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  • Apple Trees

    Hi Kevin

    at work we have 3 apple trees, they have been there about 4 years.

    we were given them by some council scheme thingy and when they were delivered and planted the gardening type people were not at work.

    the person who was in charge that day is what you would call.......killer of all plants, really!!

    so any way....the trees got planted in really daft places, right under the washing lines!

    we would like to move them to a better place as two of them hardly get any sun whats so ever.

    when do you think is the best time to move them?

    and do we do it in any particular way?

    only one of the trees blossomed this year and we might "leaf" that where it is!!

    hope you can help!!

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    I am no tree lover so the mere suggestion of moving a tree anywhere other than into a skip sends a shudder down my spine.

    Seriously, though I believe that a tree like any other plant can safely be moved when it is dormant.Most trees go to "sleep" around sept/oct. This would be the best time to move them.

    I have moved trees in my garden before and the best way I have found is to dig around the roots and create a root ball.Try to disturb the roots as little as possible.



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      you think you have it bad, i am a pcv driver (read old G*T driving a bus

      read this !!,...,853380,00.html




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        oh, and before i forget,

        this is what happens

        what a waste of an olympian mk2


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          "We have a rigorous pruning programme to ensure that trees, and particularly ones close to the road, do not cause obstruction for vehicles."[/b]

          looks like their rigorous programme really did the job here.


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            looks like another C*ck up for the local council then !

            We couldnt get any answers from our lot but ask them about trees and they jump to the occasion, obviously a tree has a higher priority in life than us mere bi peddle carbon based life forms...

            i want to be a tree .......


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              Originally posted by [email protected]@Jun 17 2003, 10:11 PM

              i want to be a tree .......
              Hello Tim - welcome back

              Don't be daft, a dog might wee up you!


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                you horrible lot have hijacked my apple tree topic!!!

                tutut you will be punished!!