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NFH fabricating lies to the police

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  • NFH fabricating lies to the police

    well, hubs and i, in the presence of a (good) solicitor went down to the station last night to give a taped statement of events that happened during our last arguement with our NFH.

    well. u should have seen the total b*llocks they had written! the solicitor actually laughed at it! especially as we didn't flannel and told the solicior exactly what *did* happen.

    NFH said that not just hubs but i also shouted a lengthy line of racial insults....funny that in his statement he said that hubs said it, then the wife said that i said exactly the same thing too! i wasn't even outside at the time. My hubs was also said to have a weapon in his hand.. now he'd just been out to our mpv to sort the seats out, and he had some car mats in his hand, but he'd finished all that and locked the car before the arguement broke out! they obviously didn't have enough evidence to get us charged, and fabricated a witness too, funny how hubs and i never saw someone walk past! NFH also said that another of our neighbours says that we're intimidating, so now more is the shame is that true or not? they are a bunch of gossips up here, and i used to keep in with them enough to say hi, awful weather etc, as their kids are in the same school and we bump into them a lot, now i find myself ignoring them.

    what rights do i have to get a copy of the NFH + witness statement?

    and how to prove that they've been lying? what if stuff starts happening to our car and house and our kids come to that?

    i'm going to speak to the senior neighbourhood warden again today, and my solicitor should be ringing me so i'll voice my concerns to him too. :angry:

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    Gosh Troika, how horrible. Unfortunately that one little slip up by your Husband has given them all this ammunition to fling at you. I think you might have to ride out this storm. Obviously you have told the truth and all you can do is stand by it. i am worried about this 'witness' ... hopefully they will end up being discredited.

    I also think it is very important from now on to ignore people, and if you do speak to any of your neighbours be very careful what you say. maybe even have a dictaphone on you to record what you do say in case any conversation gets turned around and reported as more nonsense. if you are worried about damage being done to your cars maybe you could put up a cctv to watch it.

    i know how you feel about your kids, as the aunt of one of the KFH I had to put up with was the playleader at my daughters after school club...i never felt comfortable with her after we had a load of trouble with the KFH, I knew she knew all about the i didnt trust her and was only as polite as i had to be when collecting my girl from school...i think you are right to keep your distance until all this gets resolved.

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      Hi Troika,

      It comes as no surprise to me that your NFH have greatly exaggerated what happened, embellishing and adding things that did not happen. It is in the nature of such low lifes They are playing the race card for all it's worth. Yes, it is true that your husband used a racial epithet, but only after great provokation.

      It also does not surprise me that some other neighbours might 'be on their side'. They are probably scared that if they aren't they too will get the NFH treatment

      I don't know if you can get a copy of the NFH statement. Ask your solicitor about that. But you should be entitled to know who your accusers are and what you are alleged to have done. How else can you prepare a defence?

      If anything happens or if anybody threatens your family and property you must contact the police immediately. As Annabel says, try and get a small dictaphone so you can record anything said to you and maybe a cctv cam to monitor your car.

      Good luck with the warden and the solicitor. I hope they can give you some reassurance.

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        cheers for the replies guys.

        thing about errecting a cctv up just to protect ourselves against these NFH.. why should we have to? a good point was raised that we've yet to ask our solicitor about, *if* my hubs *was* on their property brandishing this make-believe weapon (that they cannot describe!) why haven't they given their cctv tape in as evidence??? because they were making it up is why!! besides, we don't want to live our lives looking through endless streaming of cctv tape

        neighbourhood warden says best defence is to keep our heads down, stay squeaky clean and whiter than white. he's making notes of when i'm ringing him and of what i'm asking that is concerning me and he should be visiting my other neighbour getting problems as we speak - on 30 mins notice, how good is that?! he says generally neighbours *this* bad only occur 2-3 times in every district and they are certainly taking our complaints seriously he also says that mediation is out of the question from their point of view, as they are obviously totally unreasonable and it would be a complete waste of time, but that it is in our favour that we were prepared to help sort out the problems ourselves

        am compiling a list to speak to the solicitor about too, to at least raise my fears with someone in authority, so at least if anything *does* happen, i was concerned that it would anyway. *sigh* just hope it's not serious, and i hope it doesn't involve my kids :badmood:


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          cheers guys

          we've decided that as our back garden has been trashed by our kids and dogs that our efforts are going to be drawn to there this spring, and included in that will be as high a fence as we can get between us and our adjoining neighbours as they are friends of NFH and we want to put some distance between us and them, and for our kids sake really, as we all want to be able to enjoy our garden in peace! will mention to the Neighbourhood warden of our plans, as we need to find out who's boundaries are ours etc.

