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New Hedge Legislation

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  • New Hedge Legislation

    I've repeated this from the "Did You See" folder but thought it relevant here too, hope that's ok Kevin

    Read the full story directly here.

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    Ok ? this is the best news I have read for some time.

    Praise the lords of common sense.

    Time for a glass of wine to celebrate.

    For this to become law would end this disscussion forum but , hey , sacrifies have to be made



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      Originally posted by kevinp@Jun 20 2003, 9:07 PM

      For this to become law would end this disscussion forum but , hey , sacrifies have to be madeĀ*
      Well, do you think that would solve all hedge probs though?

      There's always going to be the inevitable where people don't follow legislation and unfortunately always lots of other garden-related probs methinks


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        2 metres doesn't seem too excessive though. Surely putting up a 6 foot fence would be more of an aggravation? If they are going to act if a hedge is just over 2 metres then I can see that causing terrible trouble. I would class 2 metres as a privacy hedge - 3 metres or more maybe.

        This issue has been bubbling since I first started in land law some 10 years ago! Why does this country take years and years to get anything put through Parliament? I've noticed that they've just agreed to impose on the spot Ā£30 fines for people caught using mobiles whilst driving. How long has that issue needed sorting? That's just giving the police the power to fine, it will be another 18 months before it can be classed as a real criminal offence. Why does it take so long to do anything in this country?


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          You are quite right; just because a law is passed does not mean that all the other issues disappear.

          Just riding the wave of joy that finally we are able to fight back and remain within the law.

          For too long people have been powerless, relying on hearsay and other urban myths to try and resolve these issues. To get ride of greys areas is a victory in itself.

          This country does seem to take so long to address real issues and donā€™t doubt for one moment that this issue is very low on the list of priorities. But at least it as been addressed.

          I have been welcomed to this site and would like to consider everybody here as a friend. The reason we come here though is because we feel that the law has failed us and not protected us. Any law that readdresses this is worth celebrating.



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            Hi there

            There was a two page article in the Express today - did anyone else read it? About hedges and neighbours?

            It said that the hedge legislation had not got through.

            I've tried to look on the Daily Express website to see if I could link the article, but I can't.


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              Mhmmmmm, thanks Holly, no didn't see that.

              Can't find any updates to this proposed legislation though - we'll keep our eyes peeled between us


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                I think you are right. I have just checked out the hedgeline site .I hope against hope I have read it incorrectly but it appears the propossed bill ran out of time.

                Below is the link, please tell me I am wrong.




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                  How dissapointing Kevin - if you come accross a news item about this on any of the major News sites, would you E-Mail me the address? Thanks


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                    [quote][i]Originally posted by Matthew+Jun 20 2003, 9:24 PM-->QUOTE(Matthew @ Jun 20 2003, 9:24 PM)


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                      Our local council advised us to plant high trees as legislation had failed and is unlikely to become law for many years. Shame for some, a Godsend for others I suppose!

                      We took quicker option - trellis backed with weed supressant, with virginia creeper growing over it. Spectacular in 6 weeks from our side, cruddy from the other side. Main point, it was quick, cheap and blocked out the nfh!! What's more, council said as it was a trellis screen erected on new posts, our side of nfh owned boundary fence the normal 6ft rule does not apply!! So we went to 8ft. Better than unruly high maintenance trees! We were very careful and checked with planning office first!

                      Must look at members sections more often - very interesting stuff here!

                      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                        It really does rely entirely on which side of the fence you are on. I know from bitter experience that very tall and invasive trees / hedges have be overbearing at the best of times.

                        As it stands people have no say in what our neigbours plant close to our property. It is a sad fact of life that anybody can walk into a garden center, buy a tree, plant it and simply forget about it.

                        The desvasting affect of doing this cannot be overstated .It can simply ruin peoples life’s, cause misery and bring about legal action.

                        My opinion only is that this issue should be addressed sooner rather than later. It is very emotive.

                        Neighbours hedges/trees really are used as weapons in silent wars, standing as some sort of massive finger, defining us to act.

                        I am a big supporter of the high hedges act and will continue to be so. The sooner this becomes law the better.



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                          Agreed - trees can be a nuisance. In a previous home we inherited a long row of leylandii which didn't bother neighbour but they made our garden shaded and very oppressive. We got rid.

                          What annoys me is that I feel the fence rule of 6ft from "natural ground level" to be too low. We live on a hill so 8ft is required to give privacy - 6ft is useless.

                          Even more annoying - we can only legally have 6ft fence but council planning dept. happily told us that we could plant trees going to 30ft and nobody could touch us. Pointless having a 6ft fence rule, I think!!

                          By the way, don't get me wrong - trees are lovely if looked after and are in the right place. I fully understand the misery they can cause neighbours though, if not looked after and planted inappropriately.

                          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"