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  • Soundproofing


    Just found this forum.

    Ok. So this isn't a neighbour from hell situation per se but I feel it's related.

    Basically, I've just done a flat exchange with someone. However they didn't bother to inform me of the non existent soundproofing this place has. All I hear most days (and early mornings) is "thump, thump, thump". Now I know what you're saying, ask her to turn the music down. Well that would be easy except it isn't her music doing that, it's her feet. That's right, everytime she takes a step it sounds as loud as a good kick drum from a stereo. It's driving me mad. I asked her to walk quietly in the early mornings (4am at w/e, 6am during the week) but basically got told to like it or move out. Considering the only reason I took this place was to get out of another ridiculously noisy property I feel rather cheated.

    I've looked online regarding what rights I have and appears thanks to the law lords dumb a** decision that I have none whatsoever.

    I've asked my landlord what plans do they have to improve the soundproofing in the future and was basically told "none". Can they legally not provide soundproofing ever?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Hi PJ,

    welcome to our group !

    you do have a NFH problem, this is demonstrated by the response your neighbour gave you when it seems you tried to approach her in a reasonable manner.

    Stick around and we will try and sort some info out.....i seem to remember that horsefans posted about sound proofing a while back...

    will try to find it.


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      ok ...

      in Links wallet...

      ..under Misc.

      ..domestic sound proofing..

      Im afraid this does'nt really answer your question but it is a start.


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        It's a rented housing association flat. It appears to be in need of an upgrade by the looks of the various fittings (bathroom sink, kitchen cupboards etc).

        I think she has bare floorboards upstairs.

        I can't really afford to move again. The only thing i could do is another exchange but I could still end up in another noisy property.


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          Hi PJ and welcome.

          I couldnt agree with you more about the legal situation being useless and if you have an unsympathetic Landlord as well as a NFH then it gets worse. However being a Housing Association you do stand a better chance of complaining and you should consider writing to the Housing Officer outlining your complaint and requesting that they look into it ( keep copies of all letters).

          Do you have a Tenants Association? Find out and if not ask if there are there any moves to form one as these can be very effective when it comes to complaining. We have some info on Tenants Associations in our links on here. It is a good way of exercising people power against beaurocracy.

          I cant help thinking that all this was why the original tenant wanted to swop. In view of the situation and the fact you are renting I would suggest you consider writing to the HA or alternatively you move again as the stress and hassle is simply not worth it sometimes. I dont think this is a just or fair solution and it makes me very angry when people are forced out of their homes by a situation as the law is quite clearly failing them. There again your health and peace of mind should come first. The stress involved in dealing with NFH problems really can seriously affect your life and your health. You need to really think things through. It might make matters worse with the HA and the NFH if you get their backs up and the HA could get difficult should you eventually decide to move again. Do bear this in mind.

          Be warned - with many cases when you start to challenge certain Depts or people doors start slamming shut in your face and you can end up in a red tape nightmare. Trust no-one you deal with and make sure if you ring you get peoples details - name - title, Dept, date of call or conversation log all details of conversations. Keep copies of all your letters in a file too.Start a diary or log book - we have downloadable noise log sheets on here which you will find useful. Log ALL the dates, times and types of noise when they happen. Describe your feelings - angry, tired, frustrated etc etc in them too.

          Also when contacting the HA by letter make a specific request for a copy of their complaints procedure and also their policies and practices on dealing with neighbour problems. You might find something you can rely upon in these to take matters further. Also you should ask them if they refer tenants to mediation they should do this in theory - in practice well that is another story. Ask to be referred to mediation. This MIGHT work but it is a long shot as sometimes NFH are way past mediation but it is an option you should consider.

          So it is basically a case of standing your ground and taking matters further with the HA or moving.

          If you decide to stay put and fight then we will do all we can to assist and support you PJ.

          Let us know you thoughts on all this and Good Luck!

          Best Wishes Angela


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            If you require any specific information then please let us know and we can guide you to a specific link on here or alternatively we can trawl about for you to see what we can find.

            If you need anything - just ask!



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              Do you have a Tenants Association? Find out and if not ask if there are there any moves to form one as these can be very effective when it comes to complaining. We have some info on Tenants Associations in our links on here. It is a good way of exercising people power against beaurocracy.[/b]

              I think there is one. I'll look into it.

