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  • what do i do

    I have moved into a bad neighbourhood. .

    All i need is advice on how i find out if the previous owners made any official complaints about the neighbours. They didnt tell me anything about the fact that my next door neighbour is a drug dealer who has been in prison for arms offences or that the woman on the other side plays constant dance music with the most bass available on a stereo system or that over the road is a woman with 10 lads who are constantly fighting, setting off fireworks, kicking down fences and generally complete s**ts. Can someone give me advice because i have suffered depresion since having all these problems here and need to start things going my way.



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    Hi Pete

    welcome to the group, sorry you are havng such problems though, it sounds like you have got it coming at you from all angles

    do you only wanto to find out if the previous owner knew something, or do you also want to take charge of the situation?

    can you go on living where you are with out a fight?

    the first point, I think you should be able to contact the EHO and ask if any complaints have been made for that adress, explain the situation, this should also be the case for the local police.

    good luck and we are able to offer you other support should you need it


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      Hi Pete

      Welcome to the Forum!

      I am sorry you had to find us, but now you are here, I am sure you'll get some great advice and support.

      It really sounds like you have far more than your fair share of NFH's about you :frown:

      Are your NFH's owners, or private tenants or Council/housing association (HA) tenants? If Council or HA, you can complain to them, although it does depend on what you actually want to do about your situation in the long term, as Beth has said already.

      I assume you have bought your property - Have you asked your solicitor about this problem? I'd have thought that they'd be aware of the SPIF form when you bought it- unless you bought a long time ago before that form was obligatory?

      There is info elsewhere on this site about the SPIF form - I hope someone can provide a link for you to take a look (cos I'm not very good at doing such things :blush: ). Once you've had a little look, it might help you to decide what you'd like to do next. Actually, the info is 'pinned' at the top of this part of the forum, under the main heading .

      Please, in any case, call Crimestoppers to report the drug dealing etc - it's completely anonymous: 0800 555 111. The police have to deal with such calls as a priority - more priority than if you phoned the nick direct, and they have targets to meet in terms of how promptly they are dealt with (a police officer told me this).

      Good luck - come back often!




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        It is probable that you can sue the previous owner. Check this out with the solicitor who handled the purchase for you.

        As Mazza pointed out the basic information you need is on this site.


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          Hi Pete, and sorry to hear you seem to be beseiged by rotten neighbours! :badmood:

          It would be really useful to have a little more info here, as I'm not quite sure whether you are wondering whether to complain in case it affects resale of your property(if it is owned), or whether you want to complain, and therefore are wondering if there have been previous complaints. If you could clarify this, that would help immensely in trying to answer your query

          If you do wish to complain to get some action taken against your neighbours, a lot depends on some of the questions asked. . There is more of a range of action possible against these neighbours if they are tenants, rather than home-owners, as then eviction is a possibility.

          If you are concerned about re-selling and declaring info - or raising the question of whether former owners should have disclosed info to you - then the following link should help cast some light on this

          Sorry we've all asked a lot of questions, but it helps members get a fuller picture, and hopefully help you come up with a range of solutions to the problems you are suffering.




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            Hi Pete

            It does sound like you are living in a "bad neighbourhood" - if your move there was fairly recent, I would suggest that you do speak to your Solicitor about what the vendors put on the SPIF.

            And, also, like others have said, contact the Environmental Health department and/or Police to see if any complaints were made by the previous owners against any of the residents in your neighbourhood.

            You might also want to check out the NFHiB Self-Help Articles here, which contain loads of useful information.

            Please post back with some more information as requested and then we may be able to offer a bit more advice to you.


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              :thumbs: Hi everyone, thanks for all the advice, we moved here 16 months ago and the bigger problems are coming from council tennents, we are owners. I have set up a cctv cam on the front of the house to try and get some stuff on film. i also have some digital pics of some of the neighbours kids trying my car door :angry:

              anyway i am going to try some of the stuff you guys have said.

              Again thanks. its good to know we are not alone

              Pete. :thumbs:


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                hi Pete

                its good to know we are not alone

                That's just one of the good things about this forum. You are cyber talking to people who have suffered as you are suffering and who understand how you are feeling. You have been given great advice. I would like to add that you must try and avoid any sort of retaliation or confrontation. It won't help - in fact, it will make things a darned site worse.

                I wish you luck.

                Take care.

                "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                  Hi BN

                  Have you contacted the council about the problems you are having with their tenants? I live in a private house on a social housing estate and the local HA have been quite helpful when dealing with my complaints. I say 'quite', I wish they'd do a bit more but it's all down to getting evidence.

                  So, log every incident of antisocial behaviour, no matter how trivial and ask the council about their antisocial behaviour strategies. At the same time contact the local neighbourhood police officer and ask him/her the same thing. If possible make sure you identify the perpetrators, even if it's only a description.

                  I'm not 100% sure but I think there is a legal obligation for the council and police to have a partnership to deal with antisocial behaviour.

                  Good luck

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Hi Pete

                    If the NFH's are Council tenants, then they are breaking many parts of their tenancy agreements and so you can get the council to act on this - this is a separate issue to seeking an Anti Social behaviour order (ASBO) - they can actually be evicted for breaking their tenancy agreements.

                    Have you approached the Housing Dept at your local council yet? I would get in touch with them asap - ask to speak to a Housing Officer initially and if you are not getting a good response, go higher!

                    Keep a log of it all and get a copy to your Council's Housing Department. I would be in contact with them weekly at least - the more you get onto them, the more fed up they'll get of you and the more they'll want to deal with it to get you off their backs! same goes for the police.

                    Definitely worth getting your Local Councillor and MP involved - they can certainly exert pressure on these authorites and get you answers quickly if you feel like nothing is happening.

                    The Council ought to have an ASBO officer who may of may not be connected to the Housing Department, so ask about that next time you contact them. The Council will usually work with the police to gather evidence to seek an ASBO against the perpetrators. This is why it is essential to get a record of all the goings on - tedious, I know, but necessary .

                    Please let us know how you are getting on - and keep at them!

                    You can get on top of this one, but it will be a long road. We'll be right with you though!