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    I have had an ongoing problem with my neighbours for a while that at time I have to move out for a few days to regain some sanity. I have had the police out on prevoius occasions, but the last three months they have not come out to any calls placed, this has been esculated in the police ranks to no avail. I recieve verbal abuse on a daily basis and even have 16 letters that have been put through my letterbox from my neighbours, yet the police are not helping with this matter. I live in a shared ownership property and the association refuse to help. I have tried mediation to no avail. Any suggestions as what to do next?

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    Hi Hsramm

    Crikey, what's going on?! Glad you have found the site!

    The police cannot ignore this level of have a right to protection from it ! Have you put anything to the Chief Constable yet in writing? If not, have a go! See index on left side of nfh home page, go to legislation, and check out Protection from Harassment Act (1997) to give you some ammunition!! A good starting point for your next move!!

    Good luck,keep us posted..and I'm sure you will get more help and support here :nfh1:

    Take care



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      Hi Hsramm and welcome to the forum

      Wow, you seem to be having a terrible time with NFH.

      I agree with Sapph. Write to the Chief Constable and complain about the inaction of your local police. I hope you've kept all the letters that have been pushed through your door. They are evidence. Also keep a log/diary of everything that is happening. If damage is being done try and photograph it. If you are getting verbal abuse try to get it taped, maybe with a small dictaphone.

      Does your NFH live in rented or owned home?

      I'm sure other members will have a lot more advice for you. Come back often and let us know what is happening. Good luck

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        Hi hsramm and welcome to the Forum

        Have the Police given you any indication of why they are no longer responding to you?

        I was just wondering what form the verbal and written abuse is, have there been threats of violence at all from your neighbour from hell (nfh)? If so, then sapph is absolutely right, you need to speak to the Police again regarding the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. If you go to the main NFH Home Page, you will also be able to read the self-help article about harassment.

        Do you know why your nfh is behaving as they are? With many members on this Forum, you can identify certain trigger factors which started them bevaing in the bizarre way they do.

        Like Misty says, it would help to know a bit more about the nfh housing situation - for example, if they rent from a Housing Association you could contact them about their tenants' behaviour.

        I'm glad that you can manage to take some time out from your home. Sometimes it's really important to just have time away and to be able to recharge your batteries a little.

        Are your nfh causing any other nuisances such as noise, parking, boundary disputes?

        Hopefully if you can give us all a bit more information we may be able to offer more advice. Regardless, we will be here to offer you some moral support in coping with your nfh.

        Welcome again to the Forum


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          Hi and thanks for those who have given me some ideas. My story to a fuller extent is that as far as I can deduct the trouble started when my brother parked in a space outside the development where I live. There are no designated parking spots, but yet my neighbour insisted it was her spot and punched him in the face. The lesson learnt from that is that no friends or family ever park in what she thinks is her spot. The police did respond to this incident and just said my neighbour is nuts and to phone them if there were any further problems. As I live in shared ownership property I have since then been on the receiving end of investigations from the housing association and local authority for so called noise, litter and so forth. None of these have been found to be true.

          I no longer go in my back garden as I am shouted at over the fence in clear hearing of my other neighbours. My nfh must have a conscience as I had a conservatory built and she was abusive to the builder thinking it was myself and then came out and apologised to him.

          All the letters that are pushed through my letter box more or less say the same thing that I should move or I will be evicted. The last time I had the police out I was told that they do not pose a physical threat (so what happened to my brother?). Whilst the police were in my house talking to me my NFH decided to come and kick and pound my frontdoor. The police spoke to them and told them that if they persisted they would take out an ASBO.

          They have continued yet the police have not responded for 3 months. I have contacted the housing association which was a waste of my time as they said as I am a shared owner I need to deal with it myself and that was from the director, but when we moved in we had to sign a tenancy agreement so they just don't want to get involved. As I have said before I tried mediation to no avail.

          So as suggested by the forum members I will go to my local police station on Monday armed with the information from this site and some diplomacy to try get things sorted out.

          Thanks again.



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            Hi again

            I'm sure your HA should be doing something more than just sitting back.

            As you are a shared owner, check these out:


            What does it say in the document you got and in your agreement with the HA?


            I'm trying to find some more information for you, but I think the best place for you to look is in the Charter. If your HA are going nothing, complain in writing to the Director. If you get nothing back, make a complaint to the Independent Housing Ombudsman.

            And, of course, pursue the Police.

            Please let us know how you get on.


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              Hi hsramm, we had a similar problem like you some time ago. We used a dictaphone and recorded the swearing/abuse being used. When the neighbours were in there garden we played the tape and told them in no uncertain terms that if this behaviour continued we would take the tape to the city centre and play it out loud giving their names and addresses for every one to hear. We would then go to outside their places of employemnt/colleges they attended ( this would include the local hospital as some were nurses) and play the tape for all their colleagues to listen to. This did the trick. No more swearing etc. One thing nfh`s don`t like is being identified. They seem to think that what they are doing is anonimous. nfh are not untouchable and confronting them on your own terms is hard for them to cope with. Control seems to be the name of the game and once control switches to the victim, you would dictate terms, they would be in fear of your power.

              Peace :angel:


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                Hi Hasramm

                Where you said u no longer go out in thr back garden as you get shouted at in the hearing of your neighbours...I am actually thinking that this might not be such a bad thing!How about having a word with other neighbours and explaining. They could be witnesses..not unuseful.

                What do you think?



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                  You don't describe what the content of these letters actually contain.

                  Is it threats ? Is it libellous ?

                  Firstly I would ask you to deal with these letters with caution. DO NOT pick them up without first wearing either rubber gloves - Marigold type - or the latex gloves, even leather gloves. Try not to use woollen gloves as your sweat can seep through the wool and contaminate the the paper. Next, I want you to place this into a clean polythene bag and then seal it with sellotape.

                  You then make a visit to your local station and speak with the DUTY SARGEANT, no lower. You tell them what has been going on. You show them all the other 16 pieces of evidence that has been placed through your door. You inform them that this is harassment and you want the police to investigate. If they hum and ha, which they sometimes do (yawn), then you tell them that it is NOT their place to decide what gets investigated and brought before the courts it is the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE.

                  The police merely interpret the law, they collect the evidence and hand it over to CPS.

                  The verbal abuse I suggest you get a dictaphone and tape it (covertly). Then present that evidence to your local police station too.

                  Need any further advice come back and I shall see what else I can dig up.


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                    Hi Hsramm and welcome to the forum

                    I can't add any more but I would say to you, no matter how hard it gets don't give up you are not the problem, your NFH are

                    Scooby has given excellent advice, I would never have thought of putting gloves on when you get those letters, but thinking about it, it makes perfect sense

                    I have a small Dictaphone that I carry with me when I go out, and when my neighbours start shouting abuse, I just smile and hit the record button you do feel better for doing it.

                    Keep your chin up


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                      :nfh1: :huh:

                      hi there, hsramm

                      i know you are a shared owner but what about these NFH's, are they the same????? if they fully rent then the HA is obliged to at least look into it....i used to own a shared ownership property and I am sure the lease part of it still said the usual 'no nuisance etc etc', so i think there is some mileage in this for you.

                      or you can always look into swopping your property, i thought there were some good schemes now for doing this???

                      otherwise everyone else has given you some good advice.


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                        Please tell us if your neighbour is a shared ownership too or totally rents from the HA. If she rents completely, then the HA MUST act. If they still refuse, go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and your MP and your Local Councillor. Make sure you keep records of everything that you are suffering and show them to these bodies/people.

                        I can't add any more about the police matter, I think Scooby has sorted that bit nicely!

                        Best of Luck