          we definately will not be putting up cctv *just* because of our NFH as we plan to 'do a rockbank' and not even look at them. we unfortunately think that this will escalate the problem that my other neighbour and friend is having, Neighbourhood warden got held up yesterday and has *promised* to go and see her today, having already been called out to see NFH about the 2 inches of boundary dispute between him and my friend *rolls eyes* I know it is mean but we have to look out for our own family. and i know that Neighbourhood warden will be giving her the same advice, log log log, call the police to report every little incident and ignore ignore ignore. she is already making plans to put up a high as possible fence on her side of the boundary just as soon as NFH has put up his wall! it may be expense, but how much do you put on peace of mind? NFH jumps up and down to look over her fence at her to intimidate her while she is doing the washing up!! lowlife tw*t mutter mutter :banghead:

          *takes a deep breath*

          at least all through this hubs and i have pulled closer together and we stand strong as a family, my friend could probably say the same.

          the 'friends' that we've lost in the gossips up the street come as a relief to be honest, at least we haven't got to smile through gritted teeth while they go on about the local gossip! lolz :lol:

          we'll also be contacting neighbourhood warden as to what is a reasonable amount of noise that we can make. last thing we need are for noise complaints (or anything else for that matter) being made, so we'll cover our own backs, as up to now (3 years) we've been able to watch a film late at night as loud as we like (house is laid out really well - noise doesn't travel to the kids bedrooms *phew!* but we don't have double glazing, so it's probably heard outside, never had a complaint to date, but you never know what they'll have up their sleeve next, so best to be prepared. besides, i like the odd bit of fairly loudish music, another reason we went for a semi detatched with the living rooms at opposite ends to our neighbours, we're also very detached from our other neighbour, and the next closest is NFH and that is our drive (running lengthways across the house - so a car width wide) a single road and their drive (same as ours) their living room is at the back of their house, so theoretically there is no way we can disturb anyone around here but u never know how a slugs mind works eh? no harm in being prepared! lolz

          hope everyone else is bearing up as well as we are this morning..

          crimbo around the corner and all that!! :thumbs:


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            Hi troika

            Whilst fencing in terms of boundary issues often bring their own difficulties with nfh (be sure they have nothing to nit-pick about!), it can be a great relief to put up a physical barrier that means you don't have to have any eye contact with your neighbours. Go for it next year

            Do check out with your neighbourhood warden and/or your Environmental Health department re noise and the law, as you say, you don't want your nfh to have any ammunition on this issue. The link below gives some idea of legislation relating to noise too


            The neighbourhood warden scheme sounds good, and it appears to be a source of support and information. I imagine the warden will also end up witnessing some of nfh attitudes along the way, so that may end up being of help at some point.

            Glad to hear that you and your husband remain strong together in all this




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              Hi Troika,

              I am mad for you - grrrr :angry: .

              I don't know how you can stop them, my NFH tried the same tactic - pure fabrication of all sorts of nonsense reported to the police behind my back.

              I seem to have stopped it though by having a calm discussion with the police officer who had been tricked into listening to the 'poor pensioner victim' lies and he saw my side of the story after I had got him to sit down & listen to me.

              The odd thing is that I only found out about this when I contacted the police on a different matter - so they weren't exactly busting a gut to get me regarding all these so-called incidents prior to that .

              The only thing I ever did was to tell my NFH that they are 'Evil' (they had called me worse, by the way :frown - and that seemed to give them carte blanche to phone the police daily with all sorts of codswallop. So the lesson is, don't even blink at them - OK they deserve everything they get, but ultimately, you just don't need the hassle of having to defend yourself against their lies so it's best to totally blank them and pretend that they don't exist.

              I am not sure that you would ever get to see their statement unless it went to court - hopefully you won't need to see it cos it won't get that far :unsure: .

              All the best with your logging and the warden.




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                Isn't it time all these nfh who lie to the police are done for "wasting police time?"


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                  Originally posted by Neighboured@Dec 14 2003, 12:06 AM

                  Isn't it time all these nfh who lie to the police are done for "wasting police time?"
                  Yep! And made to do community service for the good of the decent neighbours.


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                    Bit late to this thread but I echo what everyone else has said. You must ignore any provocation as NFHs are masters at twisting any comment you make around. They'll be making stuff up anyway but don't give them ANY ammunition.

                    What they want is a reaction. Don't give them one.

                    we've decided that as our back garden has been trashed by our kids and dogs that our efforts are going to be drawn to there this spring, and included in that will be as high a fence as we can get between us and our adjoining neighbours as they are friends of NFH and we want to put some distance between us and them, and for our kids sake really, as we all want to be able to enjoy our garden in peace! will mention to the Neighbourhood warden of our plans, as we need to find out who's boundaries are ours etc.

                    That is an excellent idea and several of us here have done the same, including me. If you can't put a 6 foot fence on the boundary there is nothing to stop you building a totally new fence on your side of the existing fence.

                    Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                    We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                    So what's the plan?

                    Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.