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  • need advice please

    help, had a neighbour problem for eighteen months, council response is to blame me, and to canvass complaints about me instead of dealing with the cause of the nuisance. neighbours have got together to make false statements about me, police have confirmed allegations are untrue but the council won't listen. neighbur in flat above has threatened me and my friends, and has now started banging the floor when i turn any light switch on in my flat. mine is a long and complicated story, with many incidents of mental torture, and also threats of petrol bombs etc, my windows have been boarded up for a year and harassment, bullying and death threats against me are a regular occurence. i cannot get a solictor, and i have already had two nervous breakdowns, can anyone advise me what to do next? my life is constantly on edge now.

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    hi pixie, keep trying with the council and start keeping a diary, i would go to the docs too, if your like me then you most probably wont want anti depressants (though i did try them for awhile) i find now positive thinking and finding this web site much better. The doctor can also send letters to the council on your behalf. The good thing is your will be given some valuable advice, hope things get better.


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      hi eden,

      i have been keeping a full detailed diary since last may, but no-one is interested, in fact one housing officer in the council said she thought my complaints (about all night parties, threats, vehicle damage etc) were hilarious, i only wish she could suffer half of what i have

      i have now changed doctors as my previous one would not help by writing to the council in any way at all, in fact she suggested i should move to a (notorious) tower block instead

      thanks for the reply

      pixie x


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        Hi Pixie, and welcome to the Forum Although sorry you need to find it!

        I hope you don't mind if I ask a couple of things, to help get a little fuller picture?

        What are your council blaming you for, considering the harassment you are suffering? Have you any idea why they seem to be canvassing complaints against you?

        If the Police can confirm that allegations about you are untrue, is there any way they can confirm to the council any criminal behaviour that has been directed towards you?

        I think that the Housing Officer's response to you was appalling, and think it would be worth asking to meet with the Manager to discuss a complaint about this behaviour, and give them details of all the incidents that have occurred.

        I'm not sure why you cannot get a solicitor, but it may also be worth seeing if there is a housing aid/advice centre in your locality who can help you take your case forward. Check out this link to see what is available near you

        Sorry to ask so many things, but it helps members look at more angles when thinking about advice/tips/support about your situation




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          Hi Pixie and welcome to the Forum

          Glad you've found us, but sad to hear the problems you're having.

          I'm not surprised that you're feeling anxious and on edge at the moment, sounds like no-one is listening to you at all. But we will and we'll all try and offer you as much support and advice as we can.

          Can I just check, are you in a Council tenancy? You mentioned that "the neighbours" were a problem, I take it then it's not just a direct neighbour who is causing you a nuisance? Do you know if these other neighbours are tenants?

          Sapphire's advice about contacting a local Housing Aid Centre is a good one. I am worried that you are stuck in your home and have had your windows boarded up for such a long time... what is happening about that?

          Other people to try are: Environmental Health (about noise complaints) and your local Councillor and/or MP - especially if you are a Council tenant and you feel that they are not listening to your concerns.

          What is it you actually want to do? Would you like to stay and sort the problems out, or move?

          Please check out the Self-Help Articles here, as I'm sure you'll find them useful and informative:

          Please let us know how you're getting on .


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            Hi Pixie

            From what you say, your Housing Officer has behaved in a totally unprofessional manner and this is unacceptable - even if she/he does not belive your side of the story, s/he had no right to behave like that as s/he can't possibly know who's right or wrong.

            Your Council will have a complaints procedure - use it as that officer needs a rocket.

            Go to your Local Councillor, go to your MP and explain that your Housing Officer is actually discriminating against you as they appear to have pre-conceived ideas about you and your behaviour. The Officer is simply not allowed to do this and needs to be brought to book.

            I would take the advice of others here and use your local Housing Aid Centre.

            Also consider contacting Shelter and your Citizen's Advice Bureau (need to wait for an appointment though... ) - they can sometimes act on your behalf or at least arm you with facts.

            Good Luck



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              hi Pixie

              you have been offered great advice already, so I wont add any more at the moment.

              there is enough to be getting on with :lol:

              it can seem quite overwelming when you first join the board, as we all have different angles on the problems we have been through our selves.

              I hope you can tell us a few more details of your situation so we can offer the best advice to you.

              good luck and please come back often to let us know how you are getting on


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                thank you all for your advice, at least i don't feel so alone now.

                i tried my local mp in the beginning, but he made it worse, then dropped out alltogether, my local councillor was also helpful in the beginning, then i feel pressure was put on him because he also pulled out. i went to citizens advice and they advised me to get a solicitor, so i tried, but not one in my home town would touch it, so i tried coventry and daventry, eventually got one, but again when it got to heavy they dropped out. i wrote to the local government ombudsman to complain about the council, either he did not see or chose not to accept the documents i sent proving the councils lies and attitude and so far in his preliminary report he has come down in favour of the council.

