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harrassment and prejudice

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  • harrassment and prejudice

    I experience a lot of harrassment because I am a woman and i live next to low life. So far police are investigating ( if you can call it that ) arson, criminal damage, assault, theft and causing an affray under the protection from harrassment act. As I have a label of schizophrenia I find most agencies I speak to are prejudiced. I am currently making complaints with the help of legal advice against the police and housing. The housing have threatened me with ASBO and eviction from my property - I am a leaseholder of a council property - rather than deal with the gang of neighbours. When I am distressed due to the abuse from neighbours and then everyone else who gets involved I get treated as if |I was making a noise nusiance. we have no rights if we have schizophrenia as the `normals` just want to kill us and noone believes anything a mentally ill person or a survivor with that label says. Police don`t get mental health training and neither do police although I usually get on with them and have never been in trouble. People can`t see me as the victim. My housing officer stood up for my neighbour`s rights and said I should respect them. - al

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    hi Alison!

    thanks for being so honest with us, we will not judge you here.

    I am sorry that you are being treated like this from both your neighbours and officals

    Is there any way you can get a witness to verify the way your neighbours treat you?

    please start logging all the abuse you are recieving from NFH, there are log sheets on the main site as well as some self help articles.

    here are the links

    log sheets

    self help articles

    Have you thought about CCTV? if you could catch your neighbours on tape that would really support your story.

    I know others will come along very soon and offer advice, please keep coming back, even if its just to have a moan!

    Good luck


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      Hi Alison and welcome to NFHiB

      Glad you found us, but sorry to hear about the problems you're having at the moment.

      When you say that you're making complaints against the Police and Housing with the help of legal advice, is that a Solicitor you have?

      I agree with Beth, have you got any independent witnesses? Any statements they can provide may really help you.

      Do you know if there are any advocacy services in your area? Again, this may be something that you can look into to have someone speak on your behalf.

      If you have been the victim of crime (which, from your post, it sounds like you have), then you could also get in touch with Victim Support who may be very supportive of you/ your situation.

      Take care & good luck


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        Thanks to all for your responses

        well unbelievable as it may sound one neighbour has already been arrested for criminal damage and causing an affray. He was held overnight by police and confessed to everything on the statement but charges were not pressed. I am really pi**ed off about this. Another was cautionned for an assault a year ago. Another who is his friend who does not live here called I** made a death threat towards me with a weapon in front of a the council. This was when the council worker was installing my new safety door. His partner, J***** has made threats to kill me or kill herself several times but once while being held down by police officers. She has also taken an overdose and blamed me for it which is then used as justification for the abuse from herself and others. they are basically trying to force me to leave the property. I was told fri night that `I wouldn`t be living here anymore in a week and that he (J**) was giving me a week to go.`

        It goes like this - another neighbour who used to call me `dirty s..tface ` everyday ( I do not exaggerate) and who has finally thank god moved away ( she couldn`t face mediation) was always complaining about me to another neighbour B******. This man then felt compelled to `protect L**` and so used to verbally abuse me, steal my plants, have constant discussions about me and eventually assaulted me. So far I`ve been lucky in that I have not sustained injury but obviously harrassment is very depressing and frightening. Complaints made about me to the council are for things like - wait for it- feeding the birds which got translated as `attracting vermin` and `storing things in the corridor` which were just items put there for extremeley short periods of time as I was decorating and also getting new laminate flooring put down. Also as a disabled person with schizophrenia there are some things I can`t always manage (same as an oap!!) and thanks to society`s prejudice live in total isolation so therefore there are no helping hands available.

        B****** lives opposite J** and J***** who live together and drink to the point of paralysis most days. J** and his friend I** together with J***** have caused the criminal damage and the most serious death threats and intimidating behaviour.

        None of them know that I have schizophrenia as I don`t tell anyone now but they call me a schizo and a c..t and `mad`, `nutter`, `crazy woman` and whatever. Lately they have used the word `delusional` which is a bit of a big word for them.

        However they try to tell everyone else that I have schizophrenia including police so that occasionally police just think I am hearing things.

        For those with no experience of mental illness imagine after ringing police in a 999 situation they turn up and after a conversation with the other side ask you `how do you know you heard those things?` and start to talk about how`concerned they are about you.

        When I had a meeting with the housing officer about the situation she told me in front of the estate manager that a police woman had told her that `they were not going to bother to come round to my address anymore when I called 999` - as she said this she was smiling which I thought was really odd. Also harrassment has happened to me before and they were suggesting that therefore there must be something about me that was causing it. Obviously they don`t understand prejudice and how people behave if they think there is someone with mental illness living on their estate which can get very bizarre. It`s never been my fault.

        When I asked her to put this statement in writing at the next meeting she quickly moved to defend herself and denied it took place and left my flat. She had come and basically stood up for my abusers rights and said not one word of support to me. I got very upset and did stand up for my rights but this was translated into abuse, agression, which it was not, putting people in fear of their safety - ( like who noone was there and by the time I was shouting she was five streets away) - she said I threatened to kill her and burn the estate down - all total cr*p. ) and then I get a referral to the mental health team and also a final warning with a threat to evict me and also to give me a ASBO which is just unbelievable.

