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    Posted this on another thread and someone suggested I start a new thread - hope this is in the right place!

    We have done two upstairs rooms so far with insulating blocks, bought from Wickes DIY.

    You stick them on wall with floor tile adhesive then cover with plasterboard, using special plastic plugs, then decorate plasterboard as usual. The two bedrooms done cost about £50 per room. The rooms end up being slightly smaller but it's worth it. We are going to do the downstairs room adjoining their house next!

    It really made a difference upstairs as we hear nothing - and believe me, hearing our nfh and her hubby "on the job" was not pleasant. We also do not hear the elder daughter and her damned music!

    Worth a try!

    The "high density slabs" are sold as noise insulation and "impede the transmission of noise".

    Wickes item code 210-059 £20.59 per pack of 6 slabs (each pack covers 3.24m2)

    They really do work!

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    Thanks for that John - very useful information.


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      You should be looking for commission from Wickes - loads of members and guests here will find that info useful :lol:



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        Thanks for the info John :thumbs:

        I will definitely be giving this one a go...after all, if I can hear them they can also hear me, and unlike them, I like my conversations with my visitors to be within my four walls :lol:



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          Excellent advice John. Thanks
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            John....thanks for that!



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              Perhaps I will ask for commission!

              Tristar - we whisper when in our lounge so they can't hear us. I feel sure they don't realise we can hear them - they would be far more careful what they say if they did realise!


              Don't forget you have to take skirting board off and then put it back on when finished - bit basic perhaps, but if, like me, you hate DIY, a fundamental piece of advice! :blush: :blush:
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       always find these things out too late!! :banghead:

                last year we had the stairs and the bedroom re plastered on that wall....If only we had known about it then!!!!!

                ahhhh....never mind though!! :lol:

                we live and learn

                thanks for that tip John!!


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                  hi,im interested in getting some of these but when i went into my local wickes and asked for some sound insulating blocks they just pointed to the fibreglass loft insulation and said its all they do.what are they made of and what packaging are they in ?


                  also ive spent around £500 on products from this company


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                    Hi Vialli!

                    welcome to the forum! :flowers:

                    thanks for that Link, hope it helps a few folks out!


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                      I bought some last week in our local Wickes. They are made from rockwool and called High Density Slabs. They come in polythene sacks. The item code is as above. Not all Wickes stores stock the full range of products though.
                      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                        ah ok so they are rockwool slabs, i was looking for something you stick the slabs to your walls but how does the plasterboard fix over the top?i take it the boards would have to be fixed into the party wall with screws and rawplugs maybe?


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                          Thanks for the idea John.

                          Another one to add to my list. :thumbs:


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                            Hi all. Part of my nfh problem seems to be coming from the fact that our walls are really thin. Our flats were built in the 1970s and I don't think there was much regulation back then!

                            I really want to give John's insulating blocks idea a go, but I am a total DIY novice and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult it is fit these?



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                              edward,on the packaging of the slabs are full fitting instructions.basically the slabs are stuck to the wall then the plasterboard fix through the slab and into the wall with a long plastic you will need a drill and the right size drill bit ,about 8mm i think.if the walls are thermolite block a normal drill will do but if your going into brick then you will need a hammer drill.hope this helps.