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  • Welcome any advice

    We've lived in our terraced house for 5 years and during that time have put up with very loud music and drumming from our neighbour. He doesn't go out just stays at home all day with his windows open and the TV blaring. Then at around 11pm each night he starts playing drums often over the noise of the TV and sometimes with loud music too. This generally goes on until at least 4am.

    Originally we asked him to turn it down a bit whilst he was making the noise and although he said he would it made little difference. I have to explain that he also seems to be a bit deaf and to get his attention whilst he's playing drums is very difficult requiring constant banging on his front door.

    As I say our couple of requests made little difference at the time and none in the long term. We then wrote him a letter explaining that we both work full time and this was disturbing our sleep and affecting our work. We asked in that letter if he could play his music and drums earlier in the evening but stop by 11pm when we go to bed. We had no reply to the letter and no improvement was made.

    It all got too much about 2 years ago and we called our local Environmental Health dept. They offered to come round that evening though suggested we talk to him ourselves again. We tried again to no avail by sending a letter and even mentioned that we had contacted EH in our letter to him. So on another noisy night we called EH again. They sent us a diary to keep and him a letter saying a complaint had been made.

    A few days later he spoke to my partner outside the house saying "I know it was you that sent that letter, if I get anything else I'll hurt you, I'll shoot you."

    Although we kept the diary for a while we didn't take things any further because of his threat. I truly believe he is not fully sane and am scared of what he might do.

    We simply put up with the noise now and I'm sure got used to it for a while but he went away for a few weeks over the summer where we had some peace. Now he's returned and for the last 2 nights I've been unable to sleep until 4am meaning I'm running on 3 hours sleep a night.

    I really don't know what to do now, he's clearly not "normal". What normal person would think this is acceptable behaviour? I'm scared to contact EH again in case he hurts us. I'd like to move away but I don't know where I stand on selling the house after making 2 calls to EH - even though it was 2 years ago.

    Can anyone give me somewhere to turn... I'm at my wits end now.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi andrea and welcome to the Forum

    What a shame he had to return after you were just getting used to some peace and quiet.

    I think you are right to query the point about selling/disclosing a neighbour complaint. There have been discussion about the Seller's property Information Form on NFHiB - there is now a "pinned" topic about it, which I suggest you have a look at.

    I really don't know where you'd stand with the SPIF, you could say that the official complaint was made two years ago - but I think you would have to disclose that the noise nuisance was still continuing. That's just my view, others may disagree.

    Your neighbour is obviously not going to change his behaviour by you speaking to him and/or writing to him. The only way anything is going to happen is by involving the EH department. If he does get nasty, then of course the Police should be involved and you can look at invoking the Protection from Harassment Act. He may just be a little man making idle threats.

    Do you and your neighbour from hell (NFH) both own your homes?

    I'm sure that lots of other members will be along shortly to offer you advice and support, in the meantime, please check out the Self-Help Articles here:

    :nfh1: Good Luck! Call back often


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      Hi Andrea, and welcome to NFHiB

      I'm sorry to hear of all the disturbance, coupled with the threat you feel under by taking any action

      However, I don't see how you can let this situation continue;it's going to make you ill....and you quite realistically need to consider the SPIF form. I think it would be good to have a check through the information here to give you a starting point, and seek a little legal advice on the disclosure issue.

      If your nfh is renting rather than an owner-occupier, then this noise nuisance will mean he is in breach of terms of his tenancy agreement, and the landlord should look at action against him. How successful this approach would be depends very much on who the landlord is

      Do have a look at the legislation area on the Forum for more information on noise and the law

      I would think that if you decide to go ahead with E.H. again, it may be worth a chat with the police, reporting what this nfh said last time, and detailing your worries about reprisals when you contact E.H. again. I would also tell E.H. of the previous incident, and your fear should you contact them this time. As Holly says, he may be making empty threats, but it may help allay your fears a bit to take an approach similar to this. Can you record this noise/have you any witnesses? Are any other neighbours as fed up as you are?

