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  • Willow Trees

    I read in the daily mail yestarday that e sure insurance company want a ban on willow trees in residential areas because of the damage they cause by subsidence. they are writing to major garden centers telling them of the dangers and asking them not to seel them . these trees can suck the soil dry and cause certain soil types to subcide for example some clay soils. these trees are normally found by rivers or lakes because of the huge demand of water that they require. They should also be 130 ft from a property which rules out many average residential gardens.

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    thats a shame that willow trees have such a bad name

    I know willows do a lot of damage, but you have to admit they are so beautiful, lined up along river banks,

    In Bedford the entire river side (the embankment) is lined with willows. all dipping their toes in the great river ouse.

    it reminds me of summer days at home.....sorry just having a moment there!


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      I love willow trees, but read in May's Family Circle magazine that they can do damage - along with some other trees.

      Someone had written in wantin advcie on where/ how far away from the house to plant trees.


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        I think this probably applies to the large, standard weeping willow. The smaller Kilmarnock Willow is grafted to a height of about 5 feet and makes a lovely garden tree if you have a boggy patch.


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          One of the fine sights of gardening is to see a well grown Golden Willow dipping it's branches into the water of a large pond. One of the saddest sights is to see a specimen newly planted in a small garden,knowing that in a few years time it will have to be hacked constantly to keep it within it's bounds. DrD.G. Hessayon[/b]

          I came across this in one of our gardening books.The expert series, they sell them on all areas of gardens,shrubs, plants, trees etc.

          I agree with the statement. It is not the willow, or any tree for that matter that people find offensive.I feel that is more often than not the area that they are planted in that brings about the greatest grief.

          Trees or hedges are quite literally the most harmless things on the planet.They don't abuse people, threaten people or resort to violence but they are used by people as weapons.

          A tree can undermine foundations, block out light, drop branches onto you or even fall on you.One of these, despite all it's glory, planted very close to your house by somebody else makes people feel imprisionsed.It is the feeling of being totally powerless that brings about the backlash.It is generally the tree that ends up first in the firing line.

          Thanks for posting kevin