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    Our neighbours have set up a video camera and have been videoing our back garden for the last couple of months. We have had a lot of trouble with them over the past 6 months as they are old and mental with nothing better to do than annoy us. They have said that they are not filming myself and boyfriend but our 2 dogs. They hate dogs and have complained to the council that there is dog poo in our garden. The council came out and couldn't do anything because there isn't. I am at my wits end with them and have had a big row this weekend over who the fence belongs to. If they want to take things further in other areas I want to know if I can get them in trouble for filming our garden and invading our privacy. Both my dogs are very well behaved and there is no reason to film them at all. I believe its at us so can I get them to remove it? Please help.

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    hi Jack

    I think you will find that this is totally illegal. You should contact the local police station and ask for your community officer to visit to check this set up out.

    There is a link on the main site concerning the cctv issues. Take a look at this, I think you will find it very useful.

    The others will be along soon and will be able to advise you better on this

    So good luck



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      Hi Jack and welcome to the forum

      I think it's been fairly well established that you can have a cctv camera as long as it is only pointing at and showing your own property. So, as tristar says, your NFH, videoing YOUR back garden is illegal. I think you should contact your local police station and ask them to have a word.

      Also have a look here:

      As for the fence issue, I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe that if the fence posts are on your side of fence then it will usually be seen as belonging to you. Although it might be best to seek legal advice about this.

      Good luck

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        Welcome to the forum Jack

        Take a look at the CCTV link as listed already, your neighbours will need to justify why they are videoing your property. They will also need to adhere to the Data Protection Act and if they're not this could land them in some hefty trouble. Have a read through the article and let us know if it's helpful in your case.

        Can you give us a few more details on what's happening? It just helps to build up the bigger picture? Why do you describe them as "old and mental" - how?

        As for the dog's waste - if it's in your garden, your neighbours cannot do anything at all, it's none of their concern as your property. Unless of course it was excessive and your neighbours could try and claim it was damaging to the environment/their health. But obviously not as you've outlined.

        Take a look at the Dogs, Fouling of Land Act here:


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          Hi jack and welcome to the Forum

          I'd be interested to know a little more too. You say you've had problems for the past six months, do you know why the problems started?

          Do you know if your neighbours have been affected by your dogs barking at all or scratching the fencing by their garden?

          I think if you follow members' advice on the camera issue, by contacting the Police, then that problem should get resolved. But, by the sound of your post, there appears to be other things going on too.

          Have you considered mediation at all? It might be something worth thinking about?


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            Hi Jack welcome to the board

            I had 2 police officers around my house last night, amongst other things my neighbour had a camcorder pointing into my window.

            The police went streight round to my neighbour and made him take it down, it is illegel to point cameras at your windows, gardens and at you

            If I were you I would contact the police and tell them whats going on

            Best of luck


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              Hi Jack

              Welcome to the Forum

              I hope the information provided by others will prove useful in unravelling some of the issues. Keep us posted, and good luck




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                Ok. A few more details to give you the big picture. When we first moved in at xmas we once parked my car on their front and this I think set them off. They put their video camera up to film my car. Soon after we had our drive done so we now can park on our drive. They bang on the wall and put their radio on really loud at 5am in the morn. We now have our tv so low that we can hardly hear it so as not to wind them up. They have always watched us and are curtain twitching constantly. They have had a go at the workmen who were doing our drive, saying we were inconsiderate about the noise but it was only 2pm in the afternoon. About 2 months ago we got another dog and this seems to have really wound them up. They called the enviromental health out to report us for the dogs fouling in our own back garden. Since then we have had the garden landscaped and the dogs rarely go on it unless we are there. There is certainly no mess. The dogs don't scratch or bark at the fence, they are both very good. Last weekend I started to paint the fence and they came out and lost it with me. Screaming and shouting that it was there fence and that they would take it down and then we would have to get rid of our dirty disgusting dogs. She told me how many times they had been to the loo, so she is obviously keeping a log of the dogs doing their business and videoing it from inside their house on a tripod. Anyway we had a big ding dong as we have never said anything to them about all the agro and unfortunately it had built up and I gave them what for. That day I had their family round who also agreed they were being unreasonable and that they are mental. They drove the people out before us by getting injunctions against them. They have fell out with all the neighbours over one thing or another and now nobody speaks to them, so I know its not personal. They admitted they are filming our dogs but I can't understand why. I only want to know where I stand with what is going on incase they take it further with me painting the fence (if it is theirs, we cannot establish whos it is). We are planning to put our house up for sale within the next month as we've had enough and I believe that if I was to make any complaints about them then I would have to declare it. Am I right?


