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Late night torment

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  • Late night torment


    First time poster - only found this site recently and I'm much heartened to discover that I'm not alone in suffering from a lack of consideration.

    My problem isn't really as severe as some of nightmare scenarios I've read here, but it has caused me a lot of sleepless nights and stress. I wondered whether or not anyone else had suffered from this situation or whether or not anyone knows what the right way is to deal with it?

    I live in a small flat in an otherwise peaceful residential complex. Unfortunately the guy in the flat above me - a research student from the local university - is not quite so peaceful.

    Basically he causes me two fairly frequent problems. One is his snoring - his bedroom is directly above mine, and so I get the full works. It's an indescribable sound, truly horrible at times, and always - always!!! - at a high volume. It's impossible to get back to sleep when it's happening, and frankly I don't want to even stay in the room any longer when it is.

    Secondly, he has a very nasty habit of using his washing machine during the early hours of the morning. This morning, for instance, it woke me up at just after 4AM, and naturally, when it stopped, I couldn't return to sleep because he started snoring again!!!

    If you've ever seen Apocalypse Now, and the scene with the helicopter attack, the noise produced by his washing machine is *exactly* like that!!!!

    Because he's a student, I was able to get in contact with the University campus security, who have policies regarding the treatment of noisy students. The head of security himself paid this gentleman a visit, but to my astonishment, he declared there was nothing he could do, as he was perfectly within his rights to operate his washing machine at that hour in order to benefit from the Economy Seven budget energy tariff. So it goes on... and on!

    Now I simply cannot believe that, nor accept that as a valid excuse. For a start, why should my sleep (and my health!!!) suffer simply so he can save a few pence on his electric bill? Surely, as the noise is a considerable nuisance to me, I'm as within my rights to have it stopped as if he were playing loud music during the early hours.

    Has anyone else had a problem of this nature?

    And has anyone else had any experience of suffering from someone elses' snoring - and is there anything (please God!!) that can be done to stop it?

    Thanks for reading!

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    welcome John Drake

    sorry to hear of this unusual problem! :huh:

    is there any way you could move you bedroom? or even your funiture so your head is further away from the snoring head?

    as for the washing machine...have you mangaged to speak to him? I know you said the uni people had, it might be an idea to invite him down to your flat and ask him to witness the noise...if its not going to cause more problems for you that is.

    otherwise perhaps a friendly note through his door.

    you can find some template letters on the main site and can adjust them to your needs, heres the link

    template letters and logs

    I hope some one else can give you some advice with this one.

    you are so right though, its not always the level of noise but the consitency of it, and the effect it can have on you can be tremendous, like chinese water torture :banghead:

    good luck and please come back often to let us know how things are going


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      Hi John and welcome to the forum

      Hmm, snoring! That can be a problem, not just for the person who has to endure the sound but for the snorer as well. Believe me, I know what it's like to be kept away by a snorer! My husband has to have a machine that blows air up his nose because of his snoring and sleep apnoea. Perhaps you could find some info on the net, print it off and pass it on to your NFH. At worse he'll throw it away, but be might realise that he could be putting his health at risk if he does nothing.

      Have you approached your Environmental Health Office and asked about the washing machine noise? Personally, I think 4am is unreasonable, especially if it's a noisy machine.

      Do you think your NFH would be willing to talk to you about the noise and nuisance he's causing? If he could at least hear the noise of his washing machine in your flat perhaps he'll be more considerate.

      Hope you get some peace soon. In the meantime come back as often as you need, even if it's only to rant We like a good rant

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        it sounds like the guy's machine needs to be balanced properly (all he'd need to do is twiddle the feet on it to get it stable), either that or it's done in ...

        I would contact the Env Health dept for advice as there are times during a 24 hr period when 'day-to-day' noise is acceptable, and times when it is not acceptable.

        They might be able to monitor the noise for you.

        It might be worth asking the NFH if the washing machine is his or the landlord's. If it is the landlord's get onto them and ask them to get it repaired or some 'deafening' material put underneath it. If it's his, then obviously he needs to look at it.

        As for the snoring??? Hmmm, not sure about that apart from extra sound proofing measures, although I can't think of a cheap/easy way of this .

        good luck anyway :unsure:



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          Hi John and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

          Have you talked to your neighbour about the noise issues form his flat? If you do contact the Environmental Health department (which I think you need to about the washer noise), they will want you to have spoken to your neighbour in the first instance.

          Please see later post! I don't think that having a washer on at 4am is unreasonable - and if it happens on a regular basis, then it may be considered a "statutory nuisance". Check out the NFHiB Legislation Index here, the Environmental Protection Act in particular.

          You might also find it helpful to check out the Self Help Articles here as they do cover quite a lot!

          Can't help with the snoring problems. other than offering a couple of practical suggestions: relaxing background music and/or earplugs - might offer some temporary release?

          Have you considered mediation at all? :huh:

          Please let us all know how you're getting on and good luck.



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            Hi John, and welcome to NFHiB

            Crikey! His snoring MUST be loud! And the insulation doesn't sound too good? Can't think of a lot of advice here, except ear plugs/a bit of relaxing music, as Holly suggests. Unless you want to have a chat with the landlord about going halves on some better sound insulation maybe?

