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  • my nightmare

    I have been having trouble with my neighbours for the past 12mths the last 6mths have become worse with verbal abuse and physical abuse. I live in a 2 bedroom council house with my partner and 2 children aged 8 and 15 we have totally renovated every room in our house with the intention of buying but things have got so bad that I have been to the council to ask to be rehoused which makes me mad as the problem will still be here ie. the neighbours as they have fallen out with most residents on this small estate I am looking for any information on any reimbursements of any kind that I can ask the council to give me for the improvements on my home.

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    Hi Lesley

    sorry to hear you have problem neighbours

    are your NFH (neighbours from hell) council tenents?

    why should you have to move if they can go??

    and from what you have said I am under the impression that other neighbours are having problems with them too.

    have a look on our resources page at the self help articles, they may offer you some help

    self help articles

    have you reported this behaviour to the council or the police?

    its so not on when idiots think they can treat people like this, it really makes my blood boil :rant:

    sorry for all the questions but it helps us to try and offer the best advice for your situation

    as for the claiming for the work you have undertaken, I can only suggest you contact the housing office to find out.

    every council is a little different with things like this

    do you know why they started to verbally abuse you and your family?

    It makes me sad to know that these problems are still very much real in many areas, if not all areas of the country :banghead:

    good luck and please let us know how things go on


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      Hi Lesley

      Welcome to the Forum

      The amount of compensation you can claim really depends on the kinds of improvements you have carried out and most importantly, whether you have permission from the Landlord to do them in the first place. (Also Planning consent in some cases.)

      You also need to have kept receipts and used 'approved' tradesmen/women.

      Any compensation will only be payable when you actually leave, too. And I also think that it may only be a percentage payable too.

      Well, that's the rules, but in reality most councils have not got a clue how to deal with compensation claims so your best bet is to go to your Housing Office and ask to speak to the Housing Maintenance officer to discuss (or better still get them to come to yours).

      If your Housing Dept is any good, you can get a leaflet about it all.

      You seem to have come to adecision to move but it seems a shame if you have made your home into a little palace. :sad:

      Is there no scope for the Council to take action against your NFH to force them to behave or could you not stand to live there anymore even if they were as good as gold?

      Hope you find this site helpful - let us know how you get on




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        Hi Lesley and welcome to NFHiB

        I'm sorry to hear you your neighbours' behaviour is driving you to move! If the council accepts they should move you, how can they not accept a duty to take action against the neighbours? (Unless, of course, the neighbours have bought their house).

        Re your enquiry about compensation, I think the following link may be helpful

        Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the end, and do let us know how you are going




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          Hi Lesley and welcome

          I can only re-iterate what Beth and Mazza have already said. It seems very unfair that you should have to move when it is your NFH who are causing the problem.

          If your NFH are also council tenants and other people have had or are having problems with them perhaps you should start logging events, get everybody together and ask the council to do something.

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            Hi Lesley and welcome

            You've already been given great advice from everyone.

            I'd just like to say that I hope that you can look at all the links members have given you (great one sapphire, btw ) and follow through on the suggestions made.

            You will get a lot of support here whatever you decide to do.

            Please let us know how you're getting on.

            :nfh1: Holly


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              Welcome. You are amongst friends, here.


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                In response to all my messages thankyou it is nice to know that there are people who know what we are going through. I am not sure exactly why my neighbours started behaving this way it seems to have erupted over parking. Having made some enquiries on these evil people we have found out that they have been moved on 5 times for trouble making and they do have criminal records. We ourselves have called the police 3 times for their abusive behaviour towards us. We have been in contact with the council several times and it seems to me it is our word against theirs. I am at my witts end at what to do next. My neighbours now block me in on my driveway if I go outside (front or back) they come out and stand there and stare at me, to me this is intimidating and harrassment. My partner whom is a rugby player was punched in the face by the woman and I am proud of him as he didnt retaliate, he does take out his aggression on the rugby pitch, but if it had been the other way around he would probably have been arrested. I feel really bitter about my neighbours and I dont like feeling like this. I didnt know I could feel like this about anybody. My neighbours have been warned by the police and by the council but my neighbours have turned it round and said it is us doing all this to them. Unbelievable.


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                  Hi Lesley

                  It sounds dreadful :badmood: Have you any witnesses for anything that could be used with the Council? Have other neighbours experienced their behaviour, and might they be prepared to back you up? It may be worth a modest investment in CCTV to capture any of this sort of vile behaviour on tape, although see self-help articles for info relating to this


                  Log every incident, and collect as much evidence as you can. Armed with this, I think it's worth requesting a meeting with the area Housing Manager, to show the anti-social/threatening behaviour you have to endure.

                  If the police and council have warned the neighbours, maybe you need to know what they have specifically warned them about. Will the police be prepared to confirm that they have warned them for their behaviour? This could be used to show the council that there is the behaviour they have been warned for. Also, if the council have warned them, is it verbal or written, and I would ask the council what their next step will be.

                  I think your partner exercised great self-control when he was assaulted, good on him! It is key not to retaliate; don't even give nfh the hint of ammo to use against you

                  All the best



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                    Hi again Lesley

                    Typical NFH behaviour they will tell all sorts of tales to make them seem the injured party. That's why you need as much evidence as possible to back up your side of the situation.

                    In your first post you said you'd asked to be rehoused. Have you asked what your local authority are doing about your neighbours behaviour, i.e. whether they are going to serve Notice on them? If they actively pursued this (they'd need evidence) then you might want to stay... :unsure: .

                    Regarding the harassment/assault, check out the Protection from Harassment below:


                    Was the woman charged for the assault on your partner? Do your NFH make threatening remarks towards you? You must make sure that you write everything down - it's a laborious task, but it must be done.


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                      this is one of those situations where the NFH has managed to get the upper hand and at the moment is succeeding in making others think you are moaning about them. :rant:

                      gosh this happens so blinking often. :badmood: they have some kind of ability, even though they are mostly thick as two short planks to somehow convince other they are completely innocent victims. i just wonder how they do it, and how come it always seems to be the council, the police, the powers that be, that they manage to hoodwink. :angry: :ban: :nfh1: i wish i had such skills of persuasion!

                      you would think the police would take some notice bearing in mind their previous form.

                      anyway, i think the thing to do here is gather concrete evidence, unfortunately, by putting up cctv and recording any incidents. that way, if anything occurs you can show the council what has been happening and either get them to move you, or them, whatever is easier.

                      in the meantime, you must try as hard as you can to ignore these morons and do not retaliate as hard as it may be, as it will only fuel their stupidity and make them feel more justified in having a go at you.

                      let us know how you get on.

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                        Annabel said:

                        this is one of those situations where the NFH has managed to get the upper hand and at the moment is succeeding in making others think you are moaning about them.

                        This happens a lot. Why? Are the NFH really that good at playing the system? Or are some council and housing trust staff unwilling to do anything about troublesome families?

                        The staff at our local council's housing office were all described as: "The biggest bunch of idle and lazy £££$£'s that it has been my unfortunate experience to meet. They lie to people who make complaints because they can't be bothered to help them, as it is all too much trouble for them to do their jobs. They do it because they have been allowed to get away with it for years."

                        I was somewhat stunned by this outburst, as it came from the Housing Manager himelf! It turned out that his campaign to make them work had been thwarted at every turn, so he took early retirement. Another officer (a friend of mine) from a different department confirmed that there were very serious problems with the housing department at that time.

                        Oh, I just remembered something! One of the worst examples of the inept and lazy staff there (always rude to nice tenants and cozied up to the NFH as we'd call them now) ended up being jailed for stealing rent money he had collected and pretended that the tenant had not paid. :angry:

                        Obviously this situation could well be special to the area I live in and significant steps have been made to improve the service, but it took them 20 years before things started to get better.


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                          Hi everyone thankyou for all replies and sorry i have not been online for a while.

                          still no change in my situation and after several telephone calls to local council and meeting with head of housing they have agreed for us to be transferred and have now put us on top of list.

                          i am now quite angry with the council for their lack of help and would like to know if anyone has heard of taking local council to court and any information on sueing them. I would like the truth even if it means going to papers to tell my story on my awful nfh to come out so eveyone knows!


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                            Just to say I feel for your situation and that I agree with Neighbourhood. I'm quite sure that the council and police often go fo the easy option of beleiving (pretentding to) the nfh because then they don't have to do anything - and of course nice neighbours are just that, nice, which means they (ie, we) don't make a fuss. Fortunately, through forums like this more and more people are getting the courage to make a fuss and stand up for themselves.


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                              Hi Lesley

                              Are you pleased you are on topof the list now?

                              or do you feel you are being moved to solve the problem?

                              it seems so unfair that yet again its the victim thats being moved and not the NFH,

                              the problem is still going to be there for others after (when) you have moved.

                              this anoys me so much :angry: they need totake action against the NFH not you! :rant: