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  • harassment

    I have lived in this council property for over 25+ years now, and have seen various nieghbours come and go, no problems, but things started to deteriorate about 4+ years ago, when I applied for a disabled parking bay, due to the number of cars increasing in the area considerably.Eventually I was allowed a "courtesy bay" marked for a disabled person, but, it was at the discretion of the neighbours as to wether they would co-operate, as if thet wished they could park in it, thus making it very akward for me to enable my wheelchair to get out of the boot of the car near my home.There were problems as soon as it was painted, by 4 households, all being private owners of their houses, all complaining that it was "not right"!!!!This progressed to nobody talking to me, my car being damaged on various occasions and deliberate "blocking in/out". The neighbour next door to myself took it upon himself to be the "bully", even though he worked for the council himself.He has continued to park his car next to mine, pulling it so far forward that it is impossible to get in or out, or he has blocked across completly, thus causing serious problems afew times, when I was seriously ill and needed to be taken to hospital by my carer, but it was early hours of the morning and a ambulance had to be called out each time. This continues still after all this time, mainly with next door, the other neighbours seem to have found something else to get annoyed about.

    This persistent husband and wife from next door causing all this grief, have been ongoing with noise on an evening, usually starting about 8/9 pm or whenever he feels fit, at hammering/drilling and very noisy diy jobs in their home (I was not aware the main bedroom where he makes the noise needed 3 years of work done) but it is still ongoing, along with their constant arguments, which are not quiet either. As I have been very ill this year and mostly been in my bedroom, you cannot imagine the annoyance that I am putting up with, so I thought that I would "crack" in one way or the other, and decided to write to the Health Authority, they inturn sent him a letter and myself a "log" of when he started and finished. That weekend, there were someone at my door nearly knocking it down, yep you guessed, it was the next door neighbour shouting his mouth off, stating he was doing nothing, and that he was going to "get something done about all this???)He proceeded to go around afew of the other neighbours about what I had done, telling them he was not doing anything wrong and anyway it was his house and mine was only council. This did actually quieten the noise for awhile, so I could not complete any "log" for the health.

    We are now up to date and life is not good, he does his bits of hammering/slamming doors at midnight or early hours of the morning when he gets home from the pub/he has began parking stupidly again/his daughter has come back home to live and she also has a car of which she parks as akwardly as she can, and no matter whom I contact for help I get the same answer, They do not know what to do, or, cannot help at all. So is there anyone out there whom can please give me advice on what to do about this "Bully", as he thinks he owns the street and it seems all the neighbours are afraid of him as he has a very loud mouth mixed with choice swear words. :badmood: :blush:

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    Hi MM, and welcome to NFHiB

    I'm very sorry to hear that you are enduring this selfish and inconsiderate behaviour and feeling so bullied by this man :badmood:

    Can I just clarify whether the disabled parking space is on or off-road? It's unbelievable that people are deliberately using this space which you should have every right to use!

    Re the noise nuisance. It is absolutely irrelevant to Environmental Health whether your noise complaint is about a tenant or a homeowner; the action they can take is the same, regardless of that. Do start logging every incidence of your neighbour's noise nuisance again, and contact E.H. to let them know that it has re-started. Are any other neighbours experiencing problems with noise from this property? If so, maybe they would log this as well?

    Do check out the self-help articles, if you haven't already seen them

    and the articles on legislation regarding noise

    as it's really useful to have an idea about where you stand with these difficulties.

    If you have harassment from this man because of E.H. contacting him, I wouldn't hesitate to contact the police, as you have every right to protection from harassment (there is also an article about the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 in the legislation link already given).

    I'm sure other members will have help and support to offer, and do keep in contact to let us know how things are going on this.




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      Hi MM-Essex

      Firstly welcome to the forum, I hope that you find it a source of support and useful advice.

      You are right in calling this man a "bully" as that is exactly what he is. His behaviour sounds pathetic, and all his shouting and trying to rally support from others is typical

      Out of interest, when he blocks you in, do you ask him to move his car? And does he do so?

      I'm not clear whether you have an orange disabled badge for your car, but Beth posted an interesting parking link


      a little while back from the Highway Code which states that when parking "do not stop too close to a vehicle displaying an Orange Badge, remember, they may need more room to get in or out ". Now I'm not sure if this applies to your particular situation, but if he was flouting this on a regular basis by making it either extremely difficult or impossible for you to access or move your car, personally I would contact the police to see if they could have a quiet word with your neighbour.

      Please do try and keep up with logging information, as it is so important. Sapph's given you some self-help links, I really do hope that they help.

      Keep us posted on how you are doing

      Blue Cow


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        More typical NFH behaviour. We've seen it all here so rest assured you're not alone.

        Sorry to hear about the problems MM-Essex but hopefully we can help you with this. May cause a few run-ins with the NFH but I think this is only to be expected.

        You say the Council allocated you the space. I don't think the police will be able to do anything with regards to the parking as it is probably on Council owned property.

        However, I would write to the Council and your local councillor pointing out the difficulties you have been having. Don't mention any names or say that this is being done deliberately Just point out that cars are being parked awkwardly making life extremely difficult for you and that you would be grateful if they could assist you in resolving this problem.

