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Weird One Re Hedges

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  • Weird One Re Hedges

    One set of our NFH do not like us trimming our hedge. We generally keep it to about 3 or 4 foot. It is not in their garden, it is behind a fence that they built, yet when we cut the hedge -we do a good job- they become agressive and act in a very childish way for several days. We always clean up the leaves, etc., so it can't be that.

    Bizarre. :nfh1:

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    It is bizarre but hey who ever said these people were normal ?

    They come in all shapes and forms and find the most stupid of things to have a go at us for.

    Bizarre sums it up perfectly.



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      Hi there,

      What kind of hedge is it?.

      The only thing I can think of is maybe they think you cutting it will make it grow more rapidly.

      Do you know what type of hedging it is, is it one of the fast growing types.

      I have Leylandi hedges in my garden but not next to my neighbours fence.

      Do the roots spread quickly like bamboo roots do?.

      Failing that ask them whats wrong and come back and post.


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        No, it is an ordinary fairly slow-growing hedge.

        We have asked them previously. Response (through gritted teeth): "No, that's fine. You trim it when you want." Yeah, right!


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          That is so weird - can they actually see the hedge if it's behind the fence??? I can't even guess the problem - do you use noisy cutting equipment??

          Odd... :blink:



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            We use hand clippers and a fairly new set of electric hedge clippers, but we always, always cut the hedge when they are out.

            One of their plots backfired, however. Mr Idiot put a pile of old wood at the back of the hedge. My OH said: "Thank you for putting that wood there. It's done the trick."

            "What trick?" asked Mr Idiot, puzzled.

            "Well, it has stopped your girls sneaking out at night. Very good idea, that!"

            Apparently he had no idea his daughters were sneaking out at night ("my girls are good girls! They never do nuffink wrong!" is his wife's mantra) so this came as a bit of a shock.


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              Even stranger. Apparently they complain when the neighbours on the other side do stuff in their garden.

              Our NFH is a spoilt brat. A rebel without a clue! :lol: