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    Hi everyone!..... thank goodness i found this site! I have spent the whole evening reading through the forums and have found it a great comfort to know that there are other people going through similar problems as myself. ( i am pretty new to the internet and computers so you will have to bear with me)

    There are some real horror stories on here arn't there? my own problem seems small by comparison but all the same is causing me a great deal of stress.

    In short, I live in a semi detatched with my mum, which she has lived in for two years now. in all that time we have been subjected to regular daily "sessions" from next doors stereo all hours of the day and night.....last night it didn't even start till 4 am!! He seems to take great delight in pushing it up to the maximum, so that it is thumping through the whole house. I could go on and on but I am so tired and as its quiet at the moment i will be heading off to bed shortly.

    I did try talking to him last summer but he's not a nice character at all and it didn't do any good. I suppose we just hoped the problem would go away and it did for a while, he was spending a lot of time away so we had a bit of peace. but in the past few weeks it has started all over again! My stress levels are going through the roof. both my mum and I are very passive people and have been very tolerant. neither of us are very assertive and are not very used to dealing with unpleasant people or situations. I have read the forums tonight with great interest and a plan is forming in my head of what I need to do......log environmental health etc....but what i want to know is HOW effective are E.H.Os in dealing with noise nuisances??

    I am worried about starting the ball rolling only to find that what follows will just be a frustrating chain of events and that nothing will actually be done??? I know that the nfh will not react well to us contacting the EHO and I am scared that it will make matters a lot worse!!! I need to know that they will actually carry out the the things they list in their proceedures.

    What should I do?? what makes matters worse is I am moving away soon and I am worried about my mum having to put up with this intolerable behavior on her own!! I would really appreciate ANY advice any of you could give me about the effectivness of contacting EH. there is no doubt in my mind that if they DO actually come and witness the noise, they would agree it is a definate nuisance but REALISTICALLY would they actually DO anything about it??? and if so, how long does the proceedure normally take??

    ( sorry if this doesn't read very well, I am shattered!!) well...I am off to bed, thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for this terrific site, it's a lifeline!! looking forward to hearing from you

    Ripley x

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    Hi Ripley and welcome to the forum

    Sorry you have had to find us though

    I have not had any experience of EHO as my problem is not to do with neighbour noise. But you have my sympathy, I only had to put up with unacceptable noise for six weeks and that was bad enough

    I'm sure other members will be along soon to give you more info and reassurance. It must be very worrying for you to have to leave your mum to deal with it. But if at any time you feel threatened by your NFH, call the police immediately.

    Good luck and take care

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Ripley and welcome to the Forum

      :angry: I despise noisy and inconsiderate neighbours. They seem to just think that the world revolves around them and are not bothered about the effects of their behaviour on anyone but themselves.

      I have involved the EHO with our NFH, after the second written warning from them, the noise did decrease. So, it has worked. But, our NFH appears to now have forgotten about that and is now (possibly) starting their old behaviour patterns again. I won't hesitate to contact the EHO again. It worked once, and I'm satisfied it will work again.

      Have you/your mum talked to your NFH and written to them about the noise? That is really the first step.

      Check out the Self-Help Articles here: - the ones on noise and coping in particular.

      Also check out the resources section for the blank recording sheets and a letter template:

      Good luck with it and come back often - I hope you have found some comfort in the knowledge that you aren't alone.


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        Hi Ripley131 and welcome to NFHiB

        Firstly, this is causing you great disturbance, and so isn't a "small problem"!

        Do contact E.H. as a next step, and log everything(time, duration,type/level of noise etc)! Is it possible to record the noise, e.g. with a dictaphone? This is not a speedy process, it's true, as they have to gather evidence to take legal action, but with thorough logging/updating from yourself, E.H. should get the ammo they need. It is useful that there is "regular and daily" noise nuisance, although I know that this adds to your stress levels, as there is plenty of scope for recording regular noise nuisance events! Check out legislation here

        As you will see in the above, E.H. also have, in certain circumstances, power to confiscate offending equipment (e.g. hi-fi)!

        Can I ask, are your nfh owner occupiers or tenants? (If tenants, who is the landlord?). Are any other neighbours disturbed by the noise, even if to a lesser extent than yourselves? If so, could they log disturbance as well?

        Do post and ask further questions/have a rant/let us know how things go!




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          thanks for your comments guys. At the moment I am composing a letter to send to our nfh. I am asking him politely to keep the level of noise down, ( hell! he can listen to music all night if he wants to, but theres no reason why WE should be able to hear it!) I am also pointing out to him that one of the requirements of making a complaint to the EH, is that we should have made attempts to resolve the situation ourselves, hence the letter....I want him to realize that the letter in his hands is the first stage in a procedure that we are following. I will also point out that we actually havn't contacted EH yet, that what happens next is up to him.....we would much rather not involve them but if he provokes us further then we don't have much choice. Also in the letter I want to familiarise him with the procedures of the EH, just so that he knows what to expect and to illustrate to him that we have done our research and are confident of what the EVENTUAL outcome will be if he continues his behavior.

          Do you think this sounds like a good plan??

          I have no doubt in my mind that this will make the slightest bit of difference to the situation, I am sure that he will just carry on as normal, ( God! I wish I was BIGGER! and more aggressive! then I could just go and beat the C**P out of him!)

          it's a bit of a dillema really, in comparison I know how it must feel for parents who discover that their child is being bullied in school and are reluctant to get involved for fear of just making the matter much worse...... they HAVE to know that an effective set of measures are in place within the school to deal with the problem 100%, otherwise it's such a risk!!!

          thats why I NEED to know for definate that we will get efficient, effective results from environmental health before I launch a complaint. I dread to think about how difficult life could become if we start the ball rolling then are left high and dry!!!

          Do any other members have similar stories, preferably with happy endings???

          Thanks again for your support

          Ripley x


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            Hi Ripley

            There are unfortunately no absolutes in life And would welcome other members opinions here, but if the noise nuisance can be clearly fitted into the slots legislation defines, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't get some results! If nfh are tenants, then they will also be in breach of their tenancy agreement, and the council Housing Department should be looking a t action against them, aided by evidence from yourself and E.H.

            An initial letter from yourselves attempting to resolve the situation without further steps does offer your neighbour an amicable way to resolve this problem, but there is no saying how he will react to it. He may modify his behaviour, or may react in an off-the-wall fashion if he is totally unreasonable. It depends if you really want to start this ball rolling, and are prepared that it may not be a bed of roses

            If he is an owner-occupier then the main option is E.H., who may well get results, but this could take many weeks, or even a few months, if he refuses to co-operate. Of course, he may get a warning from them, and listen to that warning, and abide by it.

            It's a tough call, and I understand your fears about moving away and leaving your mum on her own with this, but it is equally hard to not tackle it and feel it's going to continue.

            How about a "hypothetical" chat with an E.H.O. to satisfy yourself about what their powers are, and how the process works before making any decisions?




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              Hi Ripley,

              Really sorry to hear of the problems that you and your Mum are going through.

              Good luck with the letter. You never know, it may make him see sense.

              Please don't give up on the EH route before you have given it a go. From what you are saying, I can't see how by contacting EH you can make things worse for yourselves, as it seems that your NFH has driven you to almost breaking point. At least you will be making a stand for your rights and will be letting him know that you are not prepared to put up with his unreasonable behaviour any longer.

              Good luck, and let us know what you decide.


              Blue Cow