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    One of the things our NFH has targetted as a point of complaint is our hedge, it's 6 leylandii in a straight line down the dividing fence in the front garden, previously there was a single board 2' high fence. The sunlight squarely hits the front of the houses, so the hedge doesn't block any light and the council have agreed that they have no issues with it. It's 6' high and I keep it trimmed, really it's there purely because the nfh moved to looking in through our front windows after I heightened the rear fence and planted tall thick shrubs along the border to prevent him "peeping" on us constantly.

    It's quite comical though, the range of stories they have tried on various people (council, MP's and us etc) to get it cut down and they've been seen sneaking around photographing it too! The best story was that their granddaughter couldn't see to reverse her people carrier off the drive and that they would hold me responsible if there was an accident! The claim to not being able to see clearly, apart from showing a complete ignorance of the highway code, is comical as the drive is at the other end of their garden to the hedge - identically to mine and I can see perfectly well in both a low sports car and my mini which is even closer to the trees.