            I do think a noisy washing machine at 4 a.m. is excessive, whatever his reasons, and would suggest a chat with your E.H. dept. to check this out, without making a complaint at this point. Then perhaps a friendly note through the door/ a chat, asking if he could do his washing at a more reasonable hour (finished by 11 a.m. sounds reasonable)? I would be inclined to try friendly, low-key means to start with, and hope this could be resolved in a quick and amicable manner.

            Good luck, and do let us know how you go on




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              I have econ 7 and it lasts until 6am, so would it be better if he put his timer on later??

              perhaps you could just that so you get a few more hours kip?


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                Originally posted by hollygolightly@Oct 14 2003, 8:06 PM

                Please see later post!I don't think that having a washer on at 4am is unreasonable
                Good grief :lol:

                See what happens when you get carried away :blink: :lol:

                Yeah, right, it's not unreasonable. Just like I think it's fine for people to play excessively loud bass music from 2-6am (NOT).


                My thanks to sapphire for pointing out the obvious mistake in my earlier post.


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                  Holly....a pleasure, mate :P



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                    :lol: Heehee Holly & Sapph!! Glad you've sorted that out now guys!!

                    I was just wondering if the upstairs has got carpet down - in the bedroom at least? Carpet is real good at dulling sounds. Even a mat can help.



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                      Hi John

                      I'm sorry that you are having such a frustrating time. Snoring is a really difficult one, as your neighbour in not deliberately doing it, and can't control it because he's asleep. Even if he wanted to stop, it can be extremely hard. I think that your best option would be actions that you can take for yourself (i.e. ear plugs / background music / moving your bedroom to another room (if possible) ).

                      Incidentally, if he's a university student, how long has he been living above you?

                      You've been given some great advice by other members, and I hope that you get somewhere with this (and get some peaceful sleep!)

                      Take care

                      Blue Cow


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                        Thank you all for your kind comments and advice!

                        I'm afraid there doesn't seem to be much in the way of sound-proofing at all in my flat, and as I'm only renting, it might be difficult to do anything about that, though that does seem the simplest option.

                        My neighbour does seem to be something of a night-bird. At weekends, or whenever I'm at home during the day, he does seem to spend a lot of the daylight hours asleep (and snoring!), preferring to work during the night. So I also get quite a bit of door slamming, loud telephone conversations, and late-night takeaway deliveries, which doesn't add to a peaceful ambience!

                        Whenever I've attempted to speak to him, his attitude has always been shrug-the-shoulders, it-doesn't-bother-me-why-should-it-bother-you? I've discovered that he's a research student studying for a PhD, and he's already got a clutch of letters to his name, so I think this has given him something of a chip for his shoulder. He's of Greek extraction, so I suppose it's also something to do with that fiery Mediterranean temprement!

                        I have considered moving, but in truth it's a nice area, and convenient for work. And anyway, living in a University town, who's to say the next place I move into won't have someone who's even noisier? Better the devil you know, as they say...

                        But thanks again, for your kind words. I'll let you know if anything else happens!


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                          just because he has letters after his name does not mean he can make noise!!! :angry:

                          I hate it warn NFH get all pompouse

                          sorry but it just shows any one can be NFH, no it wont bother him he is listening to everything from a different angle, noise travels different ways, and you have to remember that all noise is enhanced at night.

                          If thats his attitude I suggest you print some noise logs off the main site under resourceshere

                          and contact EHO for advise, he sounds like an a*se

                          the thing that has annoyed me about your case, is it would be so easy to solve.

                          move and rebalace the washer, stand it on some carpet or a mat, and not have it on at night.

                          as for snoring, he can sleep on his side!!! :lol:

                          perhaps you should go back to the uni people and put your concerns in writing about his noise making. if they have a policy on their students making noise, they are obliged to stick to it.


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                            Oh dear,

                            I do think you should try and find out who the landlrod is to get them to upgrade the soundproofing on the flat or at least improve the floor covering.

                            Is he (your neighbour) the kind of guy you could go out and have a drink with ? It might break the ice a bit and you might be surprised that he's an OK guy. Perhaps he has given you the wrong first impressions as most Greeks I know (even the loudest ones) are very honourable people.

                            I am afraid that yes, Greeks can be very animated, but culture differences are no excuse for what appears to be ignorant behaviour.

                            The shrug the shoulders attitude is probably because he doesn't actually understand what the problem is after all, he can't hear it - seriously. So perhaps a drink together may help.

                            Good luck and let us know how you are getting on.



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                              I snore and even wake myself up snoring at times so I know how destrutive it can be - I am frequently banished to the sofa!

                              Washing machines, even well balanced ones, are noisy at the best of times, even when drawing and pumping water, so it seems daft using one in the early hours.

                              Why not try taping the racket on a dictaphone, try and get him to go for a drink as suggested by Mazza and then play him the tape. He might even be horrified himself.

                              If the subtle (or perhaps not so subtle), friendly approach fails then I guess it's back to the University people or Environmental Health.

                              The letters after the name imply high levels of intelligence, not common sense!!!

                              Good luck.

                              "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"