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  • Harassment Neighbour

    hi we have been having a problem with our neighbour for 2 months and she is just verbally abusing us and getting police out to us for sitting out in our communal garden and she does not even live in our block of flats and we have received a letter from her solicitor stating if we do not stick to their regulations they have stated in the letter we will have a injunction put on us ,so we will not be able to step outside our front door .We have even been accused for breaking into her property and we have not done anything to her we do not talk to her or look at her she even accused me and our next door neighbour of shineing torches through her windows and we do not go near her property she even attacked my next door neighbour a couple of years ago and it was not taken further because my neighbour did not want the hassle , but now she has just about had anothe because she is bringing all of our personal life .

    hi we have recently found out that her solicitor has sent her a letter telling her is no longer able to act on her behalf because he would be causing a conflict of interest.

    And we have had the home beat police officer round and he has told us we are not being investigated for her break in and we have been mentioned

    thanx john

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    hi John

    do you rent or are you owned?

    either way if you can check the deeds about right of access to the garden do so.

    does she think she ownss the communal garden?

    can she prove this?

    and what are the terms her solicitor is talking about?....if she doesnt live there I really dont see whats it got to do with her!!

    very strange :banghead:

    sorry for all the questions but it helps to get a clearer picture of your situation


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      Hi John and welcome

      I suppose the simple solution would be for you and your neighbour to also go to a solicitor. Unfortunately solicitors cost money. But you could at least get half an hour's advice free.

      It's a shame your neighbour didn't go through with the court case We're always wiser in hindsight

      Does your NFH bother you while you are in the communal garden? If so, keep a diary of everything that happens.

      Good luck

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        Hi John,

        Welcome to the board - from what you've said it seems you're the one suffering harassment, not your neighbour! All of this communication via the solicitor appears to be being done totally on speculation, the first thing I think is where is the 'proof'?

        If there isn't any absolute proof I would think it's highly likely to stick!

        Have you read our Harassment Help Article here:

        Verbal abuse from your neighbour is equally as bad as physically based instances.

        There may be some other info in the above article which can help you in your case - have a look through and post again if you need any more clarification etc, you are always welcome on the forum as much as you need it.

        As Misty says though I think you and your neighbour need to officially join forces and seek advice - with a Legal professional or at the local CAB.

        Have a look too at the 'Law' and the 'Legal Advice (Free)' sections of the NFH Links Directory - they could be helpful to you too

        Good luck


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          Hi John,

          I'm sorry for your problems.

          From your post it seems this woman has no case. Some free advice from CAB will probably help.
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            Sorry to hear of problems.... worth asking local council housing if they have their own, or if their is an independent, Housing Aid(or advice) centre...likely to be expert in housing law.

            Good luck1



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              Hi Budweiser and welcome

              Very strange indeed :huh: .

              Beth asked you a few questions, I think it would help if we knew more about you. Do you rent or own? If you rent, is it from a private landlord, Council or a Housing Association?

              If you own, your deeds should state quite clearly which parts of the outside area you have shared access to. If you rent, your landlord should be able to provide you with evidence of the areas you have access to.

              I think with your problem at the moment, you need to get hold of all this evidence yourself, then instruct your own Solicitor to fire a letter back stating that if their client persist in harassing you you may consider an injunction against them.

              What did the Police say about all this?