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Helpful Advice Required (original Title I Bet!)

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  • Helpful Advice Required (original Title I Bet!)


    I found your site while trying to find information on the web last night.

    I am in Denmark, but trying to find information for my parents who live in South Wales.

    They bought a townhouse in a nice part of the city 2 years ago. Shortly afterwards, the next door neighbour (other side of the semi) rented out his property, advertising for "3 people". Obviously, when asking for 3 people to rent, you are mainly going to get 3 young people sharing a common rent.

    The first people to move in didn't give them too much problems, apart from 1 or 2 parties that went on all night but the next 3 were 3 guys who practised in a band once a week and then liked to go out on a Saturday night and plug in electric guitars at 3am when getting back from town "lashed"..

    After asking them several times, these boys moved out a few weeks ago, and 3 girls moved in last week. They came to intorduce themselves and tell my parents that they would be having a small party on the Saturday night (quite reasonable)..

    Unfortunatley, the small party ended up going on till 4.30 on Saturday, and then was followed by another one on Sunday night that went on until 5 on Monday morning. When they tried to knock the door at around 2, they were told "in no uncertain terms", that the music was not going to be turned down and the door was slammed on them..

    So it seems that they are in for another 6 months of problems.

    A few weeks ago, they actually decided to call it a day and sell the property to buy a detached place out of town, but the problem now is, if they simply wait and hope that they can sell the house, or take the matter up with the managing agents that manage the whole estate. They spoke to them a few months ago, with regards the last tenants, but obviously, the landlord is not particularly concerned as he no longer lives in the area. They have also spoken to a solicitor but the problem appears to be that if you take legal action, then you need to declare this when selling the house. I'm also not sure if legal action can even get any results..

    Has anyone encountered a similar problem or maybe have some useful pointers to suggest?

    Many thanks

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    Hi GingerNinja

    my every sympathy goes to your parents.

    I think, the best thing to do is, get the house on the market asap. I personally wouldnt take any legal action or ruffle any 'official' feathers.

    I am in a similar situation, moving because of NFH, I have had words with the offending NFH but got no joy. As soon as I decided to move I decided I had to grit my teeth, and keep my head down until the sale goes through, always keeping in mind that there will soon be an end to this nightmare.

    It is a shame really as your parents should be able to get these inconsiderate tenants evicted in due course. but they should only do this if they are certain they will stay put as yes, it could blight their property.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of us who have been forced to move to get away from NFH, and some of them will come along soon and give you their views.

    My attitude is, life is too short to spend time stressing out over ignorant, selfish people who have no decency or consideration for others. The main priority is to secure your own peace of mind and happiness in your own home, god knows there is enough trauma in this life without having it inflicted on you by NFH you dont even know, or want to know.

    As far as selling your parents house, the other thing I want to say is, they must be realistic about the price they put their house up for, this will ensure a quick sale!!!!

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      hi GN

      welcome to you and your parents

      your parents are in a difficult situation if the tenents keep changing as action can take such a long time

      yes, if there is is any offical reports about problems it will have to be declared when selling the house, I hope these weekend parties are not going to be the norm.

      it is so sad when landlord refuses to take responsablity for problems caused by his house.

      we were in a situation simalar to this where the landlord didnt help, it wasnt until he moved them to another of his houses he realised we were not lying, the damage our NFH had done to his house.

      we actually told him he needed to be more proactive!!

      I would sell if I was in the position of your parents, I am sorry if I dont sound very positive :sad:


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        Thanks both.

        I think selling is going to be the best answer. Seems a shame though, that it's the people who cause the problem who end up staying.. Still, it's gets to a point where it's not worth the hassle and upset that is caused.

        I know how bad they must have it at the moment as I once had a problem with "NFH" myself in England, which culminated in a murder in the flat downstairs!!


        As you pointed out though, with tenants changing every 6 or 12 months, it's very dificult to get anything done.

        I'm surprised there isn't some kind of law governing private landlords. I actually rent my house in London out and would be horrified if my neighbours had problems with my tenants.


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          Hi Ginger

          Welcome to the Forum

          There is a ground in most new tenancy agreements, which the landlord can use:

          Ground 14 The tenant, or someone living in or visiting the property:

          ? – has caused, or is likely to cause, a nuisance or annoyance to

          someone living in or visiting the locality;


          ? – has been convicted of using the property, or allowing it to be used,

          for immoral or illegal purposes, or an arrestable offence committed

          in the property or in the locality.

          But if your parents have made the decision to sell, then it's in their best interests to not make an official complaint, doing so would mean they would have to disclose (or risk being sued).

          I'm really sorry for them, noise nuisance is awful to suffer from.

          You may want to have a look at the Self-Help Articles on the NFH Home Page for some useful information about noise, amongst other NFH related information.

          Wish them all the best from me.