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security cameras etc.

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  • security cameras etc.

    it was mentioned on another thread on the board about secruity and cameras (and such like) and I promised to look into it, so I did.

    I contacted five firms regarding cameras etc telling them about this site. unfortunatly I only had one reply, so here it is


    I would be happy to offer advice to any of your visitors but I don’t have advertising on my site, nor do I advertise on anyone else’s.


    Electronic City Wholesale

    0845 458 4600

    please remember we can cannot recommend this company as yet as we have had consumer dealings with them.

    I would like to thank Jasion for his speedy reply though.

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    Yeap great, but one question when you hire these CCTV cameras why are they so just expensive ? Is it the running cost or what.

    I think - speaking from a personal point of view - I would definitely make use of them but they are so damn expensive and to be fair this is a bit out of everyone's reach which is kind of hard particulary where Sarah The Winner is concerned. That lassie totally needs this but its the old dosh situation again.

    Speaking from the police point of view they need the evidence - so in effect you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea (or is it more brown now ?).

    Camcorders are cheaper, but I think it was Misty who said that you need them hooked up to a long play video recorder and if you haven't got long play then this incurrs extra expence unless someone is good enough to loan or sell you theirs.

    This ones seems to be a bit of a bummer I know, although you need this equipment to get some sanity and peace back into your lives.

    Are there any companies out there who would do reconditioned CCTV with the option of a buy back at the end of it ? Or is it new and big expence end of story ? Surely there must be a company out there that would offer this facility !


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      Well like I said, it was asked if we could get some advice regarding cctv and I contacted several firms and only the one got back.

      as the e-mail says below, Jaison is happy to offer advice to members,

      Scooby, it is a good idea about the reconditioned cameras and the cam corders, and about hiring them, do you think you could research this please for the members?

      and post up your findings?

      Members have said before that the cost of installing these things is worth the peace of mind alone.


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        I'll hit the yellow pages and see what I come back with, hopefully there should be some national companies on there and their turnover of cameras should - in effect be pretty high as they would be wanting the up to date models on a regular basis.

        Having said that I have a feeling that the market in the re conditioned variety could be fairly strong.

        I'll keep you posted !


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          Thanks Scooby!

          All help gratefully received, as you know I work shifts and spend alot of my time here or sleeping!!

          On top of that I am involved with a few community bits and I am having trouble finding the extra hours in the day to reseach the extra bits.

          All ideas and help are great, it not only helps me out but all the members here, proving what a friendly and helpful group we have become!!


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            You can get some basic kits in Argos, and Dixons had some too.

            The best bet for evidence - gathering is the type that have a motion detector/ infa - red thingy that only activates the cameras when someone triggers them. They can be set to automatically record to a VCR.

            Pesonally, I was a bit wary of using them, as then some creep is taking up more of your time & mental space than deserved. Also they are a favourite tool of the obsessive stalker / harasser type nfh.

            But if things are getting scary for you, they can provide some peace of mind.



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              Originally posted by gladwemoved@Mar 17 2003, 11:04 AM

              You can get some basic kits in Argos, and Dixons had some too.
              Out of interest GWM, how much £ we talking for one of those?


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                You know folks, Gladwemoved has got a very big and valid point about this extra mental space being used when having to flit through to examine the footage.

                But having said that you cannot put a price on peace of mind.

                On the current book of Argos page 73, a basic CCTV kit starts at £29.99 and is linked to your TV set. It goes up to £99.99 for a CCTV camera kit with time & date stamp and that one starts your video recording automatically.

                So not too bad. But I still think you will need a long play video recorder to kick in for the full 8 hours for maximum peace of mind.

                Hope this helps !


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                  Scooby just answered for me. Thanks Scooby.

                  As well as the kit, you're better off using a seperate VCR & TV to your regular one, lest your fav'rite soaps be constantly interrupted by the cat walking past!


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                    We have two fitted in seperate locations and it works out expensive as we have them running 24/7.

                    Also you tend to sit and watch what is going on and getting more wound up that you have evidence and still no one will listen.

                    My other half also will not sleep without the upstairs one on when we are in bed, no he's not kinky, he likes to watch his car when the local pub kicks out and the next door neighbours from the Army camp come in from the nightclub.

                    We also found video recorders are only lasting upto 6 months so they have to be replaced.

                    We did look into proper cctv like you see in shops but that was going to cost over a £1000.



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                      Right excellent information from the trusty gang once again.

                      But as Tracey pointed out the video recorders don't last exactly too long and herein rests my case in point.

                      I have had a scuttle round the CCTV companies and hit on a major security firm who tell me that they do sell on their reconditioned CCTV sets. But they have pointed out to me that as with all CCTV for public and private use the new one's come with a service contract. It's heads out of the recording equipment and a strip down every 4-6 weeks, which sounds excessive, but if as Tracey pointed out you are using these 24/7, you have no choice.

                      The reconditoned sets tend to go to smaller security firms buying them up and private businesses, particulary local second hand car garages in the area who need the security but don't want to get involved in a long term contract and expensive ongoing costs.

                      However, as was pointed out to me, you can - with the emergence of DVD's - buy a video recorder, which are now coming down quite drastically in price and you can pick up a decent Sony video for less than £90.00 and the cheaper versions for under £60.00.

                      So to be honest it's not worth the agro of paying out all that money when you can just get it cheaper from your local DIY store or catalogue shop !! The old saying 'Throwing good money after bad', is it really worth it spending it on professional kit costing £500.00 +, when you can do it cheaper yourself.

                      Unless of course anyone else knows differently !


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                        We are also contemplating having security cameras fitted to front and rear of our house - the front camera should catch rogue parkers!


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                          Thanks for all the info Scooby

                          A woman on the street behind us had a dummy camera put in the other year as her car kept getting scratched, it seemed to do the trick for her and stopped it occuring.

                          She let everyone know it was real at the time, looked convincing I'd say!

                          Anyone here ever thought of using a dummy camera or would that defeat the object do you think?