        Next time they park awkwardly, take photos which you can use to show the Council and your Councillor. Preferably showing the registration plate. Again don't say that you know who the cars belong to. After a while it'll probably become obvious that its only certain vehicles that are causing the problem.

        Your NFH may spot you taking photos and attempt to provoke you.

        NFH Golden Rule No. 1 Never, ever respond to harassment from an NFH. Ignore them completely. This is hard to start with but as I and others on this board have found. It gets easier with time.

        Let us know how you get on.
        Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

        We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

        So what's the plan?

        Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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          Hi MM-Essex and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

          You've had some great advice already and I can't add anything at this stage other than my support.

          Please come back here often to see the replies from people, I hope that you get some comfort from knowing that you're not alone in having a neighbour like this.

          Take care




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            :banghead: Thankyou for the replies already recieved, of which I have read, but it does seem that I have tried most of them. I do have a disabled badge for my vehicle, and most of the "old" neighbours are aware of my illness,and just keep out of it basically.The "road" is not a main road but a cul-de-sac, which makes it equally difficult. I have taken pictures and have showed them to various council bodies, but they state nothing can be done!!!! Typical council, as it showed directly just how blocked in I was. The neighbours even complained and had my disabled bay "reduced" in size, thought that it was to big, but when they came to do this only 10 inches were removed back, thus causing grim faces on the complainants.The police are not that bothered concerning the "blocking in" and suggest some arrangement, this is not possible as this family are not the type to approach, infact the man of the house is very frightening and offensive.I have not always been well enough to monitor all the noises he does, as my illness varies considerably from day to day, and my grown-up family are not at home anymore, if they got involved it would resort to violence, I do not want to stoop to that level, of which he is trying to get it to.

            Basically all I want is a quiet life, I hassle nobody, yet I get the hassle, and do not know how to handle it. I do not want this man coming to my door and almost hammering it down and shouting and swearing again, so there is obviously fear there, especially now I am in this predicament, as years ago I would probably give him back more than he gives out.

            Yes he is a bully, I have sent once to the E.H. a time and date of occurances, they inturn went to visit this mans house, and supposedly came to the decision that he was not making too much noise, as he showed them what he was doing, it got left at that and he was quiet for a couple of weeks. It seems he knows what is going on,it could be because he works for the council, I do not know.I also was offered a service that when he started making the noises, I could telephone a certain number, for someone to come out almost immediatly, each time this happened, he seemed to know about it, as it went quiet, thus making me look like an idiot, and I am in control of my mind still, I assure you, maybe not my body, but hey! you cant have everything in life.

            Our M.P. for this area I have once written a letter, but never sent it, I may give it another try and see if he can do anything, you never know.

            Once again Thankyou for your help so far, and appreciate your views. :ban: :thumbs:


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              Hi MM

              Thank you for clarifying the situation further You do seem to be having difficulties getting any joy from the authorities here, for sure . Re. the council;it's interesting that your neighbour works for them...and it does make you wonder, doesn't it?

              I know that it must be really frustrating, and to be honest the wheels of E.H. grind slowly, but I would personally push on with logging and re-reporting the noise nuisance. Nothing but persistance is going to pay off here, and the department need to be aware that the problem did quieten down for a bit, but is escalating now. See if you will be in a position to use the out-of-hours number again, and use it if you need to. Have you any way of taping the noise so that you can demonstrate how it can be heard inside your property?

              I am astounded that if the disabled parking space is on the public highway (I thought you were going to say it was on private land), nothing is being done when they are causing an obstruction. I wonder if the council's traffic warden department could shed any light on the situation for you? There is also a link below to a government website on parking law which may be of use


              I think if you can ascertain exactly what legislation says about this, then armed with ammunition you can push for some action.

              Best of luck,



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                Hi MM-Essex

                I am astonished at how low some people can possibly go.

                I find it incredible that they are jealous of your parking bay (and your council house) - perhaps they'd like to be jealous of your disability too??? :angry:

                I am sure that you are being fobbed off by the council and the police. The Police must assist you - not only is it a parking matter (traffic thing) but it's also harassment - one of the lowest possible forms of harassment at that :frown:.

                Please get back onto the police and the Council. If you think there's underhand things going on with your neighbour working for the Council, then I would get your MP involved. Local Councillor too for that matter. And make a complaint using the Council's complaints procedure - that ought to kick some butts!

                I would also look to get a disabled rights charity involved too - there's one who's name escapes me (disability network, or something), but they are very much in the public eye at the moment about all the new 'access' changes/laws coming in. I wonder if they could speak up for you and make some noise in the right ears.

                Bit of a wild idea.., but is there any way you could get a drive way/hard standing put onto your front garden (if you have one?). Then you could park the car there and get on/off your property a bit easier.

                Gosh, your NFH = evil cretin. :angry:

                Keep logging and reporting and I think you can prevail!

                Good luck




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                  Hello MM-Essex !

                  Very sorry to hear the problems you are having!

                  If you told someone how petty and ignorant ppl act they wouldn't believe you!