                i can only assume that the teenage drug dealer's father had some influence with the council, there certainly were lots of meetings between the father and the head of housing, i was never able to get him on the phone let alone a face to face meeting. having spoken to other people in this town it has come to my attention that a certain council offical never needs a motive to make your life hell, he seems to enjoy it. i personally know someone who had a court case against the head of housing many many years ago, some days before they were due in court the council official went to this mans house with two'heavies' and threatened the man. the man did go to court however, and won. the council official swore revenge, and i feel my association with this man may have some bearing on my treatment. my frustration is not only having to live in fear, but having proof of council corruption and no-one being prepared to look at the evidence and do anything about it. another friend of mine has proof himself. he had a letter stating he was ineligible for housing this year, however the audit commission did a report on ***** council (relying on information provided by housing officials) and the report stated that there were NO ineligible applicants, my friend had vanished!.

                anyway thanks again for the advice, but it seems i have exhausted every option open to me. Even the local press didn't want to know, they said the story wasn't 'sexy' enough. a reporter from the local paper even told a local website to remove all references to ***** Council from their discussion forum, the site creator has lost considerable business due to his insistence that the forum remain open.



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                  Hi Pixie, sounds like freemasons to me! had dealing with them myself, unfortunatly they are in posistions of power and do fellow freemasons favours, my problems with them got sorted when i happen to mention to a friend my situation and he knew the housing officers and was a mason himself in the same lodge as them! the problem was over and done with without a trace. Maybe a national newspaper may take up your story?


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                    hi Eden

                    thank you, i did not mention freemasons for fear of seeming paranoid/crazy, despite the number of people who did suggest that this was their work. some have even suggested incredible possibilities such as freemasons being involved in drug money etc. please don't misunderstand me, i hope such things do not happen, as i am sure the majority of masons would be appalled at the 'bad apples' in their midst. however one does wonder why they wish their membership to remain secret! whether i speak to press, solicitors police etc every one asks me what is the motive. you may have supplied in part an answer, if you know anyway of dealing with this feel free to contact me ([email protected]) unfortunately i do not know any freemasons personally who can help me.


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                      I am at a loss what else to suggest to you - you seem to have covered everything already.

                      I don't like to suggest this as it seems to be 'giving in' but perhaps if you apply to other housing providers and get a move away or if you are a Council or Housing a**'n tenant apply for a mutual exchange (hard, I know, but at least your options are covered).

                      Housing Legislation is changing all the time and in Scotland at least, you can now apply to any Local Authority (you do not need to have any particular connection with the area) - not sure if same applies to England & Wales too now.

                      I'd be tempted to quit and move on



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                        Hi Pixie, i wish i could help but my (good freemason) friend died a few years back (of old age) he did introduce me to a friend of his before he went though, i can have a few words with him and hopefully he may be able to help (have nt seen him for a while but i havent needed his advice/help for a while either. If he can sort it, i will e-mail you for details and results. Keep positive and remember that your not alone in this. Maybe when fellow freemasons find out there will be a few bad apples black balled if you know what i mean.


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                          If there are any 'bad apples' in the freemasons, then they are certainly going against the oaths they took when joining. Every freemason I know is a good person who would not say a bad word about anyone. As for the supposed 'freemason control' of councils, governments, business it is just not true. Matters such as religion, politics, business are not allowed to be discussed at lodge meetings. The membership is not secret either. Any freemason will quite happily tell you about his membership and the fraternal community of which he is part when asked. They only thing freemasons are not allowed to reveal are the ceremonies that take place when lodge is meeting.

                          A freemason would be expelled from the craft if it was found he has abused his contacts within a lodge to effect anything outside, as it is strictly forbidden.

                          Howard:"You wanna be careful, before you know it you'll wake up in a bush singing songs about brooms"

                          Vince:"You don't know anything about me. Do you know anything about me?"

                          Howard:"I know...of you"

                          Vince:"Yeah, well, if you knew me you'd know that I don't sing songs about brooms...I sing songs about love...

                          Lovely lady with the eye

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                          You've only got one but it's a good one

                          Lovely lady with the eye, the eye, the eye, the eye, the eye

                          coming forward on a string, thats not normal, urgh

                          Yeah! I'm in a band..."


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                            thank you for all your advice.

                            not all freemasons are 'bent' as in any part of society there are bad apples.

                            victim support offered to help me this week, but i then received a letter saying they had spoken to the council and there was nothing more they could do for me. meanwhile i use my bathroom at 7.20 last night and my nfh banged the floor when i turned my light off.

                            i would like to move, and have tried exchanges, but being honest i explain about the nfh and then of course no-one wants to know. if i go private i have been told they won't pay my housing benfit as i would have made myself intentionally homeless!

                            i would love to have a legal representative but can't find anyone who will take my case on.

                            and so the world turns!



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                              Who told you you can't get housing benefit in a private tenancy? They are talking absolute Cr*p!

                              What happens is that you get a rent officer determination that is sent to the Benefits office and that will be the maximum amount that they can give benefit on - so if your rent is slightly higher than the rent officer's decision, you will have to pay the extra. Sometimes though, you find the decision is in your favour and that full Housing Benefit will be payable, so don't be put off.

                              Keep trying with exchanges -you never know what might crop up.