      Obviously you have to take a number of things into account as you decide your course of action, and I'm sure other members will have ideas/wishes of support.

      Above all, keep safe, and if this man threatens you at all, don't hesitate to dial 999. Do visit again, and let us know how you are going




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        Hi Andrea

        Hope you will feel a bit better now knowing that you have support available anytime here and good advice too .

        I feel that you are in a really difficult situation, but this guy should not be allowed to intimidate you and dominate your life like this.

        I would be just as nervous as you about reporting him, but I think I still would go for it. Perhaps if you go and see the Env Health officer and explain just how intimidating this man is - they have seen it all before and they will know how to tread carefully in cases like these, so I would hope that they could take it on and also be sensitive to you at the same time.

        Also speak to the police - advise them that you are pursuing a noise nuisance case and that you fear for your safety - they might (just might) be amenable to giving you a panic alarm - you never know, they might have info on this guy - he sounds like he might have a 'record' and the police might see just how potentially violent he is.

        Having said that, he could also be calling your bluff and throwing his weight about- but you don't want to hang about to see if he means it, eh?

        In any case, I would give him a wide berth - don't even make eye contact with him, just in case he does turn nasty.

        Well, I hope this helps a little bit- come back often. You'll be surprised how it can help just to blow off steam here!




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          Thank you all so much for your comments so far, it's really nice to know that there is someone to talk to that understands.

          I'm going to wade through all the information and fingers crossed get this sorted out once and for all. I'm really encouraged to do so now thanks again.



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            Hi Andrea

            Glad to hear you've derived support and help from registering

            Really hope that you get some positive outcomes, whatever decisions you come to Do let us knw how things are going for you!

            Take care



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              Hi Andrea

              what a rude neighbour you have!!!! :rant:

              drumming at all hours and then being snotty about it, sshhessshhh :rant:

              it never ceases to amaze me how selfish some people can be,(am thinking lots of rude words for you!!)

              are you wanting to move?

              if yes then I would sell and go as soon as possible,

              if you do have to declare it when selling, it doesnt mean you wont be able to sell, it may however mean you might have to drop the asking price

              its a tricky one

              good luck with what ever you decide to do :nfh1:


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                Hello again,

                I'm going through all the great info on this site and your replies (thank you). Does anybody know where I can find out if my nfh is an owner or a tennant? I've no idea... I guess I could check with the council though I'm not sure if they'll tell me. Also would they know if it was a private landlord anyway?




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                  HI Andrea,

                  i think if you send the land registry £4 they will tell you who owns the property. it can be also done online, which is quicker i believe. maybe from that you can work out whether he is the owner or whether the place is rented? i would have thought the council would say if that was their house, they are responsible for it at the end of the day.

                  dont be browbeaten by this person, this is classic NFH behaviour, they know darn well they are being obnoxious but because theyare totally selfish and dont want to back down they bandy threats around. dont be frightened by this stupid ignorant coward :angry:

                  good luck

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                    There's a link in the Links Wallet to the Land Registry which was posted last week I think.


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                      The very useful link posted by JOHN.S is here:



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                        I found the info I need from the Land Registry website; he owns his house but he's in arrears on his mortgage (as of Aug 03). Probably really nasty of me to say but I'm glad; I'm hoping he's in real trouble and the lender will evict him!


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                          oh can only hope

                          our first NFH got evicted because of that! :nfh1:


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                            Hi Andrea

                            It''s nice to be in a position of knowing the info isn't it? Did they give you info on his financial situation? Bit shocked at that!

                            With a bit of luck, he may not be there too much longer by the sounds of it



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                              :huh: Gosh,

                              I am quite surprised you can find out that he's in arrears - didn't think that was obtainable info.

                              Well, live in hope eh, he might come a cropper with his lender - but these things can take a while...