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  • Earwigging

    I've explained everything about my NFH a while back in a mammoth thread, and it basically boils down to him being a complete freak. Trouble is, she is becoming as bad as him now, she's been totally brainwashed. Last week she came round my house and falsely accused my youngest lad of vandalising their car and his works' van, and "rampaging" through the streets late at night !! He's only 8 and never out after 7pm (or if it's dark) and would never dream of touching anyone else's property.

    Anyway, my main cause for concern is that I strongly believe (99.9% sure) they have rigged up some sort of listening device and are listening to "everything" we are saying and doing. The things she came out with are only things I've spoken to my wife about in our house. Our walls are quite thick and you cannot hear anyone talking the otherside, sometimes you hear the odd kid screaming but that's all. Does anyone know of a way of detecting this (so I can pass on to the police) or anyway of making his "devise" useless ? We are getting quite paranoid in what we're talking about or even what we get up to in our own bedroom, knowing that this pervert is listening in on us. :bb: I will be very very grateful for any assistance.



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    Gosh, I dont really know how best to help you, really...

    I do know you can get listening devices from the USA over the internet....I wonder if you should put up some CCTV to monitor your might not detect the listening device, if there is one, but it might make your NFH think 'oooer they are monitoring us' and that might scare them into stopping? (i know its a long shot, but not sure what else to say to you...)

    I suppose one way of finding out is they are listening to you is to say something about them in your house ( in the presence of an independent witness) and see if the NFH subsequently mention it to you?????

    they sound most weird. :nfh1: :badmood:

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      I just did a quick google internet search for the phrase "bug detection" there are quite a few sites which offer equipment for detecting microphones which tranmit what they pick up using radio waves. Might be something there for you.


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        That sounds really sinister, Watto But I know how you're feeling. The yobs around here used to listen at windows and it turned me into a paranoid wreck.

        Hope you find out for sure, it's not a nice feeling at all to feel you have no privacy.

        Good luck

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          Hi Watto,

          I've found some from the UK here , but they are quite expensive.

          It may be worth having a look on the internet to see if you can hire one (as you'll only need it once). Or maybe look at hiring an investigative or security agency to look into his for you (just a thought??)

          Blue Cow

          Just in addition to this, if you do an internet search on Counter Surveillance uk, it comes up with loads of agencies / ideas.


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            Hi Watto

            Sorry to hear that your neighbours are causing you you more worry by this.

            Do you think you might be able to have a conversation (with yourself, on a phone, to someone outside and inside :blink: ) and ask "Did you hear about that family who had been secretly recording blah, blah, (whatever)... did you know they were prosecuted for invasion of privacy?"

            Other than getting your own equipment, which I haven't got a clue about, I don't know what else to suggest.

            Their behaviour sounds most unnerving.

            Other members are pretty good on this kind of NFH behaviour and hopefully they'll be able to offer some useful suggestions.


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              Sounds horrible.

              For starters, Argos sell a kids toy listening device that can detect things through glass windows. Maybe they have this?

              Try putting a glass against your wall, ear on glass and see if you can hear them. It really amplifies the sound so maybe they are doing something just as simple.

              Good luck.

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                How recently is it since you have been up in your loft/attic then Watto ?

                I mean is it in the past few months or was it to put away the Christmas dekkies ?

                You see where I am coming from is that I haven't read your last posting so I don't know your story (I have been away for a bit so excuse the lack of knowledge).

                I have known of cases whereby the dividing area in the loft section has been partially removed to the point whereby someone COULD climb through into your loft area and either gain access to your home or in this case sit above your loft hatch and just listen.

                Now I am NOT saying that this is the case, I am suggesting that it could happen. Like I say I have read and known about things like this so I would buzz off up there and check it out.


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                  And I forgot to add, IF they have gained access into your loft area you touch nothing and call the police as this is unlawful entry along with criminal damage. You also take photographs too.

                  Listening devices are also illegal unless for authorised use by the security services. This is an invasion of your privacy and breaches your Human Rights. Not really up on the latter but its a civil issue, I believe.


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                    Hi Watto

                    I was thinking along the lines of the others who have suggested that you have certain 'spoof' conversations either about yourself, your neighbours or some other gossip.

                    Then if you hear it from a third party, then you might be onto something.




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                      Wow, Watto,

                      This is extremely disturbing, if this is what your nfh are doing! I can't think of any suggestions other than what other members have suggested (and I didn't think of all of them!), but there must be some food for thought there

                      Good luck with your investigations here. Do let us know how it goes.



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                        you could have a loud chat with your self, then blow a big piecing whistle really loudly at the walls!!

                        that might make them think twice, especailly if they have a ear thingy in and end up with perferoted ear drums!!

                        they would never be able to admit what you did as it would prove they were listening in!! :lol:


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                          Just another thought :

                          What about playing music all the time or the TV - not really loud, perhaps just under the normal volume that you talk at.

                          It would make it v difficult to hear conversations with background noise going on - even with listening devices.


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                            Another thought from me!

                            Do you have double glazing? Reason I ask is:

                            We do. When windows are closed, we can chat indoors and no-one outside can hear what we are saying. When windows are open, even when talking at normal volume, anyone in garden can hear what we are saying.

                            Until the last week or so (suddenly freezing down South!) we have had hot summer and mild autumn. Perhaps you have had windows open, not realising how much your conversations can be heard outside?

                            Worth an experimant by you and your wife?

                            "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                              I DO know of a case when a rather bored and silly pensioner decided to spy on his neighbours with an electronic device.

                              It was a simple device. Just an extra-sensitive microphone and a very powerful amplifier which fed into a set of headphones. All he had to do was place it against he wall and the "dirty old devil" as one of his neighbours put it, could listen to everything that happened in the homes of his neighbours on either side of his teraced house.

                              Your NFH's behaviour is illegal as it breaches the Human Rights Act.

                              How to prove it? One way is to make up some stuff using a script that you write in advance. When they repeat what you have said, or act on it you'll have positive proof of what they are up to.

                              And yes, this technique does work. Someone who wanted to find out if his phone was bugged decided to find out. He pre-wrote a scripted conversation between himself and a friend who played his part well. What they did was they discussed plans for a demonstration which was to take place on a certain day, at a specific time and at a specific location.

                              The police turned up, but no demonstrators, of course. Except for the chap nad his mate at safe distance, and they proved that, yes, his phone really was tapped! :hihi: