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Surveillance and evidence for PfHarrassment

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  • Surveillance and evidence for PfHarrassment


    no3 Portman square


    W1H 6LB

    Tel 020 7486 3885

    Communications and Surveillance Systems Ltd

    recommended to anyone interested in surveillance and counter surveillance. Not cheap but sophisticated equipment available and lush catalogue (at a price) £40.00

    covers some good self defence items as well and sas books if needed plus body armour etc.

    Any advice on exactly how ok is it to use basic overt cctv to gather evidence for Protection from Harrassment Act? Also do listening devices work for evidence like simple hand held tape recorders??? - thanks al

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    I have also tried to get this info, searched high and low. Did come across one site that said something about, if you are in a building and they are outside its ok to film. If they are in a building and you are in the same building, its not. If they are in a building and you are outside its not ok either. CCTV should cover only your property unless you can justify the extra area, not to say it can't cover it but you must be able to justify it if questioned.

    I was very tired and stupidly did not take proper notice, now I can not locate the site again. I hope one of the expert computer boffs will be able to help, as something an officer said to me rung an alarm bell. I will look with interest to see if anyone can help here.

    Not sure about the listening thing at all. But in my own very personal only view, if it is in the pursuit of an act of law, e.g. protection from harassment, would that not afford some room for manouver?


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      For information about CCTV, check out the NFHiB Self-Help Article here.

      In noise nuisance cases, I think Courts may want evidence provided by the local Authority (they bring in their own recording equipment) - although I'm not sure about this. I don't know how reliable your own personal recording would be, especially in a Court setting, but using it to give an indication to the Police about what is happening might be a different matter.

      I would suggest if you have queries like this, you may want to get some guidance from your local Community Police Officer... :unsure:


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        Holly do you think taping equipment could be used in say, an outside situation where you are getting verbal threats, or they are discussing what they have done, perhaps admitting it to a third party? as you say probably best checked with the police.


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          thanks for the replies. Can you say more about the local authority bringing in their own devices as currently my harrassment case is being turned against me and I am being treated as the nuisance and am being threatened with ASBO. I am concerned as I don`t want to get paranoid. I have schizophrenia and it`s not exactly good for me to think I`m being filmed/recorded wherever I go - not that I am doing anything but if I was to shout at my voices while at home that would be potentially embarrassing and an intrusion into my privacy. Would they have to tell me that they were putting them in? I was worried already and have bought myself a cheap bug detector but it is for radio wave only. they may be using microwave frequencies. It`s funny though - everyone ends up filming each other !! - al


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            Hi Red1

            I really don't know. I've looked up this kind of query before and I don't think I came up with a proper definitive answer then.

            I'd suggest checking with the Police and/or a good Solicitor.


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              Alison its not fair that everyone ends up having to tape each other at all. The only good thing is that when you are not retaliating or causing harassment or damaging or taking other peoples property, it can be proven. That also works the other way, the perpetrators can be caught.

              Having the proof is essential for all of us, otherwise no one listens. I think your nfh is too busy thinking up ways of being nasty, and actually being nasty, to go shopping anyway. My view is that its an ego thing, he thinks he is invinsible, so it would not matter to him what you were saying to anyone, he would just carry on anyway. Only my view though.


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                Also have a look at one of our sponsor's sites - icatcher CCTV:



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                  Spymaster has an online catalogue offering a 12v lamp that is powerful enough to read a paper by -at 5k distance :blink: and also... Camel Racing and Falconry equipment!!! :hihi: :lol: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:


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                    hi, i tried gaining evidence , i taped my neighbour shouting death threats to me and other various obscenities on two seperate occasions. the first time he claimed he was on the phone to someone, the second time the police said there was not enough evidence, even though he mentioned things personal to me. also the police said even with local authority recording equip the person can claim that you prvoked them first then turned the machine basically you can't win! if anyone knows about rules of evidence i would be interested to know about them

                    cheers and keep your spirits up everyone,

                    pixie :thumbs: