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noisy heating!

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  • noisy heating!

    :unsure: Hi all

    Just wondred if anyone has had a problems with their nieghbours noisy appliances!

    My nieghbour who we have had a two year battle with over his music has a faulty fan in his boiler resulting in what sounds like a generator running.

    Also at what point do you need to tell prospective buyers of your property that you have a problem with noisy nieghbours?

    I have not told mine as we have not contacted a soliciter or gone to court.

    Although we have a case running with the enviromental health dept.

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    Add the fan noise to noise complaint with EHO. Noise can be practically any type of noise.

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      silly question,, but does your neighbour know about the generator noise, I mean can your neighbour hear it?

      they might be in a different part of the house or become immune to the noise, have you thought about mentioning it to them?


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        Hi Nicola and welcome

        A few points:

        - John is right, the EH department should deal with any noise that is a nuisance, which would include your neighbour's noisy heating appliance.

        - Disclosure: this happens when you have a buyer and an offer has been accepted - you have to complete a form called the Sellers Property Information Form (SPIF), which your Solicitor will provide you with. You complete it and then your Solicitors sends it to your purchasers. From the sounds of your situation, you would most certainly have to disclose the problems you've had with your neighbour over the past couple of years.

        Check out the pinned topic on the SPIF here:

        Also, check out the Self-Help Articles here: