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  • Repeat Offender

    Hi All

    A bit of a novel I'm afraid, but it is 9 years' worth !!!

    I moved into my flat...1st floor of a converted house...nine years ago this week. Only one other flat in building. When purchasing flat, I did ask vendors about neighbour downstairs. Thye assured me he was fine and I went ahead with purchase.

    When I first moved in, he came out to greet me every evening with petty issues eg. my bin was in the wrong place (needed to be 9 inches to the left), could I refrain from placing his post outside his front door (must be left where if fell under letterbox), etc.

    These evening encounters became a bit tiresome so I did my best to avoid bumping into him.

    After about a month of living there, my friend moved in with me. From that moment on, whenever we were in the building we were bombarded by very loud radio noise from his flat. If was never on when we arrived home but was up to full volume by the time we reached the top of stairs. The radio was left on at full volume til we left for work the next morning.

    He refused to speak to me so both he and I contacted the local council. They sent an EHO officer around without my knowledge to talk to him and witness noise levels from my flat. Council agreed noise from my flat was not a nuisance and he was told to cease playing the radios at volume.

    He persisted with radio noise and council mediated between us. He allegedly had no problem with me, the noises that bothered him was sqeaking floorboards and footfall of my friend.

    With a view to resolving problems, I asked my friend to move out and had floors relaid and covered with expensive high-quality underlay topped by carpet in areas he specified were a problem to council. On the day the work was completed, he contacted council to tell them that he had made a mistake...noise eminated from all the areas of my flat that were untreated.

    A tad miffed by wasted time and money, I asked a few of the other neighbours about my 'friend' downstairs. It emerged that he had treated the previous owners exactly the same.

    I made contact with previous owners and found out my neighbour was currently in the process of suing them for £50000 damages for distress and ruining the quality of his homelife. I went to court and gave evidence for the previous owners re: his similar treatment of me...they won the case and he was ordered to pay them costs and damages.

    I thought that this would end my problems with neighbour. How wrong was I !

    I have since endured verbal abuse, spitting, a fire lit outside my front door, threatened with a knife, door kicking (once so violently that he bent the deadlock and a locksmith had to let me out of my flat), constant radio noise, phelgm running down my front door, vinegar sprayed through deadlock hole onto my hall carpet, containers of rotting fish entrails wedged under my windowsills, etc.

    On the occasions the police were called (knife incident and fire), they classified both incidents as 'domestic' and told me there was nothing they could do.

    On a positive note, since the knife incident 7 years ago he has not approached me or spoken to me. I do not retaliate to his behaviour and maintain a calm facade for the mostpart.

    In the last two years, radios have been left on 24/7...he doesn't turn them off when he goes out or away on holiday. With the continued lack of sleep, I had to resigned my £42000 a year job which I had held for five years and have not worked since last July.

    Obviously I can't sell my property without declaring situation with neighbour.

    To say I am a tad frustrated by this situation is a huge understatement.

    Anybody had similar or have any suggestions ?

    ps. if you have made it this far, thanks for reading...quite therapeutic to voice problem to people who have similar experience of neighbours from hell.

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    welcome Lindsay!

    wow what a horrible 9 years you have had.

    you ae being harrassed no doubt about it, you need to arrange a meeting with the police and tell them about the harrassment act

    read this!

    that link will take you to the self help articles

    also you need to ask the police what they will do for you if you are in danger, are they going to respond to your calls

    please please talk to your local police

    you must, if you havent already, start logging down every incident from now.

    everything your neighbour does to you or your property.

    you can find some blank logs to print off


    also take pictures of any damage caused to your property

    have you thought about CCTV?

    might be an idea to stick it by the door so you can catch him in the act!

    your story is dreadful and I feel for you

    you must stay safe

    please come back often you will get support and understanding here


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      Hi Lindsay, and welcome to NFHiB,

      What a nightmare of a neighbour, and what an inmpact he has made :badmood: .

      Should the previous owners not have declared this dispute to you? Is it worth checking this with a solicitor? And it does leave you in a bad position if YOU want to sell. Not a comfortable place to be in.

      Do check out the Protection from Harasment Act, as Beth suggests, to see if you feel this could be applied to your situation. And have a look at Caldas' thread, has some great advice in it

      You have been more than reasonable about his counter-allegations re noise. I think E.H.O. should be investigating your nfh and his constant noise nuisance again. Are you logging it? Would it be recordable to show E.H. how loud it is?

      Do come back and visit us often, and feel free to vent when ever you feel the need This is just the place to do it.

      Keep safe. Regards,



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        Hi Lindsay and welcome to the forum

        I'd say at first glance your NFH was a tad unhinged, however after hearing about him suing the previous owner of your flat, maybe there is method in his madness. It was unfortunate for him that you testified but by doing so it seems you did yourself no favours

        I agree entirely with Beth. Get onto your local neighbourhood police officer, point out to him the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and ask him for help. Also follow all the other advice Beth has given.

        It's a quandary, whether to make matters official or say nothing so you don't have to declare anything to your prospective buyer. But in the end only you can make that decision and after nine years of abuse I think you should be putting your needs before others. Perhaps there is a chance you could sue him for loss of earnings because you had to leave your job on account of his behaviour towards you.

        I get so angry :angry: when I hear of these spiteful, nay, evil people who have nothing better to do in life than to make other's lives a misery. I think the scientific name for them is 'psychopath', they are as slimy and as cold as the reptilian part of their brains that they use exclusively! :rant:

        Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best of luck Take care and come back as often as you need

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Psychopath is right - he is an utter creep. :frown:

          I really feel for you, I would not like it one bit, living under the same roof as that evilness . (it's bad enough living next door to an evil NFH :angry: )

          I think the others are right - look up the Protection From Harassment Act and see your police officer.

          Also, Saph said about the previous owners - I think they should have had to notify you of their situation, surely? It would be worth seeking legal advice on that - you could sue them after all.

          It's a perfect disgrace that you had to give up your job for this cretin. There must be some redress for you - please take the advice of the others and see what you can do.

          Let us know how you get on !

          Don't forget there's usually someone hanging about here if you need a good old rant

          Best wishes




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            Many thanks to all who is wonderful to get so many helpful suggestions.

            I think you sometimes become so weighed down by events that you tend not to think about solutions after a while and tend just to accept the abuse as your lot in life.

            I have decided not to accept the police's previous apathy and am going to contact them again...hourly if I need to...until some action is taken. Bottom line is I am being systematically harrassed and their job is to uphold the law...whether they want to or not.

            Many thanks once weekend is looking somewhat brighter now. Hope you all enjoy yours


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              Hi lindsay and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

              Great advice from other members (as always !).

              I would definitely follow this up with the Environmental Health department about the noise issues.

              Police? :rant: Don't let them get away with fobbing you off again...

              Regarding the previous occupants, I don't think that nine years ago there was the same stuff around about disclosure :huh: ? But definitely now you would have to disclose. Regardless of you, in your current situaiton, making a complaint "official" I think you would have to disclose your neighbours behaviour - even more so as there has been a history.

              So you may as well just go for it 110% - with anyone and everyone.

              Please keep us posted on how you are .



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                Hi Lindsay,

                What a wicked horrible man you have for a neighbour :angry: Does he really have nothing better to do with his time other than persecute you?

                Good luck with the police, they certainly need to sit up and take note.

                Your neighbour seems like a very twisted person, and is definitely harassing you, and you are right, it's sometimes you get so bogged down with a problem, that it gets to the stage where you just can’t see any way out. This man has been intimidating you for far too long and needs to be stopped.

                I hope that you get a positive response from the police, please do let us know.


                Take care

                Blue Cow


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                  A small victory !!!

                  Neighbour went away on Friday, leaving radios on as usual.

                  This morning his sister turned up to feed his cat/collect his mail.