              I've looked at the various brochures they have regarding investment but can't find anything useful. I recieved a status report newsletter recently. It annoys me reading about all these wonderful new developments they harp on about while at the same time they don't do anything about their current properties, or so it seems.



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                PJ it sounds hopeful if there is a Tenants Association there again they are only as good as the Tenants who are in them but you never know you might have a very good one there.

                Yes the glossy propaganda on how wonderful everything is!

                MY Local Authority have tons of that - it is just all fur coat and no whatsists!

                ( I remembered where I was then PHEW!)

                It makes me mad to be honest and they dont want to deal with anything that might tarnish their opinion of themselves do they? Perish the thought!!!

                Our LA have more spin than an automatic washing machine. Glossy newsletters full of how wonderful everything is and this place is a dump.There again this Spring it will be election time here for Welsh Assembly Members and it is going to be a bit of a catfight as the posistions are very much sought after. Also in 17mths time we have local elections too and they are going to be very nasty indeed it seems.

                Cant wait myself As I am going to make sure I create havoc! LOL!

                If you dont get any joy with the HA try your local Councillor and your MP - mine are useless but you might be lucky.Keep on and on at them make a nuisance of yourself if you have to!

                Keep us posted M8!



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                  Ok. An update.

                  Finally managed to get a reply from someone in my housing association who deals with upgrades.

                  Here's the email:

                  thank you for your enquiry regarding your home at [deleted]. *In regard to major works, we have plans to fit full gas central heating to the units at [deleted] over the next 12-18 months and also intend to look at the condition of components such as kitchens and bathrooms. *You will be contacted along with your neighbours for initial surveys in the first few months of 2003.

                  In regard to sound insulation - this is looked at where there is a history of noise complaints and these are attributable in the main to the building as opposed to an individual's conduct. *I would suggest that you initially contact your Estate Manager and inform them of the situation and any problems you are experiencing. *If they feel there is a case to put forward for sound insulation this is then referred to my team. *As the works involved with improvements to sound insulation usually require the temporary re-housing of occupants of the treated flats all cases are considered carefully with regard to cost and disruption.

                  In the event of your being referred for consideration for improvements to the sound insulation, we initially undertake a noise test between the affected dwellings and based on the results arising from this determine how to proceed. *

                  I hope this answers your queries at this time.


                  Ok. Sounds good. I've emailed her querying the complaint thing, how many, who by etc. She's on leave atm and won't be back till the 30th. I'll post any replies I get to that.

                  That's all for now.

                  Any comments?



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                    An update.

                    Here's a letter a recieved:

                    Dear Mr ****,

                    Re: Sound Insulation

                    Thankyou for your letter of 8th January 2003.

                    A small sum is set aside each year for security improvements. I have sent your request for sound insulation to our Maintenance Department to be considered.

                    Unfortunately, because there are always more requests than funds available, I am unable to say if and/or when we will be able to carry out the work. Maintenance will make the assessment and prioritise the work accordingly.

                    You state that you hear 'continuous loud stomping' from your neighbour. In accordance with *****'s nuisance procedure, I will visit you in relation to these allegations. I can do this on Wednesday, 22nd March at ****.

                    In the meantime, please phone the Council's Environmental Health team when the problem is occurring. They will come and witness the problem and have the power to serve Notices where they find breaches of the regulations. Their number is *********. Please also keep a diary, noting the date, time and nature of the disturbance. This will enable me to get an idea of how often the problem is occurring. It is essential should further action have to be taken.

                    Please be assured that your complaint will be treated with confidentiality.

                    Yours sincerely,


                    Estate Manager.[/b]



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                      Hi Paul,

                      That sounds promising, at least you're being listened to now and you may get some help ref. the soundproofing.

                      Let us know how you get on!

                      Good Luck!


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                        Looks like progress being made!!

                        keep us posted on how things go


                        "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                        apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                        Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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                          glad you have had some response but it is a damn shame you have to wait till March!!

                          I assume they mean March of this year?!?!?!

                          hope they make lots of noise when your esate manager visits they can hear what you have to put up with,

                          it is really horrible when they visit and all is quiet... and as soon as they leave the noise starts again!!


                          hope it goes ok please let us know!


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                            Yeah. She'll be out that day for some reason I bet.

                            Shouldn't they still be able to test though? I.e one person stays in my flat while someone else makes noise in the flat above?



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                              I dont think they are allowed to gain access if the tennent is not in,

                              but if she is consistent they should be able to hear her!!