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  • Noise Nuisance

    Our inconsiderate "new" neighbours allow their children (aged between 2 and 8) to stay up and play outside until after midnight, I think the 2 year old is put to bed at around 11pm, all the screaming and shouting is really quite annoying to the point where we cannot get enough sleep, our 10 year olds bed time is 10pm during the holidays.

    This has recently been agrivated by the soaring temperatures requiring us to leave most of the windows in the house open to avoid drowning in sweat!

    Last night I was awoken by screaming kids at 11:30 and lost my rag, I shouted "keep the noise down" out of the window, this did nothing to reduce the noise, in fact this caused even more noise when they debated their rights for the kids to make noise as in fact it wasn't even f*****g 12 oclock and they would "f*****g sort us out.

    Later after their kids had been put to bed at 12:40am! they continued to debate at the top of their voices that "it's only natural for kids to play" and "they are f*****g a***holes" until they got bored of this and went to bed at around 1:50am when we finally managed to get 5 hours sleep before work.

    I know this is barely classified as a problem compared to the usual reports posted here.... but we are really annoyed!!!

    Does anyone have a legal definition or a guideline as to what is classified as a noise nuisance?

    Due to the "type" of people they clearly are, I do not intend on approaching them to resolve this.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi DaWoodster,

    Uh-oh, I think you have just experienced the thin end of the wedge

    You may have noticed yesterday's headlines about 'Grumpy Adults spoiling kids fun'? You may have also noticed the reaction in this forum We tell people constantly that if you think they have a problem, then they have a problem so don't think you have to apologise because you think we won't think it's serious. Losing sleep because people cannot look after their children properly is a problem for you and your family (as well as for the poor unfortunate NFH children).

    Firstly, you should log all these incidents. It will probably be difficult to have anything done about a sleepless 2 year old, except wonder what sort of parents allow it. But then again, possibly the child is hyperactive. Just playing devil's advocate.

    What sort of properties do you and your NFH live in? Are they owned/council/HA? There may be more you can do if you and/or your NFH are in council or HA property. Sad but true As far as the NFH parents are concerned, if they are making unacceptable levels of noise you can approach your Environmental Health Office and ask them for help and/or advice about noise nuisance.

    I know other members will have lots more advice for you. You'll find us a really friendly bunch and you'll also get a lot of sympathy.

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      Hi DaWoodster

      And welcome! Anything that is causing ongoing disturbance to you is a concern!

      Firstly, regarding noise nuisance. Caused by children or not, adults are responsible for the behaviour at their premises. Check out nfh home page, and list down left hand side. Click on legislation, and have a look at Noise Act 1996 (interesting re nuisance at night 11p.m. and 7 a.m. and being heard within the complainant's dwelling ),Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993....all good, clean fun! Log everything(date, time, duration, type of noise)...record if you can(no filming of the kids I suspect, for obvious reasons)..and contact your Council Environmental Health/Protection dept to lodge your complaint.

      If these nfh are Council or Housing Association tenants...all to the good, as they have plenty of policies and procedures that they may invoke. You need to find out who the landlord is, and get in touch with them, as their tenants are contravening a clause in their tenancy agreement regarding noise nuisance. If they are private tenants, the same thing applies, but it is not necessarily as easy to shame these landlords into action. If they are owner occupiers, you may have to rely very much on the previous paragraph. So LOG EVERY incident!

      The children may have difficulties(or maybe not, could be just their parents)...however, out in the garden at midnight should not be an issue! if you have concerns about the supervision of the children outside at these times, or anything else to do with their welfare, an informal chat with Social Services should be able to give you guidance about the protection of children.

      Apologise for the boring nature of this reply :lol:



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        Hi and welcome again DaWoodster

        Nothing to add to the advice you've already been given. The key thing is to log everything down.

        Is there any chance that you could put something in writing to this family?

        Noise nuisance is a horrible thing to suffer from, as many of us know form personal experience. It can totally ruin your ability to function properly, especially if you're not getting the valuable sleep that you need.

        Has this family only recently moved in, or have you? Do you know whether any other neighbours are affected by the noise from this family?

        Sorry it seems like there's a lot of quesions here, but the more information we have, the clearer picture we get about what options you have.


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          Greetings and welcome

          there is not much i can add to the good advice others have given you other then to say I am in total sympathy with you. I get racket from kids constantly as well, but not as late as you thankfully. but i have been woken up plenty of times at the weekends at 7a.m. when i want to lie in!!!! What ignorant people, letting their kids do exactly what they want. they probably let them muck about until they keel over and get slung into their beds. and as they are outside in their garden they can justify their laziness as the kids are in a safe place and they dont have to supervise them.

          it isnt made any easier by the hot weather. i would probably buy earplugs!

          like people say if they are renting you have a better chance of getting something done about it than if they own their house.

          also i would strongly recommend you try very hard not to shout at these people or have a go at their kids. i have tried to get my NFH to moderate their kids' behaviour and all it resulted in was them letting their kids be even more rowdy and they also started being abusive and caused petty damage etc. i always say, try to be cleverer than them!!!! so build up your evidence, as the others have suggested and then take it further with the relevant authorities.

          hopefully we will get a deluge of rain soon and then the little nuisances will have to stay indoors, or you can shut your windows to drown them out!!!

          there are quite a few members here who do a good line in rain dances!!!!

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            we too have noise problems - and believe me, it becomes increasingly wearing. Fight it now. We are - not easy but for the sake of our sanity nd th welfare of our kids, we have to.

            EH people told me today that this sort of targeted, eliberate noise is not only a noise nuisanc but is also a criminal offence under the Harrasment Act 1997. Get hold of your local beat bobby now and try and get them involved.

            Good luck. You really have our sympathy.

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              Hi DaWoodster

              Welcome to the forum, can't add much to the excellent advice been given already - you've come to the right place for help, support and total understanding. :nfh1:

              Have you had a chance to read through our online noise help sheet? It's here:


              Take a look over and see if anything applies to you if you've not seen it, it's pretty comprehensive.

              As a person who has suffered with two different sets of Noisy Neighbours (amongst their other issues!) next door, unwanted, loud, disturbing and 'assaulting' noise is a very destroying, stressful and literally sickening thing, but hopefully we can help support you on the board.

              Come back often if you can


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                I wonder if Social Service might become involved? It's clear they do not care about their children, so maybe they are already on the at Risk register? Just a thought...

                Also, even if what your neighbour is donig is in strict legalistic terms, legal, if what they do causes you a nuisance then what they are doing stops being legal. I have put a link to a barrister's opinion on the links section.


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                  Hi, omg how awful for you we have two noisy neighbours , next door and next door but one, pleased to say next door obliged when asked to stop setting fireworks off at 12.30 in the morning but the other family regularly let their four kids and their "friends" out in the back garden until all hours with no supervision and the noise sometimes sounds like they are in the same room as us! she also has four dogs two of wich are kept outside as guard dogs ( loose term ) that like to bark and fight each other at all hours. So far she has managed to get rid of three neighbours in as many years , ha but not us we aint moving!!!!!!!!!!