                  Encouragement received from other NFH members prompted me to approach her for the first time in 9 years re: noise. Given aggression displayed by her brother, I didn't expect it to be a pretty conversation but felt I had to give it a go.

                  At first my request to turn off radios was met with 'I'm afraid I can't do that'. When questioned as to why not, she said she didn't want to be involved and also she didn't know how to turn off radios. I suggested if that were the case, I would go into flat and turn them off for her. Told me it was private property and she wouldn't allow me access. I then suggested that the police might be able to help her turn them off. Surprisingly she became much friendlier about situation at that point.

                  She went into flat and turned off all the radios instantly.

                  So all is peaceful here for the first time in 2 years. It's going to be shortlived...he's due back this evening...but I'm basking in the silence right now

                  My first small step of many to deal with my NFH !


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                    you go girl!

                    the first step is often the hardest one, but you had the courage to talk to the sister,

                    have you spoken to the police yet?

                    that must be the next step.

                    really pleased that you did it anyway, I hope enjoy the peace today


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                      Eh?? :wacko:

                      Can't turn radios off??? :blink:

                      What a load of old codswallop, never heard such rubbish :angry:

                      Good for you that you felt able to approach the woman. It will show that you have tried to speak to them if the E Health dept/police have to get involved.

                      Enjoy the peace - long may it continue!!




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                        Hi lindsay,

                        Truly an awful story! I feel for you.

                        I have decided not to accept the police's previous apathy and am going to contact them again...hourly if I need to...until some action is taken.

                        I don't know where you live but if you live in London, you could try another police station nearby you and explain to them that the other station didn't take any notice of you type of thing. If that's not possible, try another officer at the same station. I found not all police will fob you off. You do get one or two officers who'd listen to you. Also, there should be a duty officer for your neighbourhood who may be able to listen to your problem and gives you advise.

                        Next time when NFH leaves the radio on and goes away for the weekend etc, please do call EH and get them witnessed.



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                          Hi Lindsay,

                          Well it's not a small step at all, it's a great big one!!

                          I hope that you are enjoying the peace and quiet today and good luck with the police.


                          Blue Cow


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                            Hi All

                            Have been on my mission to deal with my NFH.

                            Gone away this weekend as well, leaving all the radios on for my listening pleasure !!

                            Environmental Health don't operate at weekends so called them today re: noise problem.

                            Bottom line is, as he is a private owner (not council) they won't do anything about constructive about noise. Best they could offer was to send him a letter. I have to fill out time sheets with 15 different incidents of noise occurring before they will come out to witness noise. I explained that radios are on 24/7 whether he is at home or not. But they still insist I have to record 15 different times when radios are switched on.

                            Their best advice was to try to get contact details of his friends and/or family, so that when he goes away, they can come round and sort out problem instead of council.

                            So not a very encouraging outcome really :banghead:

                            Have been trying local police all day but station is closed to public except for a few hours on Friday and no one answers the phone there whether I ring it directly or go through police switchboard. If I ever do get through, perhaps they will have something more positive to say...although woman at EH office thought not !!!

                            On a positive note, I'm housesitting for friends for 8 whole days (and nights !!!) from Friday so will be getting a full night's sleep very shortly...the luxury, the decadence of it all............


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                              I think you are being told a load of old rubbish - what on earth do they mean there's no service on the weekends? Every council HAS to operate an out of hours service!! Don't you let them fob you off - tell 'em we sent you!! :angry:

                              As for not being able to do anything 'cos he an owner - UTTER NONSENSE!!! I am raging - I'd just love to know who these incompetents are - grrrrrr :badmood: .

                              Be sure to log everything anyway!

                              Never heard such balderdash (I'd normally use stronger words, believe me... ) !!!!!

                              Please don't let the authorities get away with this. I would complain to everyone - your MP, your local councillor, the police, the Council's chief executive, their ombudsman, it's simply not on!

                              Good luck, Keep us updated!


                              :nfh1: :frown: