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Disclosure and the property info form

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  • Disclosure and the property info form

    Despite my NFH being the local nutter, I have only had cause to "discuss" two issues with him:

    1. re. kids playing football against my car (asked politely, when they refused to stop, I put my car in garage)

    2. i blocked the driveway when being picked up by a friend - he exploded, I apologised

    Although the atmosphere is horrid now, I ignore the whole lot of them and I have a buyer. I checked with CAB, they said I have not officially recorded any complaint or dispute with any official body, so am ok to put no disputes on the form - they would class these interactions as "day to day discussion".

    I agree with this - my question is - if the buyers move in and subsequently have problems, do they have comeback on me, or is it their responsibility to forge relationships with the NFH?

    I did not mention to my solicitor as there is no legal evidence supporting the disagreements.

    Worried, heard about folk suing others, would be disaster for me financially

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    Yer, it is nerve-racking, must be more so if you have a chain GULP

    I keep worrying that something will go wrong, a hiccough that leads to revelations about the NFH and I will never, never get out of here - and that even if i do, it will haunt me forever if someone sues.

    Today is a bad one - I've been inside most of the day - last night i heard the NFH talking to someone from the next street about the sh*t neighbours here and how its his property, can do what he likes, kids aren't safe in their own back yards (honestly - as if i would hurt a kid, but if i can't pull into my own drive without someone running in front, what can i do?)

    I don't trust this b*****d and believe that now he knows he cant get me to retaliate he'll up the ante, and expect either a complaint to the police about speeding (huh) or dangerous driving. Thank god he's at work most days, so will move stuff out stealth-like and bit by bit to my mom's and new lodgings.

    God, what a nightmare, 5 weeks seems like an eternity! Am hoping to pull forward exchange date, if i can do this, I can move everything out early and have a few weeks stressless!!

    Thanks for your support guys, its been a difficult few days


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      Trust the Badger - you are going to be okay on this one. You have not logged anything official so you will be tickety boo.

      I don't think I need to tell you this one, but, I have this horrible feeling that your purchasers might just become your NFH's next victims.

      Thats not your problem, though and I am wishing you tons and tons of happiness and peace in your new home - you deserve it lass !

      Here's a bunch of flowers for you that I can't give you personally.


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        Thanks all

        re. the new neighbours - he is of mediterranean stock, and quite well built, so perhaps that fiery temperament and muscle will give NFH something to think about!


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          I think you're OK on this one, as there have been no official complaints/ disputes recorded.

          One thing I will say:

          If you have visited the CAB, did they confirm their advice to you in writing? If not, ask them to. Keep that piece of paper in a "House Sale Paperwork" File.

          Then worry about it no more.