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Anti-social Behaviour From Neighbors

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  • Anti-social Behaviour From Neighbors

    hi all,

    just need some advice regarding "very bad behavior" from neighbors...

    i live in a housing association house and have been having problems with one neighbor, these are just some of the things that have happened so far.

    very loud music played that loud that am unable to hear my own tv.

    upto 10 of this neighbors friends outside his house smoking drugs and shouting foul comments at us since we reported them for noise.

    i constantly get shouted "grass" when i leave my house.

    the lad in question has just been released on a tag for 3 counts of burglary and obtaining money by deception,( he got 6 weeks in remand and then a tag)

    i have a cctv system to protect my car from vandals and have a tape running 24hrs, i heard on the tape that one of his friends was going to sort me out??

    i have kept diary sheets etc and have been in contact with the housing association,

    i asked if they wouldn't relocate the anoying neighbor would they relocate me, they said no.

    i am at the moment in the process of moving to a private house away from this this has cost me £1000 with bond etc..

    my question is are the housing association liable for me and my family's safety which i think they have failed so far..

    many thanks.....

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    Hi. You should not have to go through this!

    Take a look here, the Tenants Participatory Advisory Service might be able to help with advice and/or links try going to:-

    Also, if you have a Law Centre in your area, try them or ask to see a solicitor under the free legal advice scheme.


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      thanks for the reply Neighboured,

      will have a look at the link.

      thanks again, will let you all know how i get on..



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        Hi John and welcome to the Forum

        Your specific questions was regarding the HA being liable for your safety. I think they certainly have to look at their tenants behaviour and take appropriate action if they are causing a nuisance to other tenants.

        Of course the HA should have looked in to your complaints more and from what you say, it seems like they haven't been pro-active at all in dealing with your concerns.

        Did you involve the Environmental Health department with the noise nuisance and the Police with the damage/threats issues? If so, then the HA should also have looked into it further as you would have been able to provide them with evidence from another agency.

        Hope the move to the new place brings you some peace and quiet.

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          Hi John Thomas and welcome.

          It seems your HA is abrogating it's responsibility. Surely your NFH has breached his tenancy agreement and the HA should be dealing with it.

          I think you should go and look at the Independent Housing Ombudsman site: They can look into your complaints about your HA.

          You should not have to be forced into a move to get away from NFH who are clearly antisocial and criminal.

          Good luck

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi All,

            Thanks For The Reply’s.

            Until A Few Days Ago I Was In Contact With The HA About The NFH.

            I Have Kept Regular Diary Sheets About His Behavior And Also A Private Company Has Installed A Covert Camera With Video To Watch The Front Of My House (It Is Not Pointing At His House) But It Can Pick Up All Of There Conversations And The Volume Of Music And Abuse Can Clearly Be Heard.

            I Have Also Had My Complaints Of Harrasment Logged With The Police Incase His Threats Were Carried Out.

            As Soon As I Told The HA That I Was Going To MoveThey Said They Would Not Be Taking Any Further Action Against Them..

            I Feel So Sorry For The Other People Around The Area As He Is Doing Similar To About 6 Other Tennants (One Who Is 70 Years Old).

            If I Move Somebody Else Will Get The Brunt Of This And Will Have To Live Next Door To The NFH.

            Could I With A Threat Of Legal Action Get The HA To Do Something About The Situation Or Is It The Easy Way And Move.

            Many Thanks For The Advise.



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              HI JT

              sorry you have these problems

              I would ring crimestoppers for any criminal activity, the local police have to respond to crime stoppers where as if you ring the local station you may get pushed down the response list due to other crimes etc in your area

              0800 555 111

              keep fighting for what you want and it really shouldnt matter like you say if you are giong or not....I too feel for your other neighbours



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                Welcome to the forum board JT Glad you found us and you'll get some great support here.

                Can I direct you to some of the NFHiB help articles if you haven't seen them already. The ones that seem most relevant to you are here:

                ASBO's and ABC's

                Noisy Neighbours & Noise Issues

                and some bits about CCTV here:

                CCTV, You and the Law

                I hope there handy anyway - but you've also had some great advice already from other members. Hope you can come back often and let us know what's happening and give us some updates.

                :nfh1: :yobs:


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                  thanks all.

                  i have just got the go ahead to move to my new house,

                  they have driven me out in a way BUT i am not giving up...

                  i will be contacting the other neighbors affected and will get a plan of action together.

                  they might listen to many voices??

                  i am doing this because i feel sorry for the 70year old gent who lives back to back with me.

                  i will be contacting the HA with regard to taking legal action for failure to control this tennant.

                  will keep you posted.



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                    Ok, you could contact your local paper, and you can fax your MP on Fax Your MP


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                      Hi John

                      Hopefully the advice you've had so far has been of use to you?

                      I don't know whether you have any cause for suing the HA. Definitely follow up a complaint and then go to the Independent Housing Ombudsman as Misty suggested.

                      You could always consult a Solicitor. If you want to consult a Solicitor, make sure you see a Housing Specialist, which you can find here:



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                        hi all,

                        thanks for all the help,

                        i finaly moved house to a nice area not to far away, with lovely neighbours..

                        i am on top of the world and can now enjoy myself again..

                        i have kept intouch with the HA from the old house and was very glad to hear that,

                        1 # my old neighbour has been arrested due to alot of evidence of illegal goings on by himself and friends caught on a covert camera the HA had installed for me.

                        2 # his mother has been served with a notice of eviction because of her son's behaviour.

                        last i heard he had got 6months prison for what he got up to...

                        i know i ended up moving because of the NFH but i know he wont be bothering some of the older residents no more....

                        Thanks again for the advice,

                        i have a quiete life now but will still pop by from time to time..

                        cheers..... :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:


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                          Great news John

                          It's a pity you had to move because of your antisocial NFH, but at least you now sound happy and contented where you live now - and that's what it's all about.

                          Hope things stay good for you and thanks for letting us know, it gives us all a boost to hear stories such as yours

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            good news there JT!

                            hope you have a happy and quiet life in your new home!!

                            best of luck to you!! :clover: :flowers:


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                              Hi JT,

                              Hope that your move goes well, and that you get plenty of peace and quiet there

                              Nice to hear things will also finally improve for the remaining neighbours.

                              Good luck.