                  I am fairly sure that only noise disturbance recorded on EH "calibrated" equipment can be accepted, but i guess as evidence it couldn't hurt.

                  This parking thing is a whole nuther story.

                  And just reading what you say makes me angry so who knows how you must feel, its a shame that we all know the type of person you are talking about

                  How empty and pathetic must its life be to obcess(is that spelled correct?) so much about another person to the extent of doing all those things over a period of time, its as if its a mission to drive you to move, which is a sad thought.

                  At least you know that to spend all this time obsessing they are just getting more bitter and twisted ...having to expend all that energy watching the clock getting ready to do all that.

                  Well done for keeping your cool so far though must be very patient or pragmatic...if it was me it would really get to me and i prolly would have already snapped and confronted them in a childish manner which would never have a good ending.

                  I think that anti harassment info must apply because you are being victimised so much.

                  I know its like letting them win but maybe asking to be rehoused because of the reasons you said ...maybe get in touch with media afterwards :P

                  ..the papers would prolly like a good story like that exposing them for what they are.

                  Or maybe its easier to just draw a line and cut your losses because its never going to change unless you move or they do, if not parking they would find something else ...but i mean ...Grrrrr

                  "car tax enables you to park on the public highway"(or you kow what i'm getting at) why do ppl think like they own the street in front of their house, and what difference does it make anyway ..i've seen those style parking bays near where i werk....they don't give them out without a good reason.

                  i believe the company i work for has had just those sort of prollems too ...with one in particular "ring leader" ..hes brave and loud until someone bigger comes close ..and can't argue logically to save his life ..but if they could actually string thought processes together then they wouldn't be doing it in the first place.

                  i'm sure all the stuff i say has been said before ....

                  "Wibble banana haircutaftershave cheese (maybe not those werds in that order )

                  Oh yes the parking...i *thought* that if someone blocks you in you have every right to call police or whoever ...i must be wrong then., were the people you spoke too at least sympathetic to your situation?

                  maybe a video camera focused at your car ..i don't know the specific rules with such things and what you are and aren't allowed to film, but surely a catologue of instances showing how they deliberatly park would werk in your favour.

                  The more law minded ppls here would probably know much more better advice :P...but i felt like chiming in!

                  bum to him (£1 to beth)

                  good luck, ingore em, your in the right ,chin up all those cliches that are easier to say

                  Good luck!

                  (and yes, that was my longest post, maybe the longest thing i've ever written exglamation mark ( whoops i was dictating to myself))


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                    Hi Again

                    It sounds to me as if you are definitely being fobbed off and it must be really disheartening for you. But you are completely within your rights to complain about this horrid man and what he is doing to you. The police and council are worth another shot, and you should log it with the police each time he does this to you.

                    I also understand that you don't want to get your family involved, but please don't suffer this alone.

                    I just wonder if you know where he works within the council, as I'm sure that they would not be happy to hear how one of their employees is behaving towards a member of the community over their disabled parking bay.......

                    Blue Cow


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                      hi MM, a belated welcome from me!

                      I was wondering if you could get an advocate?

                      someone to speak on your behalf, councils will take an advocate seriously as its an outside angency, and advocates can really help.

                      ILA essex

                      this link mat be a start in the right direction

                      I have to say I do know advocates who have really been able to help their clients with council issues and such like

                      good luck


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                        Thankyou for all the replies to my problems. I contacted the local police station in the area, and I spoke to a PC, she told me that each time next door blocked me in, to call the station and let them know,This I have done before in the past, without results, but one never knows!!! this time something might come of it. I expressed the worry of what he is like next door to her, and, she told me that if the police did come out to him, he would be told to keep away from my door, and not cause problems.

                        I also contacted our Local Council and was told to do as you have been telling me, to actually "log" everything down of which I intend to do, and just incase there is an "Inside source", letting him know beforehand, then hopefully it could be put to a higher body in the EH dept.

                        I will try again and keep you all informed, as to what happens.

                        Thanks again all of you :thumbs: :nfh1:


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                          Hi MM

                          Well, the police response seems a little more hopeful this time!! (Do keep a note of the time/date of that and the name of the officer for future reference). I really hope that the police respond appropriately now with this. Did they confirm that your neighbour is committing anoffence within their jurisdiction?

                          Good luck with E. H. logging, also. When you have filled in a log sheet, ask them what they will do as the next step, and try to make sure they keep you informed on the progress they male.

                          The very best of luck with getting somwhere here



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                            Hi again MM

                            Well done with the police, I hope that you don't have to contact them soon, but if you do, make sure that they produce on their promises, and remind them that they said they would have a word. If this guy works for the council, he will not want the police knocking on his door.

                            The fact that he does work for the council should realistically work in your favour, as he won't want complaints about his behaviour being banded around his place of work. So good luck with the EH, and you push it as high as you need to to get some peace and normality into your life.

                            Really good luck and keep us posted

                            Blue Cow


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                              Hi again

                              Thanks for the update. It does sound like you've had a better experience all round this time with the Police and the Council. :thumbs:

                              Keep at them - they have to act for you cos you are in the right and your NFH is very much in the wrong :frown:.

                              Keep us posted!