        I did shout but part of my distress is the fact that noone believes me or supports me ever but I always put it in a human rights context - I was even quoting martin luther king. nyway I am seeing a solicitor on thurs who knows housing and is good with mental health but apart from the prejudice it should not be seen as a mental health issue although there are complications. How can you genuinely be accused of `putting someone in fear of their safety` if the witness from the estate is just someone who thinks `oh that crazy woman - she has schizophrenia so therfore when she shouts it means she might kill us` because people don`t like us and are misinformed.

        I just feel I have a right at times to let off steam without the threat of my home being taken away and I rarely get so upset - it was to do with everyone and their attitudes and the fact that noone cares about my life even the police.

        shouting is not abuse per se - I feel there is no room to breathe and exist as someone with schizophrenia - the real issue is that I am a woman and that is why I get abuse in the first place. I`m sick of how much hatred there is of me because I am a woman. The people doing it know I am disabled but it doesn`t stop them.

        was so naive at the beginning that I hinestly thought that if a neighbour kicked your door in then he would automatically get evicted especially if he had been arrested. No he is still living next door. It`s crazy. - al


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          Alison, Its terrible that you have to go through this, the little advice I can offer is get proof. If someone has been arrested and confessed and was not prosecuted, you should perhaps consider making a complaint to your local MP. Victim support may be helpful too. Get as much concrete evidence as you can.


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            thanks - I`m a toughie but it wears you out. I`m in touch with victim support but really want something done. I don`t relate to bei ng a victim as such and I don`t want counselling. I`m going to get cctv but it`s expensive even for a basic system. Found one in maplins for £300.00 but is not a system you can add to. May have to spend up to £1000 but I suppose see it as an investment as it is ongoing and also I now own my home. There is a houseproud loan you can get in my borough but may work out more expensive. The tape recorder I wanted was £550 plus vat . It`s great these specialist things exist but they don`t come cheap - but I think it`s a case of you get what you pay for. 24hr video recorders are roughly £299.00 and then you need a monitor and infra red movement detector as well as a camera. Then you need a monitoring system that you can add cameras to sometimes up to eight of you are covering the back of the building. At the most basic I`m still looking at around £600.00 plus £150 installation.

            also apparently systems that use pc where you can tape onto disc are not recommended due to possiblities of distorting the image. Video tape is preferred for evidence so I`ve been told.

            I`ll keep you all informed - any ideas let me know - al


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              That greenland proverb made me laugh - it`s so like that - it never ends - love al


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                Hi Alison

                You asked in a different thread about Environmental Health & Recording Equipment.

                Yes, the alledged noise perpetrator is informed that recording equipment is being brought in to the complainants house to monitor the noise.


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                  Hi alison, and welcome to NFHiB

                  Sorry to hear of all the trouble you are having from neighbours And it's a horrible feeling to be experiencing problems, and feel you are not believed, or even worse, to feel things are being completely turned around onto you

                  In terms of collecting evidence, you sound really determined, and it sounds as if the equipment you intend to install will be capable of high quality footage. Just take care where you point the cameras! More info here


                  In case you haven't already seen it, do have a look at the article on the Protection from Harrassment Act


                  and maybe check out the following if you consider that your rights are not being upheld by the authorities where you consider this to be due to discrimination (article 14)


                  Good luck wih pursuing the legal angle here, and getting the evidence you need to secure some action against the authorities, which wiil hopefully encourage them to respect your rights.

                  Do let us know how you go, and welcome again to the forum




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                    Hi Alison, we got ours from Argos under £100.00.


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                      Sorry, CCTV that is :blush:


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                        Hi Alison

                        Welcome to the Forum

                        I am sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time of it - it really is the last thing you need.

                        I wanted to ask, do you have a Community Psychiatric Nurse allocated to you or similar? These people are usually excellent at speaking up on behalf of their patients and can be invaluable in communicating with the likes of Housing Officers, who as you have discovered, are very often lacking in awareness of mental health issues. :frown: I would strongly recommend that you make contact with one asap if you don't already have one. You can be put in touch via your GP or hospital consultant. Social Work will also have a mental health team that you are probably in contact with by now - be sure to get the Social Worker to speak up for you .

                        I would also say to you not to panic about the threat of eviction. I would stick my neck out and say that based on what you have told us here, they will have no chance of getting you out simply because it is just not the done thing to evict vulnerable persons without getting many, many reports into that person's social, mental and physical conditions first. Really, you have to have done something particularly heinous for the judge to even consider it, esp with the mental condition/disability that you have.

                        I would advise you to get some back up from external agencies - local housing advice centre or Shelter are particularly useful and can speak up on your behalf ( I would also say that mental health charities (e.g. MIND) can also assist.

                        A Housing Office usually cr*ps itself when it gets a letter from an agency like Shelter or MIND, so I'd really advise you make contact with them. I would also say that you should contact your MP too - Housing Offices jump to attention when they get a letter from an MP too.

                        I hope you can get these thick heads to come to their senses very soon :unsure: .