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  • clematis killer

    Hi - My clematis was vigerous and rambled allover the shared boundary fence with my neighbour. they had objected when we started to trim it on our side.

    They used to like this plant but decided it was too much for them and decided to trim it.

    Fine ok. But after a while the pruning became more agressive, it was always done when we were out. This time , when we returned from holiday, we found the whole plant had been thrown on to the path on our side, where it had been hacked off the fence.

    My mother died, soon after we returned so we did not take this on right away.

    Whilst tidying the garden this weekend, my husband fitted some supportss to the top of the fence to stop the clematis (when it grows back) from growing over my neigbours side and being killed.

    But I am unsure of the statutory height limits (I have heard either 1.8m or 2m) we would be in breach of the latter.

    What advice would you suggest? Could we build a separate structure inside the fence to support this instead?

    Also what about privacy? The fence now has gaps between the boards and there is bearly 2 meters between our respective back doors. Its is now possible to see in side their back door (and vice-versa). This is not very nice!

    Although never directly abusive these nighbours have never respected our space - there have been previous issues with blocked driveways.

    What advice could you give?


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    hi there, welcome

    is it your fence?

    if it is then you can grow what you want up it, and they have caused crimanal damage to your property by cutting back your plants.

    there is a hieght restriction on fences, ......blimey, what was it now, 6ft plus 2 ft of trellis?

    someone will know!

    we did this not so long ago but it has escaped my memory for the moment!


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      We had this problem (a tree hacked badly while I was out).

      Police wouldnt act, they said it was a civil matter and I couldnt

      prove it was NFH - all the same old rubbish.

      It is very hard. I would plant something pretty but thorny and some

      shrubs to cover any holes. Not sure about the trellis thing but my NFH

      put up high trellis where they wanted (looked really ugly).

      We put some up too (ours was nicer). This all takes a lot of time

      and effort. Like you said it is a total lack of respect for boundaries

      (personal and physical boundaries). Typical of bullies who think they

      can get away with anything.



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        Hi susanne and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

        Sorry to hear that you're having problems with your neighbours. Sounds like they've been causing you a number of boundary nuisances over the years .

        I know that other members have a great deal of knowledge about fences and planting, so hopefully they will be along shortly to offer you some advice on that.

        If you haven't checked out the NFHiB Self Help Articles, you might want to have a look there, as they are some very informative pieces there.

        I would have thought that if you erect a structure within your boundary to grow your clematis up, that you can do that without causing any intereference to your neighbours whatsoever. But hopefully other members will be able to clarify that.

        Please let us know how you're getting on.



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          Hi Susanne and welcome,

          Having a lack privacy in your garden is horrible. I think that your fence can be 2 metres tall, but I'm not sure about any additional trellis on top of that.

          They are only allowed to trim the parts of your plant that are hanging over their property. From what you have said, it sounds as if they have caused criminal damage.

          I'm sure other members with more experience in boundary issues will be along shortly to offer some practical advice, so in the meantime good luck

          Blue Cow


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            Hi Susanne, and welcome to NFHiB

            I'm sorry to hear your neighbour problems have compounded what has already not been a great time for you

            I would have thought it would be fine to have another structure on your side of the fence but not attached to it, if it is their fence. I imagine the same height restrictions will apply. If they have destroyed your clematis, then this sounds like criminal damge. Worth having a look on the following web-site, which is from NFHiB links section


            My (very nice!) neighbours on one side have a large larch-lap fence between me and them. This is fine with me, and gives us all privacy. You could put up something that will give you privacy on your side (within the height restrictions which is 2m from ground level on your side, if it doesn't border on a public highway - I think! ), and then have trellis/wire attached to that.

            Is it worth considering some mediation with them ?(it's free), to establish your problems with them, if they have any with you, and maybe find some common ground forward? For more info on this, see





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              Hi Sue

              Welcome to NFHiB

              I thought that the height limit was 6 foot and then you can add 2 foot of trellis too, but I don't know what that is in metres .

              I am not sure I understood you - you trimmed the plant, then they trimmed the plant?

              Anyway, they will be legally entitled to trim anything overhanging their boundary and in a straigt line directly up from the boundary. They are obliged to give you the clippings back. So it sounds like they sort of did this? But in doing so, it's taken away the cover on their side?

              Not sure If I have understood your situation properly, please tell me if not! :blush:

              Well, the other members have already given great advice as ever - Gardenlaw will be a good first stop re the height issue.

              I think you can erect something on your side, but not sure if there's a restriction on height. I don't think there would be because it wouldn't actually be a fence, nor a hedge - someone will put me right!!

              Let us know how you get on



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                In our part of the world, the height restriction is 6ft 6 ins from natural ground level, with an additional 18 ins of trellis allowed.

                Is fence yours? If not, just a word of warning - in theory, you need permission from neighbour to attach anything, even wire to support plants. If fence is yours, he can only lop off what is encroaching over onto his property - and even then, he should give you back the off-cuts!!!

                We had this problem, so put up our own posts inside our boundary, with trellis on to support plants. We also covered trellis with that black weed supressant so next door could not see us. It looks really good!

                Take care.
                "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                  Hi Susanne and welcome

                  Nothing I can really add to all the advice already given you but if you ever feel down about your situation just come here, you'll get all the support and sympathy you need

                  Take care and good luck

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Originally posted by mazza@Oct 20 2003, 12:37 AM

                    I thought that the height limit was 6 foot and then you can add 2 foot of trellis too, but I don't know what that is in metresĀ* .

                    its 2 meters Mazza!! :lol: actually its just short of 2mts