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Neighbours Apple Trees.

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  • Neighbours Apple Trees.


    At the bottom of my mums back garden she has a six foot fence.

    on the other side of the fence in the neighbours garden are some

    Apple trees which are 20 + feet tall.

    They overhang into my mums garden.

    She doesnt want to make a fuss about them but some of the branches

    are resting on the fence and damaging the top of it.

    Would i be correct in assuming that i can trim the offending branches

    back as long as i dropped them into his garden.

    He is a lazy so and so.

    Mums not able to do gardening anymore so its up to me.

    Cheers M8.

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    Hey Mr U

    Hope you don't mind Kevin, me answering this and I think I'm right here, but please tell me if not!

    As far as I'm aware, you can cut this overhang yourselves, so long as you return the apple tree branches etc off the trees to your neighbours property. Or as I heard the great Alan Titchmarsh say recently "chop off the bits you need to - so long as you return your neighbours property (e.g. the cut offs) you're ok".

    Legally you cannot take any more than overhanging branches etc and any further pruning could constitute an offence of criminal damage.