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  • Neigbours From Hell

    We live near a Public house, they play loud music throught the night. We have contacted the council several time and not much has been done. The Pub tells teh neigbours this is going to happen so they go out of the way. Our live are driven mad, we have nowhere else to go. This is happening over and over again. Is there anyone else that hads been in this situation or one similar. If so have you any advice.

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    hi night fall

    welcome to the forum but sorry you had to join us

    are you putting everthing in writing to the council?

    keep a copy of everything written

    also I would contact the EHO about the volume of the noise

    is the pub operating at normal hoursw or are lock ins involved?

    I do know that at a certain time doors of the pub must be closed if in a residentail area to stop noise escaping

    I would start recording on a noise log about the noise and how it effects you and get in touch with the eho

    do pubs have annual liscences for music and things??

    I have to ask as well.........just curious.....did you know it was a pub when you moved in??


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      Contact you local media.

      Plus every time it happens, phone the police.

      Ask also to have an apointment with your local licencing officer. The community police officer should be able to help get you his details or just get the number from the local police switchboard. If, as in some areas, he/she is a serving officer, they could put you straight through.

      If the pub is part of a chain, or is owned by a brewery contact them with a complaint.

      And even if what someone does is not illegal, as such, if it causes a nuisance, then it becomes illegal and action can be taken. :ban:


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        Hi nightfall and welcome to the Forum

        Your first port of call should be your local authority's Environmental health department.

        You need to start keeping logs of times when music was played, like Beth has said. There's a link to a blank sheet you can print off here:

        Other good suggestions have already been made, but another avenue for you to think about is by contacting your local Councillor to see what help they may be able to give.

        Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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          Welcome to the forum NF What you've described must literally be quite sickening and stressful to live with.

          When you say through the night, what hours is this normally.....up to 11pm or later? Do you know what sort of licence the pub has for entertainment etc?

          This noise is obviously stemming from a commercial enterprise and as such as Holly says you need to go through the LA Env Health ASAP.

          You could also consider attempting to make contact with the pub management/owners or if they are part of a wider chain/company? Have you formally written to the pub management/owners to complain too?

          How do the other neighbours feel about the noise? Can you club together to bring your concerns together as one force so to speak?

          You shouldn't have to go out to avoid this, you have a right to enjoy your own homes.

          In the meantime, have a look at our Noise Help Sheet here for extra, detailed help:

          Look forward to reading your posts.


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            Hi nightfall and welcome to the forum

            Sorry to hear about your noise problems There's not much I can add to what other members have advised. Good luck, come back as often as you want

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Hi Nightfall

              Welcome to NFHiB.

              So sorry that you are experiencing all this noise. I haven't much to add right now, as you have had good pointers from other members!

              I hope you find the self-help articles helpful, as well as the support you will get from many other members

              Please come back and let us know how things are, and if you are making any headway