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  • Cctv

    Norma Bates has recently been complaining to a couple of other people in the street regarding the cctv I put up.

    It is attached to the wall just inside the window on a bracket and can barely be seen. She must've been looking very hard to see it.

    The way it is set, all you can see is my car in the middle of the frame, and at the very edge, my other neighbours back wheel.

    Norma claims that I need a licence to put up cctv, she is also claiming, that I am using it to watch the children (you can't even see them unless the stand next to my car). She has apparently put in a complaint to the HA (although I haven't heard anything) and has told them that I am invading her privacy and that she feels as though she is being watched all the time.

    Can anyone tell me where I stand legally on this please?


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    I'm not an expert, but from other postings I believe that if you aren't videoing her property you're completely within your rights. You can video your own and public property to your heart's content. If you're videoing a public path which she has no choice but to use to get to her property, then she might just have a legitimate complaint, but not if you can show it's used to monitor the security of your car. Presumably it's been damaged (by Norma?) and protecting it this way seems very reasonable.
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      * GREETINGS *

      Firstly,it is not illegal nor do you need a licence to use cctv.

      This norma bates woman....she was in a horror movie i think?....yes it was


      Have you done anything to upset norma.After all she is accusing you of

      invading her privacy.

      Have you tried talking to her about it.

      Or is she pig sick ignorant.

      You should ignore this woman in the same way that the H.A.have done.

      If you are doing no wrong and nothing illegal then i should not worry.

      Norma will eventually get fed up and give up.


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        Mrunhappy and Poortom are quite correct in what they say. You do not need any license to put up private CCTV. Under the data protection act all public CCTV systems are regulated and have to adhere to a strict code of practice. This act specifically states that domestic CCTV is not covered.

        As long as all the cameras are monitoring your own property and not invading anybodies privacy you are fine.

        I would like to advise you not to hide these cameras, as though you are committing some sort of act of spying. Quite the reverse make them very visible and put up signs stating that your property is under CCTV surveillance.

        You have a right to protect your property. If you are in any doubt at all, please call out the local crime prevention officer to look over your property and ask his advise.

        You have done nothing wrong and try not to be intimidated by the ranting of your neighbour. The mere fact that she is annoyed is a sign that you have been seen to be fighting back. Ignore her ranting and totally misguided nonsense.

        Look after yourself and keep the wheels spinning. Kevin


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          I have come back to offer you some further advise to my last posting.

          The human rights act also covers CCTV. This act states that everybody as a right to privacy on their own property. It goes without saying that pointing a camera at somebody’s back door or his or her bedroom window is a violation of this act.

          I thought you should know this just in case your neighbours decide to respond in kind. The “you’ve put up cameras, so will I” syndrome. If your brain box of a neighbour does this and points cameras at you or your property, inform the police immediately.

          Take care Kevin


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            Hi tristar

            Nothing I can add to the advice you've already been given, apart from: keep your wits about you.

            I would, personally, check things out with your local Community Police Officer, just to make sure everything's OK.


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              Hi Tristar

              Again, you have every right to protect your property, as long as you are not directly invading a neighbour's privacy(as Kevin says)...and i'm sure you're community safety bobby will agree..after 2 break-ins, to put upcctv is exactly what our local crime prevention bobby advised me to do

              Keep fighting your corner and checking out your moves!!



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                Thank you all for the valued advice

                I've applied to the HA to put up a 6ft fence along the other side of my back garden and am waiting for a reply. What's new?

                I've also contacted the local police stn in order to get in touch with our community police officer and still waiting for a reply, although I have tried numerous times.

                I have been very careful in the positioning of the cctv and it merely shows my car in the centre of the frame and about 3ft either side. I really can't see why anybody should object unless they are the culprits damaging my car!!!

                Will let you know of further developments regarding this, if any



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                  We put up CCTV when my neighbour scratched my car, 2 cameras, one covers the front of our property and one the side. Our neighbour complained to the Council with allegations of spying, and said that we were watching the children, so we had the local crime prevention plod call round, and showed him the camera viewpoints. He was quite happy, even though part of next doors house is shown, he said we had a right to protect our property especially as we had been victims of crime. He spoke to the neighbours, Mr NFH responded that "the c**** have put up cameras" - nice, and Ms NFH had a screaming fit and said she knew "what to do about them cameras". Never heard anymore about them after that. They don't like the cameras being there at all, but she hasn't touched my car since!


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                    sorry you had to go through that eeyore,

                    but I am glad they have done the trick, and at least the police officers witnessed you were doing nothing wrong!

                    power to you!


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                      Hi Tristar

                      I have 4 cameras. 2 fixed at the front of my house pointing in either direction.

                      1 radio camera that I can set up anywhere and 1 sneaky fit in a matchbox type that see's in the dark.

                      My aim is to catch them on camera every time they commit any offences against my family or any of my neighbours. As of yet I have had no complaints from the police who have actually veiwed lots of the footage that I have.

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                        I have been to and found some useful info on the cctv angle.

                        Another good site is there is a section where you can find out certain info free.

                        Just thought I'd let you all know



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                          :hihi: hi tristar ,

                          I have had cameras reported to the police and so on saying that i am invading their (nfh's) privacy . so i went to the local mediation people and asked them to come and veiw parts of my footage and to also see where my cctv points, they then wrote out a report to my NFH saying that they had no cause for concern as my camera was not breaking any of the human rights act and was not in a position to be "spying" on them.

                          hope this helps.

                          Bat's :banghead: (some people i just cannot understand)