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                  With regards to who owns the fence. Take a look on your deeds. If the 'T' is on your side of the boundary then it is your fence and is the 'T' is on their side of the boundary then it is their fence. If it is their fence please dont be tempted to paint it, attach or hang anything off of it. If they are looking for a reason to have a go - you will give it to them.


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                    Hi there Jack, be very careful what you do if you intend to move. If you make an official complaint to say, the police, then you will have to declare this when you sell. This could affect your sale price...I wonder what was said to you when you bought the house???It sounds like there was a previous problem, and if injunctions were taken out by these NFH against your previous owners, they should have disclosed this to you. After all, it might have changed your mind about the property. You might be able to pursue compensation.

                    Anyway, these people sound extremely jealous to me. I can believe they dont like your dogs, fair enough, but I am sure they are also getting a kick out of nosing into your garden, which you say has been landscaped???? I bet they love it when they see your dogs doing their business in their own garden.... and they fussed when your drive got done??????? pure and simple jealousy, how dare you improve your home and make it better than theirs????????. :angry: If you paint the fence that they haveput up/own this will make them even more wild. I am not sure if you are legally allowed to do this, either. Your title deeds should indicate which of the boundaries belong to you, and you really should try to get this established. Of course there is nothing to stop you putting up your own fence on your side of the boundary anyway.

                    I would be inclined to totally blank these people from now on, no matter what they say to try to provoke you, as I think any reaction will simply stoke their jealousy and feed their vindictiveness. It will also please them that they are succeeeding in winding you up. They then get the upper hand. Especially as you say they might not be the most rational of people.

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                      Hi Jack

                      On the fence issue, you may find this site helpful (on top of the advice you've already been given):

                      If you make official complaints about your neighbours, then you would have to disclose it at the conveyancing stage. Check out some of the other threads about this issue.

                      Annabel has raised an interesting issue about the people you bought your property from - if they had an injunction against them, they should have declared it.

                      I'm going to play Devil's advocate here a bit. Do you think there's any chance that the previous owners of your home had caused a nuisance? This may make your neighbours very sensitive and aware of any new issues.

                      Did you ask if you could park on their drive?

                      Did you let them know that work was being done on your driveway?

                      I know you say that you only parked there once, but our NFH uses our driveway and I find it infuriating that they think they can park where they want without showing some common courtesy by asking.

                      In our household, we have someone who works nights. Being woken up at 2pm (after you've done a night shift) by machinery is not nice. We appreciate that people need to have jobs done and that these will generally be done in the day time. However, again, showing common courtesy to your neighbours to let them know some work is going to be taking place costs nothing.

                      If they are so sure that your dogs are fouling in your garden, why don't you ask them to prove it and explain to you what nuisance they think is happening?

                      You say again that your neighbours are "mental", or have been described as such by their own family. Do you know whether they have been diagnosed as having a mental illness, or are you just making a judgement based on their behaviour towards you?

                      I can understand your frustration at having to cope with people who are shouting about their fence, but I do think that you need to be very clear about who the fence belongs to before you do anything further with it.

                      Like I say, just playing devil's advocate. I look forward to your responses.


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                        Hollygolightly and all

                        We didn't park on their drive, we parked on the public road but a foot of my car was in front of their house. I believe that one of the NFH has been treated for mental illness although this is nothing to do with me. They are just old retired people with nothing to do or occupy their time. I cannot find out who the fence belongs to as it isn't marked on our deeds and the land registry don't know either. The posts are in the middle of each panel and so are on neither side. I don't believe the previous owners of our house were a nuisance to them, as they have had dealings with all the neighbours and fell out with all of them. As you say its very difficult as we just wnat out of the house very quickly but I am the knid of person who doesn't believe people should get away with behaving like that.


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                          Hi Jack

                          Not sure about calling them "mental"....only that it reads a bit as if mental health problems are a feature of nfh, and whilst some nfh MAY have mental health problems.....certainly most people with mental health problems are NOT nfh!!

                          Unreasonable your neighbours may be for sure, but I wouldn't want anyone to feel offended by the implied link between totally unreasonable neighbours and mental health issues




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                            No offense meant at all, which why I said his mental health conditions were nothing to do with me. I didn't mean the term mental in a literal sense, although it is in this case I wasn't generalising to everyone. My apologies. Now alot of people who have had mental health problems, myself included and are not NFH


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                              No offense taken Just to make sure we are clear to others reading; thanks

                              if you do think you may sell at some point in the future, it is worth having a look at the Seller's Property Information Form, to see what you would be bound to disclose on it(re any disputes)....Winemonkey's thread has some info/discussion on this, as well as having a look at the form itself. Forewarned is forearmed, I always think