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3 Year Nightmare

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  • 3 Year Nightmare

    Does anyone out there know if it is possible, advisable to take legal action against a housing association for lack of help when I am in danger and have requested a transfer for 2 years.

    I dialed 999 twice tonight because the bloke downstairs is ringing my doorbell constantly and trying to break down the door. Its a long story and I am virtually under siege now. I know that every time I go out I could be attacked.

    Police said usual stuff. Couldn't do anything unless they caught him doing a crime etc. Catch22?

    They more or less said let him attack you, get evidence eg injury and call Police. Yeh if I'm still alive. They didn't even want to speak to him cos there was nothing they could do. I made them but for what purpose? It will now escalate. I really think this bloke will try and kill me. In my professional opinion (psychotherapist) he is mentally unstable, probably psychotic. The Police have told me he is dangerous. Wife beater etc.

    I don't want to be here anymore but what can I do. The Housing Association will give me a letter to take to the Council saying I am in danger. The Council will say can't give you a flat but maybe find a room in a hostel. Then what. Last time this happened they didn't even contact me after to see what had happened. Never mentioned.

    What can I do?

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    Hi Paddy and welcome

    If you are looking for some specialist advice on your current housing situation, visit , look up specialist housing advice services in "The Directory" section. It is quite easy to use.

    You must keep yourself safe above all else.

    If your life is in danger, it is no longer reasonable to remain in your home. You are eligible to make an application as homeless to the local authority - you should have a Homeless/ Housing Needs Unit. They have a duty to give you temporary accommodation whilst they investigate your application and, if they accept you, permanent accommodation from their housing stock.

    The letter that your Housing Association (HA) landlord have provided will help in this investigation.

    If you feel that you have suffered as a result of your HA inaction, then you could consider making a complaint to the Independent HA Ombudsman .

    It is very common for the Police to say they can't do anything without some form of evidence. Have you kept incident records of what has happened between you and your nfh? Have you any visual or audio evidence? This may help you. If you have been threatened by your nfh, then you may wish to pursue some action under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (PHA). If you look on the main nfh website under Legislation, you will find some useful information about the PHA.

    Some members have copied this legislation and visited Police stations with it and managed to get PHA Orders placed on their nfh. It may be worth a try.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.


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      Hi Paddy,

      I am appalled at the lack of action taken by both the police and HA!

      If, as you say, this NFH is psychotic, I doubt if the police serving a PFH order on him will be of any good. But, he is threatening your life and the very least they can do is to serve such an order.

      Your highest priority is to keep safe, although I don't think I have to tell you that. I hope the advice from the other member will be of some use. Have you contacted your MP? You can do it through:

      Good luck, I hope someone in authority will realise just how dangerous a situation you are in and do something.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi Paddy

        Sounds a scary and strssful situation, to say the least! Holly's advice very comprehensive. Do you have a good GP who would be understanding of the stress(and distress) you are experiencing and document this? A letter from them to say that they believe your housing situation is detrimental to your psychological well-being/mental health could be useful to give to housing if they are assessing your situation, to add to the one from your HA.

        And definately log incidents, and police responses.....tried talking to any of your local councillors?

        Good luck, and stay safe!



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          shelter is a good organisation -don't only work with the homeless. They have specialist housing lawyers working for them and they do not charge (voluntary donations are welcome).

          CAB (citizens advice bureau) can be good and check out if there are any law /women's centres around which offer free /reduced services?? you could even go into a women's refuge - u do not have to be a victim of physical violence and they do take single women on occasion - speak to WOMEN'S AID to clarify your position - even doing this on a temporary basis will help your case with the HA

          what about a mutual exchange? I think that because you are living on your own you are more of a target. a couple or big burly builder is much less likely to be victimised in this way, or someone who always has loads of mates popping /staying around.

          you do not have to reveal that this guy has been harassing you ? it may well be that the music and general rowdiness will not bother someone with a similar lifestyle.

          my advice - MOVE!!!! but in the meantime stay with friends and family as much as poss to keep sane. go see a film , have a swim, take the paper to the park - vary your routine as much as poss.. go out earlier come back later. have your mates stay over, pop round - if you don't have many in the area - join some clubs (dance,walking/rambling/exercise/running), be VERY social - invite them round to yours at the drop of a hat - ??? the book club, get a personal trainer ?-AND BUY /BORROW A BIG DOG- anything that looks like it might take a chunk out of you - it could be a pussycat really - but it will make u feel safe when u are in your home.

          i have a loony living underneath me and i can completely sympathise - i too asked really politely if they could hold it down. OMIGOD red/rag/bull. later he lent me a key for a cupboard (which i misplaced oops) and then harassed me day and night (first thing in am , last thing pm) banging on the door, shouting and followed me about - even tho i repeatedly told him i couldn't find it? he was stalking me??? i didn;t even want the bl**dy key , just took it to get rid of him - badddd move.

          there have been dozens of other weird things - door almost kicked off, potplants /binbags thrown about, he lurks in the gardens when i / my daughter are in the bathroom- he blocked the discharge outlet for my bath /sink so the water would not drain - lo and behold it was cleared this am, after a surveyor was sniffing around in the back of the house (completely unrelated - he was doing a valuation)- taps/scrapes the ceiling in the middle of the night RIGHT underneath the head of my bed??? freaking me out. if i drop anything on the floor (2 underlays, thick felt backed carpet) he kicks the door / slams something into the wall - to 'let me know' there i made a noise...they live like animals, screaming , ranting , drunken fighting at all hours etc. if i use my washing machine(sat /sun mornings only after 10) he starts shouting & cursing

          its wearing, its frightening and its WEIRD. i think its territorial and bullying - like we were here first type of thing. he also has scu*bags sons who live there on and off (one bedroom flat with up to four occupants???) -

          so i know what its like to feel under threat.. u musn't take any risks with your personal safety but don't let this w**ker get to u - taking steps to resolve your housing situation with help u through this.

          are u a NHS worker ?- can u apply thru the keyworker scheme with help to purchase a home - what about shared ownership through your HA (altho not an immediate solution i know!!!!!!!!)

          best of luck - u are not alone sweetie, loads of people in the same boat - but we are rooting for u!