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    please please help ... i live in a block of flats (ground floor) and my adjoining neighbour in the next stair has a garden tree which is roughly 30ft high by 15 ft wide ...unfortunately it is in the corner of her garden next to mine so therefore blocks out almost all sunlight from my garden/flat ..I have complaine to the council as half of the tree hangs over onto the pavement and the council have done nothing ..even though they admit it is their responsibility when it comes to the garden .. i have offered to my neighbour that if she has the tree severly pruned i am more than willing to foot half the bill but in her own words " it's not my problem" is there anything I can do? :sad:

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    Hi Sunblocker,

    Ask the council to remove the tree again, and if they refuse ask why.

    Is the tree very old.

    Does it have a preservation order on it to protect it.

    If the tree is blocking light and is leaning badly they should trim or remove it.

    If it isn't protected and the council don't consider it a problem, offer to fit the full bill to have it trimmed. Your neighbour dosn't want to pay for what she sees as your problem.

    If her property is owned by the council, you may find your self in trouble if you try having it removed without the councils premission.

    Your neighbour may not want it removing.


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      Hi sunblocker and welcome to the Forum

      I'm not well up on trees and what you can and can't do, so I'll leave that to someone else who can give you an answer.

      It may help though to nkow whether you are living in Council accommodation, and what about your neighbour? If so, I would be writing to your local Housing Office with a complaint about the tree.

      Just another thought, have you spoken to your local Councillor about this problem?


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        Hi Sunblocker,

        Welcome to the site. I am more clued in on trees in private residences that council owned ones.

        As Holly as said it would be helpful to know if you are in Council or private accommodation.

        The laws regarding trees in private areas are pretty clear as to what you can and cannot do to an invasive tree/hedge. It is probably not too clear as what you can and cannot do in council accommodation.

        Below is a link to an excellent forum that deals with these types of issues but if you would provide more specific details I'm sure you would find plenty of advise here also.



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          hi all just ot inform you that both the properties are bought so hope you can help .made a muck up of my last post, what i meant to say is that the council are responsible for the branches etc. that hang over onto the street ... not the garden . my neighbour as far as i am aware is the rent free tenant of her ex husbands brother so who is responsible for the garden ? her or her brother in law: :cry:


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            sorry to hear that you have tree probs

            I love trees but they can cause so much damage to property and even effects lives.

            are the trees causing damage to your property? with either roots or branches?

            anything that hangs over your boundry you can remove as long as you give any bits you lopped off back.....if asked for....dont just dump them over the boundry!!

            I think Kev will be able to help you with the details a bit more, now we know you are bought

            you see its different courses of actions for different situations

            good luck


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              If your house is private your rights are quite clear. You can cut back any branches or roots that come across the properties bounders.

              If the tree is over your garden you can cut it back, as can your neighbour.

              My understanding of council owned trees is that they sometimes have tree preservation orders put on them. This does not mean that they cannot be cut back it means that they have to be pruned to specific standard.

              I would advise you get in touch with your council, again and let them know that you intend to have the trees prunes and give them a deadline to respond.

              Trees that over hang roads and public pavements also come under the domain of the Transport department. if you have any concerns for the safety of traffic or the general public give them a bell.

              Hope this helps Kevin