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  • Trees

    hi all,where we live.we have trees growing very close to our flat.when i say close

    i mean very.One of the trees is approx 10ft from our bedroom.It is about 30ft tall

    by my reconing and i think its roots are under our flat.We have complained to the

    COUNCIL about this prob. so they sent an asian gentleman round.He blamed the

    problem of raised floor in bedroom due too recent installation of new central

    heating .B*******.

    Its obvious where the problem lies,this stupid overpaid horrible little man has not

    got a clue in what he does.I was at work when he arrived so could not put my

    opinion in view.

    THE COUNCIL ARE INCONTINENT oooops sorry incompetent.

    They dont care care very much for their residents exept their money for rent.

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    Thanks for that Badger.The tree concerned is a Sycamore and the soil

    its growing in is a mixture of clay and other discarded rubbish found

    in these climes.

    I had a good look at which way the roots are going and one of them

    is aiming straight at the bedroom.


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      Thanks for that Badger,the trees round here belong to the council,so its their prob.

      We live in a flat on the ground floor.During the winter we get daylight.When

      summer comes and everything is in bloom we do not.We have wall to wall trees

      in the summer months.It has its good points(keeps the sun out).

      Autumn is the best time of the month,this is when the problems start.

      Now, being as most of the trees here are 30 plus feet tall and autumn means

      falling leaves, this is where the problem begins.During the leaf shedding process

      most of them end up on the flat roof above.Now being as there is only one drain

      for the roof which exits through our flat....this is where it gets worse.

      When we get a good rainfall,all the leaves are washed towards the drain and

      block it,the water level rises and spills over the flat roof,someone complains

      and the council send a contractor round to sort it.(eventually)

      The last time they sorted it we spent half an hour mopping up the water rushing

      down the pipe through the flat (not sealed at floor level).

      Our council must be 1 of the worst for correcting problems.

      They have even given us a book on how to repair problems like

      minor plumbing probs,elec problems etc.

      You really need to live here to believe this.

      S.B.D.C are pathetic.



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        HI, BADGER,

        Sorry i have not replied to you for a while on this subject.

        The flat roof belongs to the council and so do the trees.

        The roof does actually have a filter over the drain hole

        but as i said earlier,the leaves from the trees block it when

        we get a lot of rain during the autumn months.

        A couple of weeks ago we had a tree expert from the council

        round to have a look,he said that as they were mature trees

        he would only send someone round to prune them.

        As for the roots going under our flat problem,

        this guy said prove it.

        What can you do with an attitude like that.


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          Actually Mrunhappy, I've only just read this, but have a similar problem, although not quite as near! My back garden is about 30 feet long, with a small woods at the end,owned by... the council. In the height of summer, sun that would be in my garden til maybe 6 goes at 3! Same problem with leaves, also sycamore. Concerned about roots, and possible falling branches in foul weather. To this end we asked the council to maybe lop them down a bit...they are probably 50 foot tall. They promised they would.... but a few monthe ago I came home to find they had cut off one or two LOWER brances off to the trunk!!! Couldn't believe it, saw no point..and still can't see much daylight.

          Can I destroy falling leaves, or must I return them to the Council unharmed??!!

          Probably the cause of all my water problems too!



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            Hi sapph,

            Yes i have noticed that the council are a total waste of space.

            You could if you wanted to,give back the fallen leaves from their trees.

            In that way you would not be accused of stealing them.

            My dealings with our local council have been a waste off time.

            I have even been in contact with our local MP.

            I have been fobbed off by her too.She said she would pass our problem

            onto a friend she knows within the council and they would sort it out.

            Problem is not sorted yet,this is almost a year to date since the problem


            I think i shall give up and accept the consequences as i am not destined

            to get anywhere with this problem.

            I have tried but nobody cares.

            Cant afford to move somewhere nicer.

            Wish i never moved here in the first place.


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              I'm going to have another crack at the council very shortly...last time they said they could only do something between end of autumn and before trees start budding time is coming round again! This time I am going to invite councillors from more than one party, and set them a little compertition

              So, we will see!


              PS I want to see thr sun next summer!