noise and know how intrusive it can be.

        Please let us know what they say to you tomorrow, I hope that the noise has packed in now.

        Take care

        Blue Cow


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          Hi Lyndsey and welcome

          There's not much I can add to what others have already said except you have my complete sympathy

          Hope Holly's suggestions help

          Good luck

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi Lyndsey

            Just wanted to say Hi and welcome ! .

            Hope you managed to get through to the Noise Dept by now and they've told you what you've gotta do to get this little creep under control. :frown:

            Let us know how you get on




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              Good luck! :ban: :nfh1:


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                Hi All

                Not had time to log on recently but just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for your help and support.

                My neighbour has been his usual erratic self and the music/noise has been on and off since my last post. Currently its on.

                Thanks for the environmental number, this is the only one I could find too, although, I'm really annoyed at losing the 24 hour one. I just feel (and I think this is one of the reasons I have been putting off going down this route) that the environmental people will think I'm just moaning for the sake of it. Even keeping a sound diary etc will probably not be enough evidence as he has it on then off on then off! They'll think I'M the nutcase!

                In saying all of that, I will give them a go as this is really stressing me out. He's even got the cheek to buzz me when he has left his keys inside to be let in!! And, I think he has told his friends too buzz me too. Its getting to the stage when I don't answer the buzzer.

                I'm such a strong person and I just feel this creep is walking all over me. Call it paranoia but I am sure he is now putting it on when he hears me walking about and knows I am awake or he knows I've just got home.

                Again, thanks to all those for their help and I will keep you updated.



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                  Hi Lyndsey

                  Sorry to hear you are enduring this noise nuisance. There are good suggestions for kicking things off already, so I won't repeat them. Do get onto E.H. Not every council provides a 24 hour number until there is an ongoing case that they are monitoring. Do log, log, log, and give E.H. as much ammo as possible. If his noise stops for 5 minutes, the when it starts again is a separate incident. The more the merrier for these purposes

                  Do visit often, and let us know how you go with this...and feel free to have a rant "as and when" - that's one reason we're here!




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                    Hi Frogmilla,

                    Good luck with EH, and don't worry about what they think - that is what they are there for!

                    Please let us know how you get on

                    Blue Cow


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                      Keep visiting us Frogmilla, and best of luck with the Noise team etc :clover:


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                        Hi FM

                        How are things going? Did you manage to speak to the EH?

                        Hope things are OK